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  1. Hi, i’ve tried the bypass for frp for samsung for the galaxy s6 edge plus today & I went to the link that you put with your youtube video & downloaded the apk file onto the same otg drive & when I plugged it into my edge plus nothing happened? I even tried the sitting by the internet box & unplugging it at the right time. It worked for a minute but took me back to the google block again. I really need help getting into my edge plus.

  2. Everything worked great up to the point of add user. When i download the apk it doesnt have the add user option in the settings menu that comes up. Is this the correct apk? I used the one you specified. I am using an LG device G Stylo. Again everything worked exactly as you show in the video so i know it should work on this LG Variant just no user option

  3. i bought the otg same as you did. i dl the apk and drag it in there. plug it in and nothing pop. the setting didnt pop up like what in the video. im using note 5

  4. PLEASE HELP, I bought an lg G4 off of Craigslist and when it arrived I realized I could not get into the phone to set it up because the previous owner synced a Google account to it. I cannot find this lady now and obviously don’t know her email password, I followed all the steps on your YouTube video up until the point of the talkback settings. That settings option at the bottom is there but unavailable for me to click on. Can you please help me??

  5. Help!!!!! Anything you can tell me about bypassing on a lg tribute 2. I dont have the settings option. Its shaded out…please help. Also only have crome option and no other browser….stuck…

  6. Hi. I’m on a note 5 also. When plugging in the otg cable nothing comes up. With the wifi trick it just loops me back to the login with previous user account screen over and over. Do I have another option? I got this device online and was able to get the email account that was previously on the phone but can not reach the people I bought it from for the password. Please let me know if u have another option. Thank u

  7. could you do a nexus 6 i have one and i locked myself out and tried everything even the otg and it would pop up please help without a phone my daughter messed it up

  8. It appears that as soon as the handset makes connection with the google server it patches it as soon as it links the serial numbers to a Google acct. Same as crappy I devices do with itunes…there will be a way im sure pretty soon. Root junkie is da man….I know that there is a service on ebay for 34 bux that will wipe it by reinstalling bianaries rather wait and do it myself

  9. everything worked perfectly as you shown on your clip….but gets back on to the google password page.
    any ideas, suggestions or is it that google has blocked this? pls let us know.

  10. Can you please find a google factory reset protection bypass for the lg v10 by verizon. Vs990.
    The intro screen does not offer the accessibility menu. Only language select.

    • RootJunky mentioned in an earlier post that the vulnerability may have been patched. If that’s the case, then I think I’m screwed too.

  11. Root i have tried my note 5 the same trick you did with your note 5 in the video, it passed all steps correctly but at the end when i erase everything it does the erasing and installing then it tells to put the email am rilly confused i have tried over 3 times and it does the same thing

  12. I ran intl the same problem with my galaxy s6 edge plus. I tried both; the otg and the wifi and neither of them worked. Its not even reading my otg and its the exact same one used by you. Need advice ASAP PLEASE.

  13. None of these actually work bc Google actually releases a security patch to prevent this. This is why many people are having hard time. It only works if your running an old build so all the videos are mis-leading on YouTube.

  14. Hey man I just bought a Note 5 from this chic and I tried the APK file on one of your video’s but nothing happen. Can you please help me figure this out?

  15. Rootjunkie my note 4 does not give me language option or wifi list on boot only opens license and agreement, google, and lastly the abnormal reset screen. Its an at@t carrier phone could you help me I can go to settings with apk on otg drive.

  16. I tried the Samsung bypass google verify.apk today. It simply took me back to the blocked screen “This device is locked because of an abnormal factory reset. Sign in to the Samsung account that you have already signed in to on this device to confirm that it belongs to you” I tried running the app several times but with not results. Any suggestions.


  17. hey ive been trying toget by the frp onan lg v10 and i can get all the way to the settings after downloading the program but the phone doesnt havea users tab on the general settings tab….. what do i do??

  18. I have lg tribute 2 (ls665) . need to bypass FRP. Followed the tutorial but cant go further because no dual window option i can see onlu clear all option. Any other way around this plz help.

  19. Dear mr.rootjunky, please i need your help so bad!!!!!!
    so i have a LG G4 phone and im stuck on the verification feature, and i watch your video a million times and when i go to talkback and try to click on settings it doesn’t let me 🙁 please help me, i do anything rn, im going absolutely nuts!!!!! Please please please answer my prayers and contact me asap!!!! please reply
    kik me @ xxxMCR666xxx
    or please reply to this comment, ill be checking every hour to see if you respond, please mr. thank you.
    please answer my prayers. 🙁

  20. Hi,
    Please help my samsung, Android Security Patch Level January 1, 2016.
    for samsung galaxy A5(2016) dont have user option. what should i do?

    pleaseeeeee help me.

  21. Hi, i have a droid 2 turbo with frp, i need help me plaese, i buy it by the internet and when i attempt to put my account… Surprise… Appears the frp, thanks

  22. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Operating on the latest samsung update. I followed your steps in your video above to unlock the FSP WITHOUT a PC because I dont have the flash drive available, just the phone.. I got pass the first step of setting up a new password. But when it comes time to open the camera, I cannot see my camera on my home screen anymore after I restart. What should I do? Should I start over? I cant see the camera option or the emergency call option.

  23. hi rootjunky! i’m currently using my sister’s phone (exactly the same samsung galaxys6) coz my phone wouldn’t accept my pin code even if I am 100% sure that i typed the right one. Now, i can not get in my phone and has completely locked me out. People have been saying that the only solution to my problem is to factory reset my phone and that would lose all my data including my pictures. My main concern is would there be any other way to fix this pin problem without deleting my pictures? please help me. I have been having this problem for weeks now and I really don’t want to lose my pictures. I hope you can help me out!

  24. Downloaded your APK and used the same OTG Sandisk drive…plugged it into my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and nothing pops up. I bought a Gazelle auction lot and some were Google locked. I was able to get your method to work on one of them but it isn’t working for this one. Help please?

    Thank you!

  25. Using the LG stylo and I cannot get passed the talk back settings, option is grayed out and won’t work for me. What do I do

  26. Can you help me get into my nexus 9 it was given to me and I reset it and now I can’t get into it due to factory reset protection. The pervious owner doesn’t remember the username (email) or password

  27. Hey there! Have you found a way to bypass the FRP on a ZTE Avid Plus? I’ve tried the methods you’ve shown for other devices, plus similar ones from other sources, with no luck. I can get onto Chrome, down load and run most APK’s, into the phone settings and even create a new account. Some menu options remain unavailable and it ultimately kicks back to the FRP verification login. It’s incredibly frustrating. 🙂 Any suggestions?

  28. I bypassed frp this morning on S6 Edge using your tips with no problems at all. then spent the rest of the day trying on a S5 Note, with no luck whatsoever.

  29. How do you suggest getting past the 5.1 lollipop update because i cant check the unknown sources box anymore its greyed out and i cant figure it out please let me know if you can im using my lg stylo

  30. Hi root junky…
    You have an idea to bypass a samsung galaxy ace j1, i tried the method with otg but not work.
    The cellphone not have accesibility too, please help me.

  31. The nexus 6p March update doesn’t work with this. I can get to settings and reset the phone but the fry is still in place.

  32. hey there i was watching your video on bypassing google without a OTG and i got as far as the camera and mode but there is no download for me to push what do i do now or is that as far i i will be able to go..please help me with this ..thank you.

  33. Hello please I have done everything you explain in the video but my problem now is it can’t see the link of that download on your website

  34. I need some assistance here. I’m using the Galaxy S6 edge. I successfully got through with the router trick, BUT, when I restarted the phone there’s no camera icon.

  35. I can get in zte prestige but when I try and factory reset from settings nothing happens….everytime ipress the reset phone button it remains non responsive….factory resets under Google and anything Google that’s system serious icant even touch or alter or add any gmail accounts

  36. Ok so I was able to go through all the steps on my Note 5 except when I tried downloading the APK file it wouldn’t let me. I had trouble accessing the “Settings” until I seen an Amazon App where all the blue folders were located and clicked on that which allowed me to Turn On the unknown sources in the settings (the app was not blue like the others)…I still couldn’t download the APK file and now I can longer get to the settings. No luck on finding an App to access the settings either.

  37. I still can’t download the APK file it keeps saying “There is a problem parsing the package” BUT I found out how to access the SETTINGS again on my Note 5…On the ES File Explorer app Click the Fast Access ft. in the top left corner>Select App Manager>Click the S Voice app>Say “Open Settings and BOOM! It should take you there…might not work for everyone but it worked for me.

  38. Hey Mr. Root junky can you please make a video on how to bypass it on a htc desire 626s or do you all ready have one for this phone? I bought it from somone and don’t know there password and can not get ahold of them to get it. It’s for my daughter. So please let me know if there is a way to do it or not. Even if you can’t do it please let me know. Thank you for you time and for reading this and getting back to me. Thank you

  39. U have to start from the beginning until u get to the verify email screen, click it to open up the keyboard, click the gear to open up the settings, click word suggestions, click update word suggestions, legal information, look for the long link I think it’s the second one

  40. Hey rootjunky my nexus 6p with security patch march 2016 is stuck on frp how i can do it pls help me out with it. Bootloader is locked and without opening developer i cannot unlock bootloader.
    Help me out how can bypass frp on this phone

  41. So I don’t know how but when I reset the phone right now after setting up a Samsung account on the Note 5 there was no longer a Google lock on it. I’m not sure if the APK file downloaded some how and it was just giving me that parsing package error or I just needed to make a Samsung account but it worked! The phone is working perfectly and I even did an additional factory reset to confirm it was legit and it still let me set it up like new! You’re awesome!

  42. Hey rootjunky my phone is stuck on google account verification page. I can acess to settings but build number option is blocked because of march security update how can i unlock bootloader in it. My phone is nexus 6p please help me out with it

  43. Hey rootjunky any idea on what to do if factory reset button is not responding on a google verication phone…. Ivan bypass just can’t reset….on a zte prestige

  44. all newer samsungs have upgraded security since 2 months ago theres is no way to bypass this FRP feature at the moment no one has broken the code. All you can do is wait for it….or buy a new one….

  45. Hey Root Junky I tried doing that no otg PC trick for my Samsung galaxy, when I went into the camera and pushed mode nothing for a download came up I’m not sure what to do now

    PS – You are the man root junky pretty awesome that stuff you figure out – love it,

    So I have a nexus 6p bought on Craigslist (dummy me thinking it would work) ahhhh … anyway spend around 1/2 the price of a new one. need to know if it says locked. in the start screen (boot-loader area) does that mean I will never be able to use this phone, it is google verification locked also, saw somewhere in one of the screens – April 2nd patch is what it says 6.0.1 Marshmellow. I got all the way through multiple times, did the Zoro password etc… reset… nothing. always says google verification locked afterwards.
    if we try and add a google account while ii settings you think it might work after reset ??

    do you think its worth to hold on too ? or should i throw it in the lake ???
    thanks much for helping

    • that is hard to say. google has updated there FRP security and a reset from settings will not remove FRP at this point so until someone finds a new method you are stuck

  47. Root –
    I can’t figure out how to bypass the frp on my HTC Desire 626 ANYWHERE on the internet;
    I do not have an otg? (not sure) cable nor do I know where to obtain one if neccessary.
    Can you please tell me how to unlock my phone whenever you get a chance? Literally just binge googled a solution for about 10 hours straight to no avail.
    Talk about a headache,,,,,,

    Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing back from you!

    Sincerely, Cody Fogal.

  48. I just did your method (well mostly) and it worked just fine. It was a factory reset sprint S6 running 5.11. I had been pulling my hair out trying to find a way in somehow and the camera? Genius man!! I usually don’t write comments but this helped me out so much and I found a few more tricks that maybe can be passed on. Hers what I learned:
    1. No need to reboot after getting in an putting in the pattern and PIN, just hit the power button to lock and again to unlock and boom! Put in your pattern and move on.
    2. No need to enter or sign up for a Samsung account, just hit forgot password. Choose the native browser DO NOT USE CHROME,, it will take you back to the enter the last account thing. Your not stuck there but still.
    3. No need to download a file explorer at all. As you can now see the “forgot password” opened the native browser where you can now go to the rootjunkydl site and download the apk. It will not automatically pop up for install after it downloads. Don’t worry…..its easy to get to.
    4. In the native browser hit ‘bookmarks’ then hit ‘download history’ and lastly hit the file you downloaded, bypass the unsafe sources, install and factory reset ……. done with no reboot! Hope this helps makes it easier for people and Mr. Rootjunky feel free to use it however you can to get it out there!

  49. Oh one last thing! The touch functions seem a little slow and weird while doing this I found that double or triple tapping quickly got it done for those saying they hit something and nothing happens. Also scrolling was a pain but if you double tap and hold then swipe it works, if not in the browser hit “More” and then hit “find on page” and enter what you trying to get to and it brings it up for you! Hope it helps!!

  50. So I was walking with my mom, and I found a nexus 6p, it looks like it must have been dropped since it was scratched up on a corner. When I found it it was turned off, and it didn’t have a sim card. So I factory reset it, and then I found your videos, but it looks like it has the March security, and it won’t overpass the Google account verification!!

  51. If i sent you the Nexus 6P Phone with april 2 update security Patch do you think you can get the april 2nd security patch frp unlocked ? or with otg software ??

    thanks please let me know ill send it to you and pay you for your time 🙂 not rich but worth it if you can get it to unlock and work

    Thanks again keep up the great —- AWESOME work 🙂

  52. even though the frp trick has been patched is it still possible to root the device and flash an older firmware to it from before the patch??

  53. this last one on nexus 6p android N did the trick for me… you rock rock rock !!!!!!!! I’m in….. so what i wanted to ask you now is do we have to remove the apk files we downloaded or do we need then to stay unlocked from that awful FRP?? and also just to make sure i should turn on mode to debug so its not locked ??

    MAN MAN MAN you really are SWEET….. Im so excited I could reach in through my computer and hug and KISS YOU 🙂 thanks so so much..

    Nexus 6PS works this really really works 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. android 6.0.1
    April 2, 2016 security patch
    build MHC19Q
    Nexus 6P 64 GB

    SO if we wanted to factory reset just to have all settings back to normal, since i tried everything possible to get this phone to bypass FRP. is it good to go ? will thise apk’s i downloaded erase my account and FRP will be locked again ??

    thanks if you can shed some light please… i just turned on oem and debug mode also will this turn off if I reset phone ?

    thanks man sooooooooooooooooooo much. you have a fan for life. will tell all my friends and family about your site 🙂 and tell them to donate also.. YOU ROCK!!!


  55. Dear mr Rootjunky

    i already left a comment on the youtube video but you seem to reply more on your on website (logically)
    i got the samsung s5 neo with frp. I followed your instruction video on how to bypass it. it went really well.

    i was able to set a screenlock (went for zorro as well 🙂
    got into camera
    got es file explorer on the device
    download the google bypass trhough es file explorer
    try to install: parsing error –> doesnt alllow me to get into settings to turn on unknown sources

    is there anyway to go around this? or is odin factory rom my end of the line option?

    thank you for the awesome info
    gr Julio

  56. hi RJ, did you guy find out how to bypass HTC one a9’s FRP because they got it so secured that it’s quite impossible to find any weak spot

  57. alrighty rootjunky i got a bit further in the process
    following up on my previous message i found that the mistake was in the application that i got from your site. i went berserk on youtube and found out that if you get a parsing error and therefor cannot get into settings follow the video up untill you have es file explorer.

    BUT instead of adding google add:
    this will go to a google drive location and download will start automaticaly.

    i didn’t get the parsing error, i got into settings, i deleted everything from the phone and put it back to factory settings. restarted the phone but the thing is the frp was NOT bypassed.

    i really tried my best on this one, please help me out rootjunky i really need my phone working again
    thank you 😉

  58. btw through settings i got a bit more information of the phone:

    samsung s5 neo
    android 5.1.1
    security patch 2016-1-1
    baseband g903fxxu1apa6
    kernel 3.10.61-6339637
    build nr lmy47x.g903fxxu1apa6
    knox 2.4.1

    hope this helps anything

  59. Hey Rootjunky! Love the videos! I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 and have been trying your method to bypass the Google security without the cables. I was able to add a pattern code (zorro as well ?). My issue is that there is no camera option on the lock screen. It only says to swip the screen to unlock. Did I do something wrong? Thank you.

  60. Hi

    I’ve tried the talkback option on my Lg G4. However, the Settings tab is in a light flour and cannot be selected. How can I select the settings tab?



  61. my moto g 3rd gen is FRP protected with android 6.0.1 march 2016 update
    what should i do? i got into settings but cannot reset.

  62. I followed all ur step and I’m have a problem after I click the sam sung bypass on ur site it look different then the one u show in ur video in when I click on it after downloading it tells me it I can’t open the bypass apk

  63. I tried using your method to remove google account on lg v10. By the time I was at talkback, the setting is grey shaded. I can’t even access to the next step..what shall I do?
    Thank you.

  64. Hi,
    I was followng your video regarding Samsung FRP bypass using the .apk file install through and OTG on an S7. When I connect my OTG drive, the Google log-in screen does not switch over to the file screen like in your video. I have also tried your FRP method connecting to a computer. The phone screen responds to the connection of the USB, but the screen does not change to the file screen so I can load the Samsung APK. I have checked the function of my OTG drive on other phones and it seems to work correctly. Is somethig missing at the phone side. How can i move forward to get this S7 functional again. Thanks

  65. Hi RootJunky,
    I was watching your S7 S7 edge video, and when I click on Data Usage, I do not get the option to upgrade the data usage. Please help me!!

  66. Hi,
    I followed your video procedure for FRP bypass on Galaxy S7. I got all the way to clicking on data usage and the next screen did not have the button to “Upgrade Data Usage” . I was unable to get to Chrome to finish the procedures. I bought this phone with Google lock on and I don’t know the history of the phone other than that.
    Any thoughts how I can get past this. Thanks

  67. Awesome >>>>>>>>>>>>>> RootJunky <<<<<<, your the man HANDS DOWN …..
    even may 1 2016 you did it again….. you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! truly you are…

    great job i did the N and it worked on M nexus 6P april 2016
    now i see the 5 1 2016 updated video.. that is so awesome… don't give google anything to stop us from FRP unlocking 🙁
    just let them figure it out.. they are big boys… keep up the great work. hope your doing well always and thanks so much again for all your help..


  68. Having a bit of trouble of bypassing the Google reset on a s7edge because it doesn’t give me the option to swipe up for the camera because there is no camera icon, tricky huh? Any soulution to that problem? Plz lmk if you have figured that one out yet. Ty!

  69. I tried this on an Lg V10 from verizon but nothing seems to work because this phone is from verizon it makes it kinda impossible to break into the phone and it doesn’t have the assisbility thing on there so if you can help please let me know

  70. Have you figured out how to bypass frp on the zmax2 yet? I’m having the same issue and desperately need help.

  71. I have an Lg G4 and I’m trying to bypass the Google account. But when I get to the talk back step the settings is disabled what do I do?

  72. Hi! Tried all of your methods on my Samsung J5 and didn’t work. When I use the odg methode no pop-up is shown, and with the other way I have no “download” option on the menu.
    Please help with an idea.

  73. Samsung sm-930a. My short update. No data upgrade and no battery ex.
    But if you force stop the share you get the pull down menu for wifi, location and first clue ultra power savings mode.
    I found I could turn on ultra power saving mode and have full access that it provides. I do not know enough about ultra power save mode on Samsung to get a file Explorer open or chrome. I tried the email app but since it wasn’t Google Apps it did not change over for the Frp. I have full access to the Internet but can’t open downloads or add apps without root as far as I know.
    Hopefully this will help find a solution. I am assuming that the ultra power savings uses root too. And trying to find ways to open up other apps it is super buggy. Maybe a root exploit could be found here too.
    If you turn off ultra power mode it resets and your stuck at the same frp. Any ideas? Play with it and get back to me. I dont know what the build number is. Clue me in if you know. If I can’t find an easy solution for upsm I will try using drozer later to see if I can force other apps to open.

  74. Quick update. If you allow your s7 to sit for at least an hour. Haven’t tried less you will find in the Samsung setup under battery the option to turn on location at the top of the last. Accept and turn on. Scroll through th help find a link and open in Chrome. Go to the site to download the shortcut apk. The Google Samsung app store. Find open app store icon on page. Open Samsung app store. Sign in. Install file Explorer. Open, goto downloads, install the apk. Choose unknown sources, open, search Google account manager. Click choose enter login and password. Click the three dots top right corner. Sign in from browser. And link your account to the phone. Check to see now of you can access settings. If yes back out. I got a loop at set up your phone. So i restarted and was in!
    Good luck!

    • You need to reset and let it sit for one hour at the wifi screen in the initial setup. Not sure if you do connect before that hour if the option will be there or not. I just know that it works as I got past it all myself by not even touching or connecting for one hour.

  75. hi there… I’ve tried every YouTube video on bypassing Google verification etc. for the galaxy s6 edge + and nothing has worked. I’ve tried downgrading, so the OTG reader software would work that was a bust. can you please help? Because I’m at the end of my rope with this phone.

  76. I had the same problem with the talkback settings being greyed out but managed to bypass this by actually turning the talkback on and going through the tutorial. Annoying but at the end I was able to get into the settings and then turn off talkback by holding the power button until the turn off options came up and then holding two fingers to the screen until it beeps and asks if you want to turn talkback off. From there you can continue. Unfortunately, I got stopped when I realized there was no “User” option to add user so now I’m stuck.

  77. For those of you with samsung, after you reset and have cleared the cache you need to let your phone sit on the WiFi screen at the beginning for at least one hour. And then connect to wifi. Tether is easier here. When you get to the update security turn off the wifi. Go thru the options with WiFi turned back on and select the Google policy and it will connect to the Internet to pull the info. Scroll down until you find regular text. Hold and highlight and click share. Hold the popular so app manager opens up. From there you will see the force stop option and other details. Go to the battery selection. At the top should be a new option that wasn’t there before. Battery location service or what ever. Turn on location, accept Google maps terms, skip signing in. Go to settings and then to help, find any of the help topics that are blue. Those are links to the Internet and opens up chrome. From chrome download the short cut maker. Then go to Samsung apps site via chrome. Click the apps icon to open galaxy apps, sign in, search file explorer, open file Explorer and go to downloads, install the short cut maker. It will prompt for security and select install from unknown sources. Install
    And open the app. Search for Google manager or what ever it is called in the other instructions. Click the down arrow to open up the tree for other options. Find password and log in about 4 or 5 down fron top. Choose make shortcut. A password log in screen will pop up. Choose login in from browser aND log in to your Google account. It will take you back your the password screen of memory serves me right. Just back out of everything. You will be back at login for setup or what ever, here I got a loop and restarted the phone. When it booted up it ran setup normally without the login and was completely open. Update if your keeping, remove Google account in accounts if you are not. If there is any sensitive data that needs to be securely erased choose to encrypt all your files before the reset. Or root and use busy box and a terminal emulator and use in bash dd. Type man dd at command prompt for instructions or Google how to secure delete in Linux with dd. No other way to securely delete anything on the phone or tablet. None of the apps from play can run an over write you would need. Rewrite the unused portion at least 11 times. 35 if it is a old disc drive. Gutman is good for those. Otherwise dod is fine with the 11 times. You can find instructions anywhere how to use dd and run a dod over write via command line. If you want to unlock your phone carrier, the s7 at least American version does not having a working root, so you will need to pay for a unlock code. Pm me if you need a reputable site. Otherwise you will need to downgrade your Os to a version capable of running the old unlock apk. Run it and restart, of you see Samsung with a lock underneath it that is open then you now can use any carrier. Upgrade to the highest Os you can that will still allow the exploit towel root to work. Install towel root and make it rain. Do nothing else. Install flash fire and download ok2, I’d you are on s4 at&the or s5. So already has the new Os and might be boot locked. T-mobile phones were not locked up until s7 from what I read. Make sure you get the version for your phone!! Otherwise you need to adb and install twrp to unbrick. Make sure usb debug is on before you do anything too. Do not get oc3 it is super buggy. For marshmallow I amean still working on a use able exploit.

  78. Sorry for the poor Grammer and spelling. On my tablet and I suck at typing on this keyboard. Such a pain. Anyone know of any good exploits for the tab s2? Seems to be scarce right now. I want to install nethunter, but with out admin it would be nearly pointless. Plus I haven’t found a working kernel for the s2 and I am to lazy to write one myself.

  79. Hi Root, thanks ever so much for the great idea! I was able to pass frp today using both your tutorial and the apk. Device was Samsung Galaxy Prime G531F.
    Thank you ?

  80. Hi I’ve been desperately trying to bypass the google verification on my zte prestige but I can’t even open my phone setting or apps. Do you have any ideas on what I can do? Thanks

  81. Hi Root Junky
    I bought a Samsung s7 edge 2 weeks ago for my business so I own it. I allowed an employee to use it and he personalised it. I had to let him go and he gave the phone back refusing to give me the password to open the phone. I need to know what is on it. I don’t have the password his fingerprint or his Google acct details. Is there anyway I can unlock the phone and keep what is on it? I’ve watched your frp video with otg flash drive but it looks like I will lose all data contacts apps etc unless I have his Google acct login. Your video describes a double reset. How does the data etc get back on the phone after the two resets? Also I was a little confused when you say you have to put in your password after the first reset. I think you mean your internet account but it’s not 100% clear….I figured it’s not the phone password because that’s the point of the video – accessing your phone without a password. Cheers – hope you can help

  82. I need a method to bypass the Sprint LG G4 frp. I tried every method and nothing works. Installing apk from unknown sources is disabled and the command tool method doesn’t work so I’m just stuck.

  83. We recently had an employee leave under difficult circumstances and I reset their nexus 6p thinking that I could just reset and run through the set up process again. To my surprise, I got caught by the FRP. Your bypass method really saved my bacon. Thank you! Thank you! A million times thank you!

  84. Hi, moto x play on pach of march 1st, 6.0.1 restarts every time you try to add account even thru the website login. Any clue on that?

    • yes , the same happens to me, ive found a way to “factory reset” your phone through settings, it says it will remeove all accounts but when it restarts it keeps asking for account, try it, maybe there is someway.
      do it like this:
      inside Quick shorctcut maker search for “config assistant” then search for “restore the phone” option, once inside you can restore phone, but its not the solution, google account remains there …

  85. I bought a LG Stylo off of craigslist and its not letting me sign on with my google account so i looked it up and its called fro and i don’t know how to get past it can you please help me out :””(

  86. I have a LG LS 770 and I am trying to bypass the Gmail lock but when I get to the TalkBack screen I am unable to select settings any ideas?

  87. Do you have a new video to bypass it with a us cellular galaxy s6 edge? Gets all the way thru them takes me back. Thanks.

  88. Rootjunky, I just tried doing the FRP bypass on galaxy Note 5 by using just the unplug router method, camera etc. I was able to get through all the steps all the way to setting up pattern lock, and downloading the file explore as you showed. My problem is when I go to your site to apps then try to install Samsung bypass it says there’s a a problem parcing. (I guess that’s where I can’t download from unknown sources) anyway I was wondering if you can help me with this to completely get in my phone. Also wanted to let you know from the file explore you can go to galaxy apps, you can download “settings”. By doing so I can access my settings in my phone and go to the factory reset from settings. (Which that’s supposed to be the right way to factory reset the phone) when I factory reset the phone that way with out being able to download your apk. But yet from actual phone settings it still says the phone was factory reset wrong please sync with previous google account or account owners? Also in the settings under account the only accounts are my own Samsung account. It won’t allow My to add my google account nor does it show any other google account to even erase. Sorry so long. Just wanted to let you know and others know that your method for me has worked pretty much all the way and also how I was able to get into settings just from the file explore then galaxy apps.

  89. HTC Desire 526/626 S-off FRP solution.

    In short download xtclip tool 1.19, put phone on emergency dialer, finger print USB debugging will appear…click settings…then test menu…. Its the same menu as *#*#XXXX#*#* get into settings… Factory reset is greyed out. Keep clicking it fast. Frp defeated

  90. Love how you respond to the ones saying thanks it worked but ignoring the messages right above and below about it not working or the settings button is blacked out.. Its like give a shit about the people having problems too.. and if you dont know what to do than fucking say so!

    • every time a device gets a system update and is on a different build number the tricks that i use in a video will have to change as oem and carriers patches this bugs. most every phone on the market right now can be bypassed with one of the methods used in my youtube videos or a mix of them. That is the reason i make the videos so that people can watch them and learn. it is much easier then answering 100 questions a day that really cant be answered, because every device and build is a little different. I recommend that you watch a video or too and keep looking for ways into settings or launching a app like i do in my videos.

  91. I have a lg stylo and when I go to the unknown source option its faded grey so I can’t enable it what should I do now?

  92. hello guys, i need help with my device: ZTE A410 (Digitel Venezuela), I need to make hard reset and i can’t for (FRP), and finally , I can not enter the operating system, it is trapped in the logo please help, sorry my bad english,

  93. the quick shortcut app method worked flawlessly on samsung j5 2016 edition.

    after reset, when it asks for the previous account, open sidesync app on pc and connect phone with cable, chrome option will appear on phone, open it, in address bar search for quick shotcut maker, download the apk on phone. then press back button on phone and it will show a dialog in phone browser that clicking ok will open glaxy app. click OK once or twice, galaxy app will open. download es file explorer, sign in with samsung account. once it is downloaded. open it. go to download folder, install quick shortcut apk. enable unknown source. once installation is complete. search for android account manager in it. click android account manager, search for EMAIL PASSWORD ACTIVITY. CLICK IT AND TRY. it will show password page, on top right corner click sign-in in browser, it will open a page in chrome. sign in with new id and password. once it is signed in. click back button multiple times, it will take you to initial agreement page, click agree. it will take you to previous account login page and it will auto login with new account. tap next next and you are all done. thanks

  94. Alright, I found out how to bypass “Parsing the Package Error” on my Samsung Galaxy S6. Install Sidesync from the Samsung app store, download app shortcut maker from as shown in the videos. Run Sidesync then drag and drop the app shortcut maker into the window from Sidesync. run program from sidesync and allow unknown installs. Next Install will be shown but can’t be selected, hit power button on phone and select it from the phone, not sidesync. Now it will allow for installation and the rest is the same on the guide from Rootjunky. Hope this helps, I was stuck until figuring the above out. This was on Android 6.0.1

  95. I’ve spent hours trying just about every method I’ve came across. Galaxy apps no longer exist on my s5 and I’m unable to download or install it.

  96. Nothing is working for my lg ms330 its the down volume key doesnt work and in the settings i can get to it wont allow me to change the opition to download unknown sources and or a user

  97. I followed the steps for my LG and when I hit the volume down button for overview it doesn’t work .. Any suggestions ?

  98. I have tried the videos on youtube to bypass a goole account for my galaxy grand prim and still cant do it help me please

  99. S7 everything went fine until got to roadblock. When get to data usage there’s no update. Loop hole fixed maybe? Any other way round this? I’m tryna figure it out.
    Otherwise pulling plug on modem worked great on Samsung note 5. Awesome work dude

  100. Hi. I finally found a fix that seemed like it was going to work after 2 weeks of trying and I do all the steps..get to installing your app for note5 fix and WHAT?? PROBLEMS PARSING PACKAGE! Oh sorry.. so..doesn’t do popup for 3rd party like urs..went searching around hoping to find the mystery 3rd party acceptance but I can’t find it. Can you please maybe give me a solution? Thanks so much

  101. I have tried all your vids on a Samsung S7 Edge and have not been successful
    Not sure of the patch level but it seems everytime you find a hole it is plugged.
    Hopefully you can find a hole in the S7 Edge
    Please advise
    Thanks Steve

  102. I really don’t see the “problems” you talk, because if you miss your google’s account password, you could easily recover it from Google’s website and if you by it from a person who didn’t disconnect the phone from his google account, a phone call could solve it. I believe that this information is only helping thieves to be successful on their “job”. Anyway, I’m glad to know that my Samsung note 4 is safe from the holes you have found.

  103. I have seen almost all of your video, Stuck from last evening, Been Up whole night (7.30 A.M. Now) I have done everything exactly shown, and so does everything goes good unless i have to tap try in your application, and it DOES NOT SHOWS ME THE OPTION TO SIGN IN FROM BROWSER. Its just kinda pissed off you know..??? Sorry to type em bold but that is irritating. Why does I have to buy a nexus whatever you got to resolve this shit..?? I got COOLPAD NOTE 3 LITE 8298-100 Exact model number. I have done almost everything possible to recover my phone just bought it, nephew created some fucking ID to download subway surfer and what not, i got annoyed. factory reset was best way to have the NEW smell again. But my nephew now says I DO NOT REMEMBER even the ID so how can i ask him password :/ Help me out man. Would be thankful of you. __/\_

  104. My Galaxy S7 was stolen. If the thief tries the FRP bypass process, I’m wondering if I will get a notification at my email account (a Google Apps for Business account) that was setup on the phone. Does anything in the FRP bypass process trigger an email alert to my email account? While I understand I may not be able to do anything about it even if I get an email, it would be great to know if the thief has tried (and perhaps successfully) bypassed the FRP.

      • Bummer. Just to confirm, so an email is not triggered at ANY point during the process? Meaning, at the point the factory reset is performed, or if after the reset, they connect to wifi and go through your process, an email is never sent? You’d think Google would alert me that someone is trying to reset my device.

        By the way, you’re the man. Love your stuff! 🙂

  105. I have a ZTE Zmax 2 Z958. I’ve follow steps all the way up until the point to where I’m in the settings, in factory reset, but when I have to push the reset everything button, it doesn’t do anything. It won’t let me past the first screen when you click the backup and restore tab. What do I do?

  106. I can’t get your FRP link for Samsung to work.
    My 11-year-old has a Samsung Galaxy J1 and cannot remember the password. Google has locked the device, and I can’t open it.

  107. So everything went alright but the camera icon didn’t show up, I’m not sure if I did something wrong, its a Galaxy Note 5. Please help

  108. I’m aware this process is not easy, and it is an ongoing battle, and people should be happy you show the dedication that you do. My G Stylo was bought at a pawn shop, they have a policy of hard reseting phones, I’be bought phones from them before, I tried your video using TalkBack back door, but it’s settings are greyed out. I also used another video, implimenting typing in a wifi password to highlight, and copy to something such as email or text, to allow typing in, and using a url to open the internet, and download an apk to bypass it. I also tried to use the Touch Assistant back door. None of these work, and the phone has dual window disabled.

    I am still looking, and if I could send the phone to you, I would. I’m hoping you can discover something. I feel the metro pcs version may be the hardest to crack, and I know you have many phones, and it’s not an easy task, as I’ve found out venturing myself. I know the g stylo has an option to “open” it for anh carrier service, which is why I bought it, so I can use the sim for my cricket GrandX, since the screen got ruined. If the phone can be rooted to rid this problem, I’d love to try that, as well. It’s the silver g stylo, was much cheaper than repairing my phone, my self, or hoping cricket will, or replacing with new.

  109. None of the methods listed work on s7 active. No camera on 1. OTG would not read on 1, do you have a method to work on this phone?

  110. I’m having some trouble with the ad solution for the frp solution for LG phone….after I turn on the switch access feature & change the overview key option & return to previous screen, I click on vision, then select talk back & scroll down to settings but it’s gray & won’t let me click on it…what do I need to do/what can I do????…idk what model LG phone I have btw…

  111. Sorry about any typos in my previous comment I’m having to use old phone with shattered glitchy screen since I am locked out of “New”(to me) LG phone…

  112. **Update**
    I was able to get into the settings if I turned on the talk back feature & used the swipe down then right gesture to open the menu..I was also able to get to the browser & downloaded the file as well but every time I push my volume down button nothing happens. I checked & made sure the switch access was turned on & it was & still nothing…I tried leaving talkback on & I tried turning it off…still nothing…

  113. So I figured out I got an LG g4 or w/e…so I’ve got the same phone as in the video but I guess my dual window feature is turned off/not activated…I assume this is the only issue that is hindering me from being able to successfully get around this stupid factory reset protection…is there another to accomplish this on my LG or a way to turn the on the dual window thing or something???…I dont want to even try doing any rooting, jail-breaking, or anything like that..I don’t have the smarts to do it nor can I afford to risk damaging the phone beyond repair, hell, I can’t even afford to take the phone to a pro to fix this…please any help/tips/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated…please…thanks….

  114. There’s no way to bypass it is this a scam really I bought a lg g stylo phone and find has the lock on it and now the person I got it from won’t lmk know how to bypass it is there really a way to get past the google verification screen if u don’t know the email or phone number I’m lost and I really need to know any info would help thanks

  115. it does work, but you can do it easier, instead of going to the rootjunky hack, install an alternative launcher and then start it en then go to settings. I got the parsing error, so needed to find another workaround. The rest of the procedures works as advertised! Thnx

  116. I tried to bypass it but when I get to the sharing step my setup wizard doesn’t work at all so I was wondering if you guys can show me a different way of bypass please!?!?!?!

  117. I tryed to do the bass pass google thing on my samsung galaxy note 5. And i get to where i can setup the pin and then i reatart it to see the camera and i dont see the camera in mine? Can u help me please

  118. Hi root junky i have a blu r1 hd…i followed evrything got the app downloaded but when i try to open it prompts for the original password from the account which i dont got please help

  119. galaxy j5.. till asks for my old google account after factory resetting from the setting on the phone. tried recovering my google account but just set it up quickly when got the phone didnt know i would need it for this. can you help i can follow the steps to the settings but what can i do if it still asks for google account. please help

  120. Hey i did everything you asked on my Samsung s6 edge plus but I dont see the camera and phone option on the lock screen. Please help

  121. Hi i am not able to get past the frp on my samsung note 3. I bought this online and when i got itthe frp was already there. I dont really have access to a computer just have a lg g4. As far as i know the note3 is up to date on software and the owner is not replying to my emails. I dont want to have a 200$ paper weight so any help or ways to bypass the frp would be great help to me.

  122. i have a samsung j3 2016 (sm-j320g/ds)
    i can get into the system, browse net, sign in samsung account,
    installing the QuickShort.apk to get into google account manager
    however it would not find RE-TYPE EMAIL/PASSWORD
    I try another app that can quickly goto the Re-type email/password as i have done successfully many times before on other samsung but this time system shown the applicaton is STOPPED.

    so i am not able to get to the RE-TYPE EMAIL/PASSWORD
    inside the SETTING, LOCK SCREEN AND SECURITY, i can’t find “DEVICE SECURITY” to enble KNOX ??


  123. here’s what i manage to get from phone “SOFTWARE INFO”
    KERNEL VERSION : 3.10.65-6971127 dpi@SWHD8916#2 WED AUG 10 18:40:08 KST 2016
    SE for ANDROID STATUS: enforcing SEPF_SM_J320G-5.1.1_0046 WED AUG 10 18:55:55 2016



    i found 4 version of j3 j320G firmware from sammobile,
    as below listed:
    2016-08-17 =5.1.1 j320GXXU0APH1 (CURRENT VERSION)
    2016-07-11 =5.1.1 j320GXXU0APF3
    2016-05-27 =5.1.1 j320GXXU0APE1 (TARGET DOWNGRADE VERSION)
    2016-04-26 =5.1.1 j320GXXU0APD3



  125. i just bought a used phone recently. model : pepsi p1s, i bought it online.
    i didn’t know that it has FRP. factory reset my phone and now i’m stuck at FRP screen. please help me, just bought this phone a week ago.
    i can’t contact the past owner, he may have changed is mobile number. now i’m at a dead end not knowing what to do.
    i’m living in malaysia btw.
    i am in need of your help.

  126. I have a lg ls770 build mra58k with Android security patch level 2016-04-01 software version ls770zv8. I have tried to use a combination of the methods and the best one so far is the one using the touch assist method. But when I access the setup wizard I have no exit option. So I have to go through the setup process and I end up where I started. I tried to go to your site and download the apk for frp bypass and I can’t access the site while I am still working out of the browser from the touch assist method. But I can access my settings for the phone… What can I do now?

  127. I have lg g4. I am facing the same problem but when I get this step “In accessibility Tap On “vision” And Then On “talkback”. Scroll To The Bottom And Tap On “settings”. am not able to click the “settings” button since it is grayed out. please help am stuck at the stage.

  128. hi man, i need your help with my Samsung J320G XID (Indonesia)
    i’ve tried same as any solution in Google and any forums, but when after I just Factory Reset, after booting , there is no different, this phone still need old email and password , I can’t bypass it…
    can you help me please ….

  129. HAS ANY ONE FOUND A WAY AROUND the missing user name and password option I in account manager in the quick shortcut apk app I heard the if you download an older version of account manager from apk mirror you will get it back but I have not been able to install it and advice or work areoiunbd ‘

  130. hi would like a bit of help have a samsung s7 edge frp going through with your video have got to data usage but no data has been used so there is no update data usage button and view app setting is not clickable either if you could help i would be grateful thanks

  131. I bought an lg v10 online and it has the google lock the person I bought it from will not contact me to give me her info I checked the device imei with Verizon it didn’t kick back as lost or stolen anyway I found your video and got happy until I realized I don’t have the accesibility option like the video shows is there anything else I can do or am I just sol? There is a phone repair shop in my town could they bypass that maybe?

  132. Hey I have lg transpyre, and it has boot error 1003,, I’ve tried resetting through the phone settings, and power button vol down button and nothing resets, and have googled f.r.p bypass but can’t get it to work… Do yo have a f.r.p bypass
    method specifically for lg transpyre, please help….think u..

  133. I buy a nexus 5x on frp condition, i following your tutorial but i don’t see google keyboard setting, can you tell me how to fix it?
    thank you very much 🙂

  134. Hey rootjunkie. You’re the man. If I buy you a ZTE device to test on, would you accept my gift and pwn their frp? I honestly don’t think anyone has done it on any of the newer ZTE devices yet.

  135. hey root junkie.. i just got a device locked on frp.. i followed the steps and when i reach the last part to sign in, the three buttons on the right corner is not visible.. can you help me out??

  136. Hi RootJunky I am trying to follow the step on nexus 6p and all the way up to and into apps and FRP it’s all fine until I am clicking on the com.sika file to download the apk on this particular phone it just seems to be no response after I click on it to download the apk. I know the link isn’t broken because I downloaded the file fine with desktop. any suggestion?

  137. hey i have a galaxy grand prime and i cant reset it because i am locked out of my phone and i have tried holding down the home , power, and up button and its not working what do i do

  138. It didn’t work so well, i clicked on talkback as instructed & tried clicking on settings but it says that its disabled): What can i do?

  139. Hi. Is there a way to access the talkback settings if they are greyed out? I have an LG and I can’t get past that step because it says they are disabled. Please let me know if this is something I can get past. Thanks!


  140. Dear Rootjunky …

    i have samsung s5 due abnormal factory reset now my anroid is locked on samsung account nothing working all use all method which is available on the internet how to unlock … help me

  141. HI Sir,
    I really like your solutions and website.
    I need your help sir i have note 4 sprint 6.0.1 F.R.P. Lock i was try to unlock by O.T.G.A But Sir tell me who can i do for unlock please reply.

    Thank you So Much for help

  142. Hi, so I have a LG-VS990 (v10) and I’ve been trying to bypass the fro but I don’t have the accessibility option only the language selection and I just can’t get this figured out for the:life of me lol… I have successfully bypassed from on my g4 and g stylo but I’m stumped with my v10 so if there’s anything you could do to help me it’d be greatly appreciated! Thank you and love the content you got, its been more then helpful! 🙂

  143. I just figured a way to bypass the ZTE Grand X Max + with a method similar to the camera trick but I use quick short cut.apk that I put on the phone with my pc..with the zte when you open a Web browser it opens in some kind of pop up window that won’t let you download anything or even see theach top bar..I’ll make a video tomorrow and post it!! Or if root junkie has a zte phone I’ll tell him how and he can make a video

  144. I have a Galaxy Tab S2 T-713 (wifi only version) which comes installed with Marshmallow, May 2016 security patch. Do you know a way to bypass FRP on this? I’ve tried numerous methods, none of which have worked so far (doesn’t have the camera on lockscreen, doesn’t have the ‘share’ when text is selected, etc.). I’m getting sort of desperate now, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  145. Hi, I have a Samsung Note 4 I bought from someone online but when it showed up it wanted a password. I did a hard reset but am now stuck at the Samsung Account screen. No help from the guy I bought it from. From reading through the comments it looks like you’ve been working on a fix for this, any progress? If it helps at all I saw someone say they were able to get into a browser by using free public wifi that requires a sign-in, have you tried that? Thanks for all you do.

  146. Tried the unplug internet but a Lil different…used a hotspot and just like in your videos everything worked ..Didn’t notice the battery was going to die…so I was on our web site downloading required apps from your video…and it happened…phone died…I wanted to scream…k…now I start it all from the beginng and everything fine until u open the camera andgo into only has 3 options andof course download isn’t one of I reset and still nothing so I hard reset over and over ….yet same problem….while in camera mode going into modes there only 3 options….Grrrrrrrrrr….CAN U HELP….

  147. Tommy try my method..same as RJ but you use the phone app to add a contact then try and send a text message and go like your attaching a file to the message…check out my video. It’s not the best but you can see what’s going on. Let me know if it worked

  148. Hi my name is Stephen I have galaxy s7 not the edge I got it a month ago I’ve tried everything to get it to bypass tried it’s stilled locked on frp please the share apps do not work it’s keeps saying declined for security reasons and it’s really messed up you known please root junkyard I’m begging you please tell me or make a video so I caneed bypass Google account verification.

  149. RootJuncky,

    I’m on a Nexus 6p, 7.0. I was able to download all the apps to bypass, but I’m not able to downgrade Google Account Manager from 7.0 to 6 or 5. I get an error that saysthat the file may be corrupted… What can I do?

  150. Hi please help. I have note 5 and every step was working up until I got to the camera option on pattern lock screen because I don’t have the camera option. Please help thank you for your time

  151. Im on a galaxy s6 edge plus.. i made it into settings using the s voice app.. and i have es file explorer installed.. but i cant seem to install google acct mngr 5 or 6 , or the frp.apk from your site.. i get a parse error, and im able to turn on unknown sources but tapping build version doesnt open developer mode so i can get to usb debugging. I can see that im on the september security release from the about section. Is there anything i can do from here?

    Thanks for any help here!

  152. I did the new crazy method with my Samsung j16 and the camera option is not there, I don’t know what to do from there. Please help me.

  153. So I did the just the device frp and the Camara did not show up and now I can’t bypass it the other way because the pattern is on it.. please help!

  154. I have an lg v10 that I need bypassed. I’m able to get to the internet and find the APk but it won’t let me install it. Any ideas?

  155. Device: Galaxy Note 5
    Carrier: AT&T

    I used the process involving connecting the device to my PC via USB and the RealTerm program, as none of the other methods would work for me (installing FRP bypass apk to USB OTG and plugging in, and disconnecting router while device checking login at setup screen and placing a screen lock on the device to open camera (whichever version of the OS the phone is using did not have the camera icon on the lock screen))

    I was able to access the ‘add contact’ menu, and the ‘scan business card’ within the contact menu, and therefore was able to install the ES File Explorer app. Because the Note 5 has no SD slot, I then plugged my USB OTG cable back into the phone with my flash drive, and found the FRP Bypass app on the drive.

    My issue now is that after installing the apk file and attempting to open it, I receive the following error:

    Please. Anyone. Is there ANY OTHER WAY to bypass the FRP lock??? Or is there any way to correct this issue that I am having???

  156. Hi, since i used Samsung galaxy j2 & i brought another new phone . i forgot unlock pin number & my old id for my j2 & i did hardreset myself after that asking Google verification account . I’m trying with otg cable & apk file & pen drive or usb . but I’m not getting popup on my screen for click on ApK file . please if you know why tel me the solution

  157. I have an Asus zenpad 8.0. Google verification has me locked out. I can get to web browser but need help unlocking this feature.

  158. Hi my son got a Verizon HTC desire 526 he set it up n then put a password on it and forgot it so my daughter did a reset by the buttons but it wants the email n password that he first used and he can’t remember it. Can u help plz. It was from Santa n he hasn’t even been able to use it. Thanks… Hope

  159. I have a HTC 526 and its a second hand phone. How do i bypass the. FRP Google verification of the old owner.please help me i have been trying to bypass this for over a month.

  160. Is there now a new method to get pass the Google sign on for the Samsung S7… I have tried the otg flash drive, but the file manager does not appear for me to process through the other steps.

  161. So frustrated! I have a Note 4, SM-N910T3. My file explorer doesn’t come up when I try the OTG method. The RealTerm doesn’t show a modem at all in my device manager. I’ve tried Kies, SideSync – nothing worked. The switching off the wifi DID work and I got into the lock screen with the camera, but unfortunately my camera mode didn’t have a download option. I did take a picture and went into the gallery to edit it, but it tells me, “Unable to open Gallery from the lock screen. Unlock your device, open Gallery, then allow the relevant permissions.” And, as you know, if I put my pattern in, it just goes through the motions back to asking for the previously connected Google sign-in. UGH! If I had known I would go through all of this, I would never have reset the stupid thing. I feel like it’s just a waste of a phone.

  162. I just finished unlocking a S7 but the way you showed didn’t work, because I couldn’t open chrome from the network usage page. I will say I am not 100% this is what unlocked it, I was playing with it a lot.
    I had the sim card out and I force stopped the setup wizard, then inserted the SIM card. It kinda gave a error, but when I restarted the phone it worked.
    I did go through the whole setup process once before during the above, so I dont know if that effected it or not.

  163. Greetings;
    I’ve a Samsung Tab S2, that I bought third-hand. There was a delay (2 months), before I could put in any time to work on it. I tried the factory reset, and it went okay, until it wanted the original account information. I’ve tried the offered options, but it appears the security has been changed. I attempted both methods, and neither has allowed me to resolve the issue.
    To further limit my resources, the individual from whom I purchased the unit has now moved away, to an unknown location.
    Additionally, while I’ve been trying to resolve this, I purchased a different unit (same model), from another source. He apparently really ticked it off, before he sold it, and then went off the radar; upon power-up, it decided to jump to “ODIN MODE.” The screen says DOWNLOADING… DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET.
    Do you have any suggestions for either device?
    Your time and information are appreciated.

    Thank you,

  164. From, I can’t seem to load com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0apk nor RealTerm_2_0.0.70.signed.wrapper.setup.exe Nothing on tthe site for Apps/frp downloads but sends me to that lacks the downloads needed to bypass frp.
    It took me a bit over 8 unplugging the Internet before I got past it and was able to add the “Z” but I do not get a camera on the home screen to get into my Samsung On5. I’m at a loss what to do. I can’t sit down because I’ve kicked myself too many times for using the Factory reset which began the one problem though it solved the old problem.

  165. Rootjunky this is AMAZING!!! I tried your LG G4 instructions, but it seems that they created a patch so it doesn’t work on the LG G5!! I have been locked out of my new phone (6 months new) for a month after a reset. Google returned my account, and I had to change the password. I excitedly put my SIM into my LG and began setting my phone up again only to be notified it can’t be set up due to recent password change. SERIOUSLY!!! The only thing my cell phone provider will offer me for help around this is to purchase a new phone, but before I can do that I would have to buy out my contract. Again SERIOUSLY!? That is going to cost $1600. Who really has that kind of money to toss out?? And try to get help from Google….good luck. It took a month just to get my account back. I am so frustrated at this point.

    It is only human that people will forget their passwords from time to time. I purposely steer clear of Apple for the same reasons, I can’t believe Google has implemented this outrageous security policy. Besides, if someone steals my phone, it is of no use to me anymore anyway, so why lock out my account??? If the thief factory resets my phone, the account would be wiped. I am dumbfounded by this entire process, to say the least.

    Is there any way that you know of to bypass this Google set-up on an LG G5?

    Thank you for any help you may be able to give. I have searched high and low, and you are my ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT!

  166. Hi , I worked smoothly with my s7 edge. however i was stuck at the last step on clicking APK file and the same iwas unable to copy to my SD card as well. I would be of great help if you give another link for it or options to put on SD card.

  167. Is there any way to bypass frp on Moto z play running on android 7.0 eh I the patch January 1st 2017

    Need help.. Need help.. Quickly…. I’m able to install the launcher and enter the settings.. I’m stuck at account manager uninstall and install procedure… Dirty cow method is not working

  168. Hi, I have a BLU Dash X which was working fine until my 14 year old went and added a google account to it. Now he’s on holidays away from home and says he cant remember the google account he created. Of course I tried resetting the phone and now am stuck at the Google lock. Can you offer a solution to bypass this on this phone? Thanks.

  169. Do you have a way to bypass for a HTC m9?? Bought it on eBay and previous owner didn’t delete their account and now I’m stuck.

  170. Need help. Watched a few of the video’s and didn’t see the right steps for a Pixel C tablet c1502w with Android 6.0.1 on it.

    I remember doing this a few weeks ago and saw a settings icon and couldn’t get developer mode to turn on so I can get command line access to re-install the firmware. Really want to get this device working again. Direction as to which video would help would be great of if there are different instructions please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

  171. i don’t remember clearly how i got to this screen but after getting the google bypass it got me on a screen saying “checking network…”, “adding a new finishing touches. This may take a minute or two.” I took it upon myself trying to fix it, and i believe it’s google play services was disabled. Just not sure how to enable even on FRP. Hope you can help. Thank You!

  172. My Galaxy S7 Edge wouldn’t let me share. I got as far as the sharing part in your video for the Galaxy S7 but my phone doesn’t have any apps for sharing…

  173. Hello I’m pretty sure I found a way to bypass FRP on all devices with or without Sim card NO computer needed NO otg cable needed noto sure if it’s legal but it is what it is!!

  174. Hello guys..I love your work,but am having a big problem with frp,after reaching the final step of in putting the email and password,it doesn’t bring the 3 dots where to use in browser method…it’s really frustrating after everything has moved smoothly…it’s a techno running on andriod 6.0 with the security path of September 2016…

  175. hi,I keep being sent back to the google verification page after factory reset even when i have by passed the google verification stage..Please can anyone help me?I have a Techno Camon C9

  176. Im trying to bypass the frp lock on my galaxy s6 edge. When I tied the hotspot method I was able to setup a new lockscreen password but I was not given the camera option on the following lock scren. The phone did nothing when I attempted the otg method. Please help me figure out what Im doing wrong

  177. Root junky

    Just a little suggestion you might want to try…
    While working on a few devices (Samsung s5 attached variant, on 5 metro, j7 metro and grand prime tmo)
    With the s5 att you can get through using the s voice app to get to settings or the otg but it will lock you in a state where you are unable to access home screen. This can be bypassed by toggling the ez home option. Once you have the ability to open home screen you can change your Google settings via the Internet app (don’t think using Chrome works)
    The variants that get abnormal reset need to follow steps that involve disabling setup wizard and Google setup wizzard. Clear cache and data from Samsung setup wizzard first.
    Also if your failure with walled garden then you can locate the folder for that and get a bit deeper.
    As far as I can see, since last security update the removal of Fri removal through settings using password enabled reset is slightly broken. If you can in theory you should be able to add a Samsung account then force an abnormal reset which forces a Samsung login NOT a Google login. So it should bypass if done correctly. I believe you could force an abnormal reset by flashing a previous firmware version but that will wipe the device. So keep that in mind.
    Lastly, regarding the ez home method… I know that there are several devices that don’t have optional home layout settings but there are a few avaliable from Samsung that were shipped to other devices and are download able from samsung. If I can find the links I’ll shoot em your way. I remember downloading one for the styles pluss in order to add an app window button to the home screen.
    Other then this, I’ll keep trying out variations and methods as I run into them and keep you posted if I encounter more useful news.
    Email me any time if you need eyes on anything or another approach.

  178. I can’t get past the google terms it’s still loading. It don’t come up in beginning. It’s Verizon was unlocked and person was using T-Mobile Verizon locked girl was just being a you know so I have his card in cause I’m using my active phone wifi
    I read use a blank card do I use my card and a friend wifi please help.

  179. Help does it work
    I can’t get past the google terms. Are you using an active card. Please tell me step by step how you did it. I even bought a blank card no carrier
    Thank you

  180. I have a LG Stylo 2 and I factory reset my phone and somehow locked myself out of my Google account. I have tried to do what you did but when I long pressed the home key nothing happened except it went back to the icon. I’m so frustrated and I would love to be able to fix my phone fast.

  181. Hey thanks for these tricks but Im having a problem with the non otg cable ones…
    I have reset the samsung galaxy j3 6 and the only way I can get to the internet was through the text to speech legal link I have downloaded the es file reader and tried to upload the rootjunkysdl google fix for 5 and 6 and keep getting parsing errors all the time even tried the nck reader files still getting parsing errors tried to cut the internet by using the Mobil hotspot on my main phone still no access to setting up the lock screen…the older man I bought the phones from has no clue his password and Im stuck with the phone due to working different shifts wanted to see if you had any more suggestions… thank you in advance!

  182. I recently bought a 2017 Galaxy J5 that has the FRP enabled. I have no PC or OTG cable, so was stuck with your router trick bypass. However, after following every step carefully and to the letter, the camera modes does not have the download button, so now I’m stuck with a rather expensive camera and no useable phone. Is there any way to get the download icon to show or another trick I can use to make this phone useable at all?

  183. I have a galaxy s5 neo SM-G903M that is frp locked and I’ve managed to get to the chrome browser but can’t get any further with it . I’ve downloaded the apk bypass to my otg and nothing pops up and I’ve even managed to down load some of the apps I know I need from the browser but am stopped when I get to a certain point it says action unavailable because of security reasons , been trying to get it unlocked for weeks now any help would be greatly appreciated

  184. I have the SAME issue but w the LG G5. And I’ve tried the new easy way that is shown and still get nowhere. Mine keeps saying I need to complete configuration first. I get to Google and it won’t download anything for the easy process and I doesn’t give me a setup wizard at all. I’m so annoyed with FRP and Google.

  185. Do you have frp for the LG Phoenix 3?.. You can’t get the settings menu to open on my current version. So your video on LG phones u have posted here no longer works… Thanks

  186. Rootjunky I have a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime I did the camera method of bypassing the Google lock and once I do the factory reset from settings it takes right back to the Verify Account screen and the bypass didn’t work what can I do now to get my phone unlocked?

  187. hi i followed your Samsung galaxy s7 video step by step. When i was at the internet connection part, i was able to break the connection at the right time, but when i clicked next to go to the date and time the phone went back to the WiFi screen. I’m not sure what to do. Please help.

  188. Hey rootjunky I’m trying to bypass the Google lock on a ZTE Max duo from straight talk. It’s not like the other ZTE phones I’ve watched videos and I can get into the settings but when I go to backup and reset and try to reset it it does absolutely nothing when I hit the reset button! Wtf! Can u give me any advice?

  189. My LG Stylo doesn’t have the settings option under talkback in the vision settings. Therefore I can’t access any talk back, google keyboard options or even privacy policies.

  190. Yes i i. Have a galaxy express prime j320A that i can get to the internet on but still cant get it to unlock can you help on it. I also have a samsung galaxy express3 that i cant do nothing with can u

  191. I have a SM-G530T1 metro pcs galaxy grand prime that is frp locked i would like some help on fixing this i have Odin and kies already can you help?

  192. I have a ZTE k81 tablet it takes a SIM card memory card and I’ve done a lot of things to try to bypass the Google lock now I got into it I’m actually on it right now but every time I power it down I go through the process all over again and I’m tired of doing it is there any way to delete the Google account off of there

  193. I have an Alcatel 5044R Element, I just bought it the other day for a back phone just until I got the screen replaced on my galaxy s6. I didn’t know at the time of purchase that it had a Google frp on it. Is there anyway possible someone could help me thru this?? It’s not really any good as a backup phone if I can’t use it…. LOL

  194. Hello hate to bother you but i have a lg g stylo my settings button is disabled in the talk back how fo i get around that please and ty

  195. Hi Rootjunky: I was trying the 2nd method of Samsung FRP Unlock on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 and I did all the router movement, and the stuff with the pattern… so far so good until I came across with an issue: Using the camera to download the APK won’t work bacause it wasn’t any “Download” option available. It turns out I found a way to accomplish the main goal. Creating a new user (Top right corner) from the Pattern Screen. Tap the small face icon, select “New User” and complete the Name form. After all that and “accepting the law” 😉 it will pop a screen asking for a login with a SAMSUNG Account. Complete the registration with a existing Samsung account and the device will be fully unlocked. After that you can modify the users at your convenience, you can also delete the new user and keep with the Owner if you like. Restart the device to be sure everything is OK, and it’s done! Hope this is useful. Thank you.

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