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Tom S.


Most of you know me as RootJunky. I am highly involved in the Android community and really love every minute of it. if you want to see what i am up to check me out here at any of my social media sites.

YouTube Twitter FaceBook Instagram Google Plus Pinterest RootJunkysDL.com XDA Site Rootjunkys Favorite Tech

I have been a Android fan since i got my first device the Motorola Droid X2 many years back and have been hooked on hacking them ever since. Currently i am using a LG G4 but this changes monthly some times with new devices coming out all the time. I am a strong family man with 5 kids and awesome wife. You may not believe this but i do not work in the tech industry but do HVAC heating ventilation & air conditioning on big commercial buildings.  Fun fact i can shoot a quarter at 200 yards with my Remmington 700 PSP tactical rifle with bipod and Nikon Scope.

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Authors or Writers


Kenn B.


I manage Quick Fix smartphone & tablet repair in New Jersey, for 2 years now. I’m 26 years old and I’ve been an Android fan since I got my hands on the LG Optimus M from MetroPCS.

Thats the first Android phone I owned and also the first Android phone I rooted. Rooting and modding are the main reasons I’m an Android fan. I use root access to gain functionality, especially for Tasker, open mic+,  autovoice and google search api mods. I also develop Android apps, using MIT’s engine called Blocks Editor.

I have two apps on the Market, Quickfixphone which is a mobile business card app with information on my store and prices. The other app I built is for a local New Jersey singer who goes by AshleyJonesProject, and she is an amazing singer and songwriter. Since Creating both apps, I’m now looking into the gaming aspect of the app world, so if you’re a graphics nerd msg me. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank RootJunky, Thomas, himself for building what we all know to be RootJunky.com to be and having me here to write for all of you, thank you bro bro for all your hard work.

Matt G.


I was a little late to the Android game and got started with the DROID RAZR on Verizon; Motorola bringing back the RAZR brand is the real reason I left the iPhone behind in a blaze of glory. My first foray into modifying devices was actually from fixing a mistake I made. I debloated the RAZR and then I had to take an OTA update. Lots of research found out I was missing an .APK I deleted of course and a forum user on DroidRZR.com found me the file I needed. It’s been a thrill ride since then with my DROID RAZR Utility based originally off of the Kindle Fire tool! The rest is history.

I’ve gotten a little slower on the Development side of things, focusing more on the occasional script or utility, but not nearly as much as I used to. Now a days I’m going back to school after working at a cell phone retailer working towards a Computer Science degree.

My current devices on hand are the Nexus 6, HTC One M8 GPE, and Moto X 2013. However, we all know those are bound to change!

Writing reviews for devices, or just my thoughts on them, has been a fun new experiment for me and I’ve really enjoyed it so far!

You can follow me on twitter @mattlgroff (http://twitter.com/mattlgroff) where I post most often and sometimes on Google+ as well (http://google.com/+MattGroff).

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62 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, SGH-1537, in October, 2013, and since the update in May, 2014, to 4.4.2, I can send a video from my phone to my PC, but it will not play on my PC. What can I do to be able to view videos from my phone again? Help!

  2. Good morning

    I want to get the unlock code for My Honor 4A

    As soon as possible


    Model Number

    Serial Number
    – JTJ4C15814002555

    IMEI Number
    – 868146025778129
    Product ID
    – 82327432

    I Tried to get it through the website, but get this Note
    (( Sorry, you must use a phone account to submit this application ))

  3. I have a Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 Do you have anything for it as far as rooting? Can I use what you have for Tab 3 7.0? It’s a sprint device with LTE broadband.

  4. Hi Tom:

    Know that your website is professional tech website.

    There is one new unique headphone we will be released, is unique and high tech, here is the Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014R1S6LC/ wish you can make a review to test it.

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    Look forward your reply

  5. I am trying to unlock frp on my wifes htc desire 626 I believe it runs on 5.1 stock rom I haven’t even been able to activate the device yet because of the lock I seen your youtube vid and tried to downloand the link but my computer wont let me download it just ask me to open or save it I try to open but i don’t appear to have the right program to do so what program do I need to get this file in the right format to try and get it to my phone so hopefully ill be able to use it for more than a paper weight soon

  6. Thanxa lot for your support!!
    Could root my p8lite and install twrp..
    Looking forward for custom roms!!
    Really appreciate your support for tech idiots like me!!

  7. Hi I followed you instructions on rooting and removing screen ad on my Amazon 5th Gen fire.can you please do a guide on stopping ota updates.I’ve looked on internet and on the xda site but can’t find anything.thanks

  8. Hello rootjunky, great website I have been a follower of your videos and firmware files for a few years now, I’m a big fan I have a bit of a dilemma that I was hoping you could help me with. I am not new to rooting and just need a little advice and or your help installing the correct version of twrp to my Verizon lg g pad 10.1 (VK700 not the WiFi edition) I obtained root through king root and also want to swap it out for supersu I see in twrp manager that twrp is available for the e9wifi varient of this tablet however I am doubtful if it will work properly due to the cellular radios on my device. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance and keep up the great work.

  9. I installed the google play for amazon kindle fire fifth generation and it didn’t work. I keep getting an error message. Well, I uninstalled it (or so I thought) and went to try a fresh install. When I run it through root junky, it tells me that it’s failed because it already exists. I went to ES File Explorer and google account manager, google play services, google play store, and google services framework are all listed. I tried to uninstall and it says complete, but they remain listed. Even after I reboot. I am side loading, my device is not rooted. How do I uninstall these so I can reinstall them? Also, it said that it removed the ads, it did not. I’m not worried about that part of the process, but thought I would include this in my comment in case it is relevent to what is going on. I would like to uninstall and reinstall the google play store. BTW, imn case this is relevant, when I try to open any of the google play apps,. it says ‘sorry cannot start this application’

  10. Dude, you’re amazing. I really love your site and it has been super helpful. Especially the SuperTool for the Fire Tablet has saved me so many nerves. Is there any way to donate to you, to show my appreciation?

  11. HELP!!!!!

    I couldn’t get the drivers installed on my desk top, so I tried my lap top. Both run XP. I got to where the Amazon Fire V. 5 has a blank screen with “FASTBOOT mode” in the corner. The PC said waiting for device and didn’t change for half an hour. I aborted the process on the PC but the tablet is stuck with the blank screen and won’t even turn off. I have pressed and held the on-off button with no effect.

    What do I do next?

  12. Hi Tom,
    Been watching your videos for the last 3 hrs and try to learn how to root my android. My android is HTC Desire 609 dual sim. I’ve tried Kingroot, Kingoroot (desktop version) but never successfull. I was wondering if you know how to root my android because it has a lot of bloatware, batt drains so fast & running very very slow. I want to install custom ROM.
    Currently it’s running on
    Android version 4.1.2;
    software number 1.48.500.4;
    HTC Sense version 5.0;
    Kernel version 3.4.0-ga7f4b69 and @ABM101 #1SMP PREEMPT
    Build number 1.48.500.4 CL272675 release-keys

    Very much appreciate if you can help.



  13. Hi Tom

    I have a LG GPad 8.3…and I have rooted and installed CM13. When I tried to install TWRP following your youtube video, i’m getting “unsupported aboot image”. Can you please provide me some pointers on what i’m doing wrong?


  14. Rootjunky, forgive me but what exactly is root what does it do what are its benefits what are the cons is there a certain route that is better than others for a droid turbo 2? I’m not from miliar with the whole thing so I’m trying to find out enough about it to feel confident in downloading one or putting one on my phone. Thanks, RPM

  15. I’m sorry I forgot to mention this I’m the one who just post the comment about not knowing much about the whole root thing if someone can answer my questions before root junkie sees it feel free I’m willing to take anyone’s advice thank you all so much in advance and thank you root junkie for the forum

  16. HI Tom
    Looking for a little guidance I have a Asus Me173x stuck on the logo I don’t know the best way to go I want to one day to use custom roms or do just get it going first

    Please Point Me In The right way
    Thanks for Your Time

  17. Hey, I watched your video on how to bypass google account on Nexus 6p and it helped a lot. I’m running in a bit of a problem though, cause I can get in the Settings and do the factory reset, but it doesn’t erase the previous Google account. I have tried setting a new user account, but it throws me back to the owner and doesn’t let me add one. Any ideas? Thanks.

  18. Hey Tom!
    I have been trying to download the ADB USB super tool, but when I try to change it on device manager, I have a window that pops up stating that I don’t have a compatible driver.
    I am using Kindle Fire 5.1.2 update 5th generation .
    Do you know what I may need to do to fix the process?
    Thanks in advance!

  19. You guys are great! I need some help with a couple of root projects I am working on. I would like to hire you guys if you would take me. It would be great to have you guys available when situations come up now and in the future. Please contact me back at my email if you can…..I appreciate it greatly.


  20. Can you please help me flashing my device with proper firmware?
    I have a Galaxy S7 Live Demo Unit and I tryied to disable the Samsung Retail Mode with no luck.I used the known codes (5444 and M729Q16K8546) but the process still loads on every boot.
    So I want to ask what official firmware to flash my device without break it.
    It has Build number MMB29K.G930XXXU1APAC_LLK Android 6.0.1Kernel version 3.18.14-7042588 and the model is SM-G930X.
    Also can an official firmware fix the problem with only 70% charging the unit?
    Thanks alot.Hoping for an answer…

  21. Actually I bought it from a guy that works on big electronic retail company and he has access to this demo devices but its ok if you actually don’t want to help

  22. so i got a lg g vista we bought from a wholesaler for our store . well its google acount locked. none of the methods work do you guys have any insight i might try my email is jeffreysurer@gmail.com as extras i called verizon to verify the phone wasnt stolen. even was paid off on ezpay wow im surprised

  23. So root junkies i found out how to bypass frp on a vs880. There is a single file nowhere on the internet that i did just happend to find that i flash on lgflash tool.
    Also say man ure a lg g4 man. Hows yours been mine finally went into bootloop. I ditched it for a gs6 im all over xda hit me up some time i will send u that file to add to ure collection. Themadscientist420

  24. hello guys. My name is qqtip2. I am a bit novice to coding but want to know how to re-write code. More specific

    The Samsung Note 5, S6,S7 & Edge models no longer support customized fonts. I did not know this until a month ago. The was a iFont fix, but it seems that it is not working now. I had a font that I liked and was using it but could not change from that font onto any other fonts that I had installed. I began to get curious why i could not make a change and then did a reboot with the Samsung fonts. Then I tried to make a change back and was stuck like everyone else. I guess since my customized font was under the new marshmallow code is there any way to put them back on there under the restricted code for Samsung without root or breaking the base-band? It was working that way when I had marshmallow loaded on it.??? I would like a better answer or a way to do this. I think this will at least help the Samsung community. i am willing to get proficient and write to the how to if I can be directed.

  25. i baught a sansung galaxy s6 and i need to login with the old google account to get in and i dont know it and can you help me and i looked at one of your videos and got to the part where you get to the homescreen but dont see no camera option.

  26. I’m having trouble with my note 5 frp had made it impossible for me to get into it I’ve tried just about every method I could find on the internet except otg because I’m waiting for my flash drive to come in the mail now but the thing that gets me the most is I’m on the November 1st update and still can’t get it to go away I’ve made it to the settings but when I reset it it pops up with the same frp message I just don’t understand

  27. Hi Tom,
    I’ve been trying to find a link to Droid Mini/Maxx/Ultra SU 6-7 (non OTA). In alll your tutorials and directions, I have been unable to find any such link. All the stock Motorola after running restore the phone back to 4.4.4,
    System version 24.21.7,Build number SU6.7.7.
    Can you post a direct link to that elusive non OTA location?

  28. Hey I have a Samsung galaxy s6 I have the google issue frp and I bought the phone from a friend and he is not in the states anymore and he forgot the google account information and I tried your method and both ways do not work the ogt cable does not work and just using the device and wireless router does not work I timed each time perfectly and it still does not work please tell me if this really does work or not because giving someone the hopes is really not cool and I cannot get this phone unlocked I don’t work I am a disabled vet and I have tried everything and google won’t help and samsung said they can’t do anything either I paid 300 for this device

  29. Tom please help me I need to know when there will be a way to root an amazon kindle fire that is upgraded to the Fire OS
    I really need to root this tablet, but there is no one that can seem to help. Need Tom or someone to help me on this. This really sucks I cant root my kindle because of this new amazon OS that they put on my tablet without permission by the way

  30. I get “null error device not found” when I try to root my kindle fire 5th generation tablet on your Amazon Fire Tablet Tool. Can you help me out please.

  31. Hello,
    I accidentally erased everything on my Amazon Fire 5th gen. Everything! When booting up I only get to the Amazon System Recovery. How can I get an OS back on the tablet. My computer does not see it when I plug it in. I installed the drivers previously, because I used the root tool you guys have. Any help would be appreciated.

  32. Hello I’m not too savvy when it comes to all of this hacking I have rooted a few phones before and installed rims but I have the verizon note 4 n910v I have tried to follow your instructions on how to unlock the bootloader but I’m just not sure if I was messing something up or my computer was messing something up. I’m on bedrest and decided to try to play around with my phone to get it rooted and remove bloat ware with no luck at all. Is there any possible way you could help me? Thank you so much in advance!

  33. I have a brand new S7 that was sent to me by Verizon and I want to root it…….BUT:

    The phone has a “V” in the model number and a friend of mine tried to root it but he discovered that verizon has their own lock on the phone.

    After he did the root it went into a boot loop.

    He re-installed the factory software but now the phone needs to go back to Verizon to be put back online.

    If you live near Rockford, Illinois or the Quad Cities (Iowa) and know how to root this phone send me an emaili with your phone number, so we can talk.

    Thanks for any help.

  34. I have a Metro pcs Samsung Galaxy S6 which I have been attempting to use your universal Samsung ftp bypass
    Apk with a OTG Flash drive to be able to add my gmail/Google account with no progress as of yet,can you help me with this please?

  35. I have a Driod Maxx xt1080. Build SU6-7.7, system version 24.21.7.oake-maxx-verizon.Version.en.US, android version 4.4.4 . I would like to update to at minimum 5.0. I didn’t see this model listed so I downloaded and tried Blur_Version.21, it aborted installation. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  36. i have a Samsung s6 edge i am trying to fix for a customer the model number on the device is SM-G925T the product name while in download mode is SM-G925V i cant get it to flash the firmware for the 925V.. It reboots multiple times while optimizing apps… after that goes thru it boot loop i can get as far as connecting to an Open WiFi network but it reboots almost immediately … Is it possible that the model number and Product name are conflicting… or is it more likely that my odin settings are not correct somehow??


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