Android black Friday deals

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Android black Friday deals

The best Black Friday Android Deals for 2014 for those of you who want the best bang for your buck this year on cool new tech.

Walmart has a amazing deal on a 7in RCA Tablet for $29.99 this isnt a flash ship device but for the price it is pretty good.  With specs like this 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 1GB DDR3 of system memory, 7″ TFT touchscreen, 1024 x 600 resolution. Not a bad device for the for the price. check it out HERE

Kindle Fire Phone 32GB GSM version is only $199, not a bad deal at all, will work on GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile. This is the off contract price so go get yours now.

How about a Google Chromecast device for $23.99 which is a good deal from the normal $39.99 check it out here at Amazon 

If you are interested in dirt-cheap tablets, check out Kindle Fire HD6 at $79 and HD7 at $109, check it out here.  a lot of amazon tablets and devices are on sale today.

Verizon actually has the best Black Friday deals out of all the carriers by offering free Galaxy S5 or Moto X 2nd-gen with 2 year contract.  But their best deal is on the LG G Watch, just $99!  Check out all Verizon Black Friday deals here.

Try the Tech Tribe Razor USB portable charger, which is on sale at just $21.99 on Amazon.  This USB portable charger is super-thin, comes with brushed metallic finish, emergency LED flash, and rated at whopping 10,000mAh that will recharge your smartphone 3-5 times and tablet 2-3 times.

if you guys see anything i should add please comment with a link and i will add it to the list of Android black Friday deals

Streaming and Sharing

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Streaming and Sharing

A Mobile Entertainment Experience

Streaming SErvices sharing

When I say mobile entertainment you might not think of home tv, but those lines have blurred into one seamless line. Now that smart tvs and streaming devices are cheaply available, apps that we used to use on our phones, tablets and even pcs to kill time or even entertain ourselves during a long commutes are now invading our livingrooms, making cable and satellite television obsolete. Especially now that public television’s broadcasted in Digital HD with a standard tv antenna. Most television broadcasting companies are available for mobile streaming via apps or web browser. Making it possible to watch your local news or public channels on the go or on your home tv with a streaming device or a smart tv.


Apps like HBO GO and Hulu easily replace cable and television provided services. Without a required cable subscription for HBO GO you can just pay and play. Amazon Prime has movies, tv, and even now HBO content for a reasonable once a year fee that included free 2-day shipping and their newest feature unlimited photo storage. Netflix is nice for binge watching seasons of your favorite tv shows provided by cable networks like Cartoon NetWork, Discovery and SyFy channel. Plex is another great app for streaming media that you yourself provide via download. To download movies and tv shows I use a torrent based website called When using a torrent based download client you need a bittorrent program to piece the bits of the torrents together. Plex also has plugins for other apps such as, TBS, Team Coco, and so much more, that can be used with in plex for streaming.


If you have a cable provider using mobile streaming apps like fios mobile and xfinity to go as well as their affiliate channel’s apps like cartoon network, Discovery and SyFy is as simple as downloading the particular app and logging in using your cable sign in information, same credentials you would use to log in and view or pay your bill. Since you’re paying for a cable service and that service comes with those channels you might as well use them by adding as many that are offered to the list of mobile streaming apps you use. Channel surfing is a dying sport played from the couch, it has evolved into something so much more than that. With the option to watch nearly anything you want easily provided and supplied to your device of choice, looking for something to watch is unnecessary, just search for what you want and watch or a genre to suit the mood and watch what you want not what’s provided at that moment in time unlike live television. Not having a cable provider makes this a little harder and more complicated but not impossible, just have to find someone who does and offer them a trade worth while, for example, I pay for Amazon Prime and I trade that for someones comcast information that I use for its mobile hotspot as well as its streaming. I also barder my Amazon Prime to friends and family for their Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO, making a streaming community or network out of sharing and if someone misses one bill the community can all pitch in and keep out network going strong.


Using only a cell phone as a means for TV entertainment is possible with micro hdmi or mhl, but thats no longer necessary thanks to streaming devices and smart tvs. Before having a Chromecast I would just use my phone or tablet and an MHL to HDMI cable. The convenience of using a streaming device rather than hard wiring your phone or tablet is worth the $34.99 for the Chromecast. You can spend upward of $99.99 for a streaming device such as the Amazon Fire TV which has a separately sold gamepad for Android gaming. Fire TV does come with a remote and does not require an Android device to function, unlike the Chromecast which does require an Android device to function. There are two ways to use Chromecast one is as a casting device, using your phone tablet or web browser to cast content from Netflix or ect, and you can use your device for other thing while the casting takes place. The other way you can use a Chromecast is for mirroring, meaning everything thats displayed on your phone happens live on the tv, so if you’re mirroring a video from your gallery or mirroring a game, from phone or even web browser, you can not use the device for anything other than what you are trying to mirror. The Fire TV can not mirror but it also doesn’t require anything but its supplied remote or gamepad depending on what your trying to do. Others like the Ruku and Nexus player are also awesome choices for streaming devices, but before you go and invest in one make sure it offers what you are looking for. To each their own.

By Kenn

Google Nexus Player

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Google Nexus Player Giveaway



I fellow Android junky’s today I have a fun giveaway for you to help me celebrate reaching 10,000,000 views on my Youtube channel. Just want to say thanks for all you watching my nerdy tech videos. THANKS!!!  I really hope you have enjoyed them and maybe even learned a little so that you can intern help others with there devices. 🙂 I am only at 43,000 Subscribers right now which is really a ton. But i am really driving hard to get to that 100,000 Subscriber mark on youtube. Please remember to share my videos it really helps me to keep bringing new and cool content coming. Thanks again. RootJunky Out.

Giveaway rules

1.  create a user name so that you can comment on this post

2.  comment on this post / page with what your first Android device was and favorite feature on it. Comments will be approved as soon as i have time.

Example; My first device was a Droid X2 I really loved that is was one of the only dual core cpu phones at that time.

There will be many comments and also many winner.

First place winner The Nexus Player and a RootJunky T-shirt

Second place winner some sort of bluetooth tech and a Rootjunky T-shirt

Third place winner a Rootjunky T-shirt


rootjunky shirt

T-shirt image above

Good Luck and I will pick the winners in one week on Saturday 11/29/14

Nexus Player Unboxing Video

 Google Nexus Player Video Playlist

While you are here, check out the rest of my new site! I have been updating it for months now.



US only International shipping is to much of a pain sorry

I will pick the winners in one week on Saturday 11/29/14

Only one entry per person please but comment as much as you like. Comments will be approved as soon as i have time. You may not see your comment as soon as you post it.

Thanks for watching and lets do some more giveaways soon


First place winner


HTC one m7. And the feature blink feed because it very easy to obtain news without me search for it manually. Good luck to everyone else.

Second place winner

Danny Sullivan

My first Android was the Motorola Droid Bionic. I loved its dual core performance, but I especially enjoyed the HDMI out on it. Before wireless screen mirroring was as available as it is now, this was the coolest thing I thought a smartphone could do

Third place winner


I switched from blackberry to an HTC Thunderbolt and my favorite feature was the metal kickstand! I was hooked forever after as an android user!


Winners please only contact me with the email you signed into this site with. email me at to claim your prizes.  All winners where picked with see pictures below. The winners have one week to contact me or i will pick a new winner 🙂

comment 6 winner 1 comment 44 winner 2 comment 45 winner 3 winner 1 winner 2 winner 3

Anker matte screen protector

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Anker matte screen protector


Im very protective of my devices so the day Anker asked me to review there product i was very happy as i was soon going to be buying a few protective products and i always start with my screen so this is my review of the Anker matte screen protector given to me by Anker for a fair and honest review. First off Anker gives a lifetime warranty on all screen protectors so no matter how long you had it on they will replace it so huge plus 1 to Anker.   I received the package on time and packaging was done very well and and inside the box (eco. friendly)  was a white sleeve that was rather thick to prevent bending of any kind to the screen protectors which was very good idea as other screen protectors i have purchased were not packaged quite so well as these so that was my first good impression and along with the 3)screen protectors was – Microfiber cloth – Bubble Removal Card – Dust removal sticker – Manual. The provided users manual was simple to read and follow unlike other manuals the have such fine print i usually toss them aside and go for it. The note 4 is a rather unique and tough device to apply a screen protector to as the edges are curved so i was leery of getting the screen protector on just right for me but i had no issues applying the protector following owners manual and i even had a small dust speck almost in the center but i used the provided dust removal sticker after lifting the screen protector from the corner and the sticker worked perfect and i have never used one before so that was a great item to have included in your kit. after the installation it was time to put it to a few everyday tests, first i checked what i use also which is the S-pen and i had zero issues using S-pen so i moved on to color saturation compared to another note 4 and was very pleased to see no noticeable differences as well as just using hand and fingers to swipe screens or everyday actions using fingers such as gameplay which i do alot of. I next moved outdoors where i work in construction around dust/snow and rain and i was able to test in all 3 elements and even in 22 degree weather or bright sunlight i had not one issue with seeing screen or any corners lifting ect.  Im very rough on my phones and i am in a job where i need my screens protected and this anker screen protector is exactly what i needed to keep my note 4 safe and scratch free. For a price of $5.99 for 3 as listed  I think its too good a deal to pass up for 100% screen protection. I also used a Zagg Invisible shield protector and paid $10.45 for just 1 but i noticed “halo” affect around the edges and like i said im very picky so it has since been replaced with the Anker matte protector. As you will see from the pictures the form and fit is just outstanding using the Anker protector and i also noticed some other companies cover the sensors now to some its no big deal and i understand but in my case i love the look of a form fitting/clean screen protector. Hope this helps answer some questions and really hope you give Anker a try because im very happy to be using there protector on my note 4. saved this for last for a reason but inside the Anker packaging is a small square paper asking “happy” or “unhappy” with instructions on what to do depending on answer and i can now answer “happy” added a few pictures also on white note 4 for added viewing options



 By Darren

Galaxy Note 3

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Device- Samsung Galaxy Note III


The Galaxy  Note 3 is an amazing phablet, with a 1080 x 1920 pixels, 5.7 inch (~386 ppi pixel density) Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and 16/32/64 GB, 3 GB RAM. Running as always TouchWiz and as of right now 4.4.2 Android KitKat OS. With a 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm (5.95 x 3.12 x 0.33 in) 168 g (5.93 oz) body, that feels good in one hand but does call for two handed use more than not. I’m running the Google’s GEL launcher with Home2ShortCut and PieControl for ease of use due to the size of the screen and it feels natural as if this is how TouchWiz should be out of the box. The Note3 has an amazing camera @ 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash & Dual Shot, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, panorama, HDR, LED flash 2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps  (front) 2 MP, 1080p@30fps, personally I only use Smooth Motion when recording and HDR for any outdoor photos, everything just looks more beautiful that way. Its battery is a Li-Ion 3200 mAh battery, with stand by @ (2G) / Up to 420 h (3G) and talk time @ (2G) / Up to 21 h (3G) and i find myself charging it about 1/2 times a day but i also have root and many background apps like tasker, piecontrol, home2shortcut and autovice. Since owning the Note3 i’v noticed that I no longer use my tablet, at all. (My Tablet is the Acer A500 but thats another story.) Using my Amazon Fire TV Game Via Bluetooth to my Note3 and the Chromecast screen mirroring to TV, my Note3 is an all in one gaming device. Running every Emulator I can find from NES to DS from PS1 to PSP from Sega to Gamecube and much more I never find myself bored with this device. My non-emulator games of choice are Dead Trigger 1 & 2, Shadow Gun DeadZone and Modern Combat 5, some of the best first / third person shooters out on the market. The Note3 is a power house jam packed with RAM for a smooth gaming experience. If your in the market for a phone/tablet/a big ole phone or just a tiny ole tablet the Note3 will fill almost any device void in your life. With a repairability of 5 out of 5, meaning all parts are easily replaceable including the glass only repairs at this time are $174.99 which ain’t bad when the lcd digi is $274.99 and the micro usb 3.0 dock is $64.99. I recommend using an Otterbox defender with Gadget’s temper glass screen protectors which is about $99.00 worth of protection, an obviously good investment.



As I said above my Launcher of choice is Google’s GEL Launcher. I don’t use Google Now or Google Now Cards what I use it for is its “Okay Google” feature and its clean interface. GEL will now run on many Android devices running 4.0 and up, even on tablets. The GEL Launcher is simple and its nothing like Go EX or Nova, theres no cool or flashy transitions or actions but with Xposed mods that can all be changed, but for RAM sake stock is best. With the new Google Search you can trigger Google Now by saying “okay google” on the home screen or when the phones screen is on while locked. I even modded the Google Now API with an Xposed mod for AutoVoice to trigger events and profiles in tasker with Google Now searches for Ex: “okay google” “selfie” :opens camera takes photo with front camera, closes camera: GEL is perfect for the Google Now user, I find myself asking “what’s the weather” or “how did the Phillies do” and listening for the answers more than I actually look at my phone after asking. If you want a taste of hands free automations try out the Google GEL Launcher today!



Google’s GEL Launcher comes with its own theme called google now. Google now has what Google calls “Cards”, with Cards you can set reminder like notifications for specific interests like Sports, Stocks, Weather and more. I use Google Now Cards to keep me up to the minute up to date with ly local sports teams and weather, as well as apple and google stocks just for kicks. There are two ways you receive Card updates, one is in the notification tray like normal. You’ll see the notification alert and just drag down the bar and swipe away to the side or tap to interact  and open to read more or share the information. Google Now Cards are nice convenient personal notifications similar to RSS updates. The other way to see your Cards in the GEL launcher is while at the home screen just swipe to the right and drag open the Google Now section to the launcher. All your Card updates will be here, and if its something old or you no longer care to see a notification imperfectly just swipe it away and it won’t appear till its more up to date with information. Warning from user experience, I swiped away my weather card once by accident and I couldn’t force it back into the card list. Dont worry, it does come back when the weather widget refreshes, which is normally every hour.



The Note 3 is equipped with an awesome infrared blaster that can be used to send IR commands to TVs and other devices that use IR remotes. The stock samsung remote app works, but only for one device at a time and it lacks buttons. When you have a surround sound system, cable box, dvd or ect, connected to your tv only being able to control one at a time can dull the experience of using a phone as an ultimate universal remote. The app i’ve found to be more useful was Smart IR Remote on the Google Play Store. This app allows you to build widgets with multiple IR commands for multiple devices and more button options. For example, my widget has a power button that sends an IR command to the cable box which turns the tv on automatically via Consumer Electronics Control’s (CEC) and the volume buttons on the same widget control my surround sound. Since I have more then one HDMI media device plugged into my tv at a time i really need an input button which the stock remote failed to have making it pointless to use. Also Smart IR Remote has a built in Tasker Plugin for tasker commands. Making it possible for me to use my Google Now API mod with AutoVoice and Tasker to control my IR devices without even touching my phone. For example, I can trigger google now by saying “okay google” then ill do a voice search i predestined to a tasker event, like “tv on” , or “Netflix play “whatever”, and watch the magic happen. Simply the best IR remote app on the market and the easiest to setup.



Using the Note 3 to the fullest with GEL, Google Now and Smart IR Remote could be considered advanced android tweaking so ill try to keep it basic. With the Note 3’s IR blaster and the Smart IR Remote app you can use your phone to control any IR device. Using a phone as a remote for everything in your life is so natural since its the one thing that spends the most time in your hand and odds are when you want to change the channel or power off/on the tv your phones not much farther than your pocket, when the remote is almost always a treasure hunt. It gets even more convenient when you add GEL and Google Now API app into the mix. Using GEL’s “okay google” feature and the Google Now API mods you can set google now searches to trigger events. So all you’ll have to do after the setup with tasker and smart ir remote to turn on/off your tv is say “ok google” , “TV on/off” or whatever you want the command to be. Google’s GEL also lets you use google now from the lock screen so if you have daydream mode on and your phones charging you can just speak and control, otherwise you’ll have to make sure the screens on to get google to listen. I can’t express enough how awesome it is to just speak out loud at any given time and my commands are met by google thanks to tasker. If you want to use your phone to its fullest I suggest you start here.


By Kenn

RAVPower RP-WD02 Wireless File Wireless Filehub

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RAVPower RP-WD02 Wireless File Wireless Filehub / Portable Travel Router

Something i never used before is this RAVPower RP-WD02 Wireless Filehub / Portable Travel Router  but theres so much more to it than just the title. It is probably the best investment I have made for ALL my mobile devices. I was on the fence about what wireless wifi storage to get Seagate, Kingston Wi-drive, Airstash and lots more but decided on the ravpower. Main reason was that it had a micro SD card slot and USB port to connect a multitude of different storage devices. And lets be honest, how many SD cards, microsd cards, portable hard drives and usb flash drives do we have laying around? There is soooo much potential with this product and some very nice surprises that I found out that makes this wifi disk a MUST have for all the tech geeks in us.

Bonus, it doubles up as external battery pack. 6,000mah may not be a lot but it does come in handy in those critical must have a charge situations. Specs:

Wireless wi-fi storage and external battery pack 6000mah
Micro SD card slot
USB slot

The size of the wifi disk is about the size of a small portable hard drive, fits perfect in the palm of your hand and thats perfect size in my opinion.

To connect to the device you must make a wifi connection to it. It is named “WiFiSD-158E” and the password is “11111111”. That is 8 ones BTW.


I was able to pick up a wide array of storage media. SD card, microsd , Flash drives ranging from 4gb to 32gb with many different brands. It was able to power a Seagate portable hard drive no problem while a SD card was also in the sd card slot.

Many different devices were used to connect to the wifi disk: Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Ipad 4, Acer laptop, Coby Cryos android tablet, galaxy S3, Iphone 5 and a t-mobile S2.

It says that up to 5 devices can be connected to it.

I was able to play all sorts of video files from it, divx/xvid, avi, mp4, mkv, mov…..720p,1080p. It handled it like a champ.

I connected 5 devices and tried to stream a divx file all at the same time. It worked flawlessly, no stutters, no audio drops.
Now I dunno about HD 720p or 1080p files with 5 devices trying to stream from it. Will try more tests later.

You can access your connected storage via 3 different ways:

Now, you can use the recommended mobile apps mobile fun (android) and airstor (IOS) to connect to the device to see your connected storage options. They are nice clean simple apps. Reminds me of an “ES Explorer” type file explorer. Pretty fast, smooth and it simply just works. The one thing the APP is a must for is to make it a wifi hotspot. What that means is that you can configure it to connect to your regular home internet router so that when your device is connected to it; you can still have internet access. Basically it acts like a wireless bridge for your router. Once configured you don’t have to use the apps ever again.

You can even use your browser to go to “” and connect via a web interface. The default username is “admin” and there is no password. You can configure it to have a password; which I did via a wizard tutorial. This is nice since you can connect your laptop to it and access the connected storage.

The last option was a little thing I figured out and was pleasantly surprised! The wifi disk can be accessed via ANY file explorer app that can make SAMBA/SMB connections! File explorers such as “ES Explorer” and “Solid Explorer” have this ability. I personally recommend solid explorer (more on that in a bit).

You just have to set it up

For solid explorer press the “jump” button, then “Network” and then “SMB/CIFS” button. Jump>Network>SMB/CIFS
Now press the plus sign button at the top right. It will cause a popup that you will need to fill in the appropriate info.

Display name: can be left blank
Computer name or ip address: enter
Authentication method: can set as “Log in as guess” if you did not use the web interface to make a pass word. If you did make a password set it as “store encrypted password”
Username: admin
password: whatever password you made via the web interface

Now you should be able use the file explorer to navigate the connected storage options:

SDCARD-Volume1 = SD card slot
USBDisk-Volume1 = USB port connected storage

Now you don’t need an extra app to use the wifi disk. Use the file explorer you love and know!

Solid Explorer is my recommendation because it has the two pane option when in landscape mode. With the two panel mode, you can navigate to the “SD card” with pane 1 and then navigate to the “usb port” with pane 2. This will allow you to transfer files between the “sd card” and the “usb port” storage seamlessly and easily! There was a step by step guide on amazon how to transfer files between two attached storage options on the wifi disk, but this makes it sooooo much easier!

Build Quality: Seems solid, not too flimsy but quite light. Nice colored LED’s that aren’t too bright.

Gripes about it:

Only comes in white; no black option. It sticks out like a sore thumb next to all my other devices.
Does not come with a wall charger; but will use any usb charger which in my opinion are VERY minor.

If you would like to pick on up you can get it for about $50.00 from Amazon HERE

The Voip Life

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The Voip Life

Voice Over IP.

       Living with wi-fi only for mobile calling can be a tricky process to start but thanks to root junky there is a step by step video guide for those who are interested in the idea of Voip and free wi-fi calling. Once you have set-up Voip on your wifi device, (phone/tablet) the next plan of action is to sniff out free wifi hotspots in your local area and along your daily commute.


        For convenience sake, if you have home internet, look into what your provider offers as far as internet features and ask about free wifi hotspots. If you, yourself don’t own home internet or your provider doesn’t offer the free wifi hotspot feature, ask friends and family if their internet provider offers these features and ask for their credentials so you may use it. Comcast for example offers free wifi hotspots to their internet subscribers, but where I live Comcast is not offered and I myself have Verizon, who does not offer free wifi hotspots. I use the bartering system and offer what I have in trade for what I lack. For example I asked a family member for their Comcast login information for the free hotspot in exchange for my Amazon Prime login information for the free movies and other Prime features. Which is funny because the features of Amazon Prime are fruitless without internet. Now with some form of free hotspot in your life lets start mapping out wifi hotspots offered by local businesses and homeowners without protected wifi routers. Most businesses offer free wifi which is awesome of them, its a nice way to give back to the customer. Most have parkinglot range and with some luck even reach the streets so you can connect to the wifi at the red-light and get sms and call updates that were missed while blackedout or disconnected from the internet. A good way to start collecting free hotspots is keeping the wifi settings open and scan for networks at every stop, standstill and red-light, where its safe to look at your phone (please drive carefully and never text and drive) and when you find a free or unprotected wifi network just connect and hit remember. Every time you are within range of the wifi network it’ll auto connect and you will be able to receive and send texts and calls. If you travel on foot or by way of public transportation this will be easier since walking while looking at our phones is now second nature. Try walking on both sides of the street on route to your daily commutes to double your wifi hotspot odds. Also if you take a bus and your nearest bus-stop doesn’t have a free wifi hotspot connection try walking to the next waiting station and seeing if you get lucky, now you’ll have a reason to get a little more exercise on your commute. Keeping the wifi settings open and hitting scan as often as possible while in transit is the best way to start a wifi commute path to stay connected to the internet as often as possible while in motion. I noticed some people on public transit have there phone or other form of hotspot open and unprotected for anyone to use, just remember if you don’t know or trust the wifi source proceed with caution and don’t risk using credit card information or logging into private social sites while using random hotspots. Social gatherings and outings with friends or family can make wifi only living feel like mooching when you find yourself asking everyone at the party if they have a free hotspot or wifi password you can use to post socially with the rest of the live streaming in the moment as it happens vloggers and bloggers in the group. Try not to seem desperate or over needy for internet because your friends pay for internet they don’t know the need for it and sharing that password with you might come with new trust barriers to overcome. Just be cool and if questioned just simply explain your situation and need for wifi since its not on your utilities list. Most of my friends dont mind me using their wifi and hotspot passwords, since i’ve been doing this wifi only lifestyle for years now its come to them at no surprise when i ask for wifi and hotspot information at new locations or when i’m a little late to replying to a text or missed call. Not paying a phone bill and not having internet 24/7 and everywhere you go is in a way freeing. I don’t get bothered by not being able to check my Facebook feed or post a Tweet when i’m out and about.

       Simply put because when i’m out and about, i dont need that distraction to take me out of the moment. I capture moments , I take snaps, I post whats on my mind and I send texts at the time in the moment and when I connect to the internet that is when my posts, likes, snaps and texts go live to their respective social destinations. I never paid a phone bill. I don’t know what it is like to have a phone plan. Mobile internet to be connected 24/7 and everywhere you go is not something I see worth paying for. Not when I have my wifi hotspot  daily commute lined out so well I almost always have an internet connect in my travels. The amount of blackout time or time without internet is so small I just can’t bring myself to pay to fill in the gaps and you shouldn’t either. Even the cheapest monthly phone bill with reasonable internet is about $34.99 a month which is $420.00 a year. Saving $420.00 a year adds up fast.

By Kenn

Aukey Portable Power Bank

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Aukey Portable Power Bank

I wanted to share my review on a company whose name is not yet talked about much in the power bank world but i am a fan after using the aukey 8000mAh external power bank  for a week now. The design is ultra-slim  (0.35 inch thickness) great for your pocket or purse and comes with a fabric pouch for the unit and the provided usb charging cable. The “candy bar” shape is about the same length as my galaxy s5 i used for testing but very thin. The top of the unit has “soy ink” coat on the hard plastic and the bottom is gray plastic but has a rubber feel to it so a nice feel in your hand. something i never saw before is the “soy ink” coating on the top cover and the reason for that is so you can personalize your power bank by drawing on it. In my case i put stickers on it but if you like to draw a design on it Aukey has you covered. the power button/”out”usb port/”in” port and 4 LED’s are all at one end of unit which i really liked and the 4 LED’s are very small but very bright and show power left on unit in 25% increments. I was able to charge my gs5 from 5% to full 2x times and still had about 25% left.  I really liked the power bank and its simple design and simple to use so i am hoping others check out to see what other products they have to offer to make life a little easier.   20141111_09041620141111_090124

Google Epic Failure

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Google Epic Failure

epic fail


Google was supposed to have released the Android 5.0 Lollipop factory images for all the Nexus devices back on 11/3/14.  Well it’s been one week now and the factory images still haven’t been released.  I have heard that there is a battery bug that made Google stop the release. Come on Google you can figure out a little battery bug in one week. The Source code or AOSP has been release and developers are already releasing there own Lollipop roms based on AOSP which is really awesome. One of the reasons everybody buys a Nexus devices is to get the new Android version first, before everyone else. There have already been leaks of android 5.0 on the Moto X and LG G3 but for the Nexus line up, NOTHING. Google did release the factory firmware for the new Nexus 9 and Nexus player but not the Nexus 6 yet. Speaking of the Nexus 6 what a failure the preorder process was, the device went out of stock instantly and a week later is still out of stock. If you missed the 3 minute release from Gogole Play and the Motorola 1 hour release then you are out of luck at this time.  GOOGLES EPIC FAILURE


When the factory images / Firmware are released you will be able to get them HERE


Android 5.0 Lollipop Factory Images Delayed


Mobile Wi-Fi Living

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Mobile Wi-Fi Living


I use Wifi for everything, TV, Entertainment, Home Phone, Cell Phone and gaming and I do all of this with just a cell phone. I haven’t paid a cell phone bill since I learned about Voip, google voice and groove ip. Click here for info on this cool setup. Using only wifi for cell phone calls and texting does make things a little tricky. If you don’t have access to wifi you wont have access to income calls or texts but don’t worry when you do connect to wifi they will still come through. Places like McDs, D&D or Starbucks give out free wifi you can use to Voip. Using only wifi for home entertainment has its own complexities like you will have to download and manually set your TV line up. I use torrents and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu but I don’t pay for them, I barder using what I do pay for in trade for services I do not. For Live TV, like sports events and News, there are apps for that from the public tv provider that I use or you could use a standard tv antenna most HDTVs have the digital tuner built in making it so you get 60 HD tv basic public channels for free over the air.

Wifi gaming on mobile device has evolved almost overnight. With online multiplayer games on the market like Modern Combat 5 and Shadow Gun Dead Zone your covered for 1st and 3rd person shooters and Asphalt 8 is there to give you a racing fix. Playing these epic games on a touch screen device is only half the battle in finding love for these games, the other is screen size. Playing games on a small screen that requires most of its display space to be used for button layout and handling can ruin the experience for some, including me. Getting the mobile game on the big screen and picking up a physical game controller to play changes everything. I use my Chromecast to mirror my phones screen or MHL to HDMI for smoother graphics and I use an Amazon Fire TV Game Controller via bluetooth to play all my favorite android games. Another nice thing about mobile gaming is the never ending list of emulators for NES, Sega, and PSP and free ROMs so you can play every game ever made for almost any console ever for free on your cell phone.

Obsuvilly living the mobile wifi lifestyle isn’t for everyone especially if you’re used to checking facebook on the way to work,  posting a photo in mid travels, channel surfing, and using your phone as a phone while gaming. I save about $1,200 a year not paying a cellphone bill another $2,000 a year on cable tv and services like HBO and I have saved countless dollars by using emulators and roms over physical game consoles, so the inconveniences of not having on the fly facebook, instagram and not being able to call someone while im gaming or the ability to channel surf isn’t worth about $3,000 a year to me. What you have to ask yourself is if doing a little extra work to be entertained and socially in touch is worth saving the money. To sum it all up this is true Mobile Wi-Fi Living 🙂

By Kenn B

Video on using Hangouts and google voice to make free calls from your cell