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This Site is designed to help you root, mod, hack, unlock, theme, and rom your Android devices.


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5 Things you need to Know before rooting or hacking your android device


Android Hacking Explained

Tips For Hacking Android
1.  Never flash, root, or hack your android device unless you have more than 80% battery life.
2.  Make sure you have at least an hour to flash or hack your android device and always have access to a computer.
3.  Always make a nandroid backup before flashing anything to your android  just in case.
4.  Research, research, research.  Read lots of forums and please watch my videos on what you are trying to do. If you dont understand it, you will mess it up. 
5.  Remember to thank those that help you out!!! Developers & nerds alike.
6.  Every android device is a little different and has its own little tricks and problems, so study up.
7.  The best thing to learn before any sort of hacking is how to return the device back to stock condition, whether that is a SBF, AP fastboot, FX, Odin, or sending the files over ADB
8.  The android community is a great place, there is never a stupid question.
9.  Make sure you know all the info in settings about phone before you hack your devices. IE. Model #, android version, Build #, and so on.
10.  The BIGGEST problem that people have when rooting or using at utility is the driver install.  Make sure you download and run the driver install files then connect your device to your PC. When connected you are going to need to turn on usb debugging on the android device this setting is in the devices settings page, most of the time under developers options.  Last you need to put the android device into all three or four usb modes. You can do this by pulling down the notification bar and change the modes there.  Now the drivers should be install correctally.  If still having problems you can uninstall and reinstall the drivers with a program called USB Deview which is on My Downloads page or watch this VIDEO . 

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  1. Aloha, I’m a newbie and I appreciate your work. My RAZR M 4.4.2 lost recovery options after rooting with towel root then successfully unlocking the boot loader with motopocalypse. I was able to rsd lite sbf 4.4.2, but recovery was still lost. Now I just acquired a RAZR HD with stock 4.1.2. Can I take advantage of being on stock 4.1.2 and use towel root then unlock the boot loader with motopocalypse? As I understand it, those who had taken updates lost their chance until some kind programmer released 4.4.2 without the exploit fix. Well, me now having stock 4.1.2 see this as a golden opportunity to root then unlock BL. I was going to attempt rsd lite 4.1.2 to.4.4.2 ..10 which I downloaded from sbf archives to avoid ota 4.4.2…15 which just was released with fixes for our favorite exploits when it occurred to me I’m on stock dandy 4.1.2 and can do whatever I want. Tom, is my brain seeing this correctly? BTW, can I rsd lite sbf flash from 4.1.2 all the way to my saved 4.4.2? This is a brand new RAZR HD and I don’t want to mess it up, I’m acquiring a small stockpile of droids. The learning curve helps pay some of the costs but geez. So root God, what should I do? Please and thank you, Tim. Please feel free to use my email as well.

    • only real requirement to use this new setup with google voice is to be on android 4.3 and above. if you can get the device to that android version then you are good to go. you nay have to install a custom rom to get there

  2. Hi rootjunky!
    Can you please help me out sort issues with rooting my phone htc desire 601, already done htcdev boot unlock, but then something might have gone from from there, because until now i am not rooted, after installing recovery and all…, My phone boot status now is Tempered – Unlocked! With S-On.
    Today I tried to use Firewater and Weaksauce to get things fixed, ADB connection and all working fine, but Weaksauce doest not work? Instead is displaying “Unfortunately Weaksauce has stopped”?
    My device is HTC Desire 601, single Sim, HBoot 2.22, running android 4.4.2
    Any idea or advice to get me out of this please…

    • sorry i dont own that device. every device gets hacked a little differently and i dont want to speak to this device unless i have done my research on it first. you are going to have to check out xda developers site to try and find your answers

  3. rootjunky! Cheers to you and all in the Android Community. Great Site and Great Layout! Sites like these give you more reasons to OD on Android.

  4. Hey man, just want to say thanks for the time spent making all these videos and posts! I pretty much have no idea what i’m doing but by following your lead, i’ve been able to accomplish all i’ve intended… Soooo a bunch of SBFs and RSD adventures, I have finally brought my MB870 up to Jellybean, and other than no recovery, she’s been running most excellently. Without you spreading your knowledge, I’d be out a phone. Ill be buying you beers shortly! Be well man! Thanks Again!!

  5. Hello,
    I have a Kindle Fire 2nd generation (KFOT) and I did not install TWRP or Custom Recovery. So can you do a video about it, thanks.

  6. You are fantastic! It was work to get my Droid Razr HD upgraded to KitKat but it was also fun following your videos step-by-step. You do a great job and cover it all. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us.

  7. Hey Thanks for all the videos!

    Im trying to install a custom ROM on my S4, and I have root access, SU, and busy box, and safe strap loaded.

    I go into SafeStrap and make a slot for the rom
    Wipe data Cache Davik
    Install the Hyperdrive in the slot,
    Exit Installer
    Install the NC5 Modules

    I make sure the New rom slot is active and Reboot the device….

    It just boots into the normal stock rom…. Any Ideas?

    Im on the NC5 Verizon

  8. oh I should also mention, when booting into the Custom Rom1 slot where I installed Hyperdrive, It loads a stock rom setup, but without cellphone service, so I have to reload the stock rom

  9. Trying to run script for motorola droid bionic to root and get this.

    [*] Motorola Razr ICS Root Exploit (Windows version)
    [*] by Dan Rosenberg (@djrbliss)
    [*] Before continuing, ensure USB debugging is enabled, that you
    [*] have the latest Motorola drivers installed, and that your phone
    [*] is connected via USB.
    [*] Press enter to root your phone…
    Press any key to continue . . .
    [*] Waiting for device…
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Device found.
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Rebooting device…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Waiting for device to reboot…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Rebooting device again…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Waiting for device to reboot…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Attemping persistence…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Cleaning up…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Rebooting…
    error: more than one device and emulator
    error: more than one device and emulator
    [*] Exploit complete!
    [*] Press any key to exit.
    Press any key to continue . . .

  10. thanks for the vids on tab pro sm t320. one question,you mention to read the material on cf autoroot, witch i did, the site says to make sure the bl is unlocked or you will brick the device but on your vids you dont mention that, is it nessessary to unlock bl before rooting and is there a reason why you didnt cover that on the vids, thanks, have sm t325. feel free to contact threw email , thanks paul

  11. Thanks for videos on smt320 I have sm t325. On the vids you advised to read on cf auto root, the site said if bl was lock that you could brick the divice,but you didn’t mention that or go over unlock ing bl, is it necessary? Thanks

  12. Hello, great site and thanks for all the videos. I have a Verizon S4 which is rooted build number VRUAME7 and 4.2.2. I would like to go to newer version and keep root – maybe kitkat. What is the easiest, best path? Safestrap or flashing or what? Thanks.

  13. Hi,
    I wanted to know , if it possible to install CM11 on my micromax canvas HD (a116)???

    MMX canvas hd- stock rom- jelly bean 4.2.1- chip set-Mediatek MT6589- CPU- Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7- GPU-PowerVR SGX544..

  14. Hi,

    So I followed your video on gaining root access on my razr maxx XT912 & it seems to have worked. One thing that stood out to me was your system version says 98.72.16.XT912 & mine says 98.72.165.XT912. Does this matter? Is it because I’m about a year late on doing this?

    At this point, if I’m understanding this right, I need to install a recovery system, right? What’s the best one to install? You speak a lot about safestrap, but I’ve heard of clockworkmod & cyanogenmod too. Is there one that’s better than another, or is safestrap specifically designed for my particular phone?


  15. Hello. I have lg g2 f320s that i buy last month. The problem is my network always turn gprs ‘G’ and the network has lost if i turn to wcdma only..i think its KitKat problem. My phone running 4.4.2 . I has root my lg g2 and now idont know how to downgradre it to jb. If have another method to fix this problem please help me. Because iam sick of this problem.hope that has someone can help me to downgrade. I also have wifi problem. I from malaysia. Thank u.

  16. Hi Tom,
    I love your instruction videos. I have just rooted an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 after the latest 4.4.4 Kitkat OTA. I wanted to install safestrap and was following your instructions. SU and Busybox installed successfully. The “setenforce 0” command does not change to “permissive”, it stays on enforced. I tried everything I could find. I just though you might have an idea. Thanks Jim

  17. Great site. I love the clean organization. And, the name rootjunky is perfect. Easy to remember, fun, and accurately conveys your passion.

    Gotta a question for you: I’m using a Nexus 5 and 9 with stock Android Lollipop. Really enjoying them both. I also have an LG-V410 (that AT&T gave me on a promotion) that’s horrible. It’s been sitting in its box for a month because I can’t stand the UI. Is there a Cyanogenmod (or any other that would feel closer to Lollipop) that I could use?


  18. Hey rootjunky.com!
    I love your videos.I want to ask that is that compulsory to unlock the bootloader for tegra note 7 to add/install shaky156 kernel and overclock the cpu or it will work if i root it and install twrp recovery on it and flash the kernel.Sorry for wrong english and if i asked any stupid question.Please can you send me a screen shot on Antutu benchmark score after overclocking the cpu and gpu of tegra note 7 Plzzzzz!!!!My gmail is shazaib844@gmail.com

  19. Hey rootjunky.com

    I have a htc one m8 and i’ve done everything but the s-off. since mines is too updated, nothing works for it. not even that sunshine app. so i’ve unrooted but i want to take off TWRP and go back to stock so i can get the OTA lollipop update. how can i do that?

  20. Hi there. I really appreciate and adore your videos on the galaxy tabpro 8.4 but I only stumbled across them after making a stjupoid mistake

    I have flashed twrp recovery and not made a backup of the original recovery.IMG or the zip file. Now I need to make an ota update but I need stock recovery so I’m assuming that you guys have backed up the recovery.IMG or the flashable zip through Odin.

    My current aadroid version is 4.4.2

    Please help me out.

    Thank you very much

  21. Followed your video and have unlocked via sunshine, rooted and with TWRP on droid ultra with 4.4. Tried to take ota to get to 4.4.4. Flashed back recovery and uninsulated exposed. Ota downloads but fails to install. Goes into reboot cycle. Have to wipe cache to stop. Any ideas

      • Seems that most are bugging. I really don’t remember removing any apps. Just froze. What is best way to make sure all system apps are installed. Thanks. Love your website

  22. rootjunky, i really need your help. please help me. please :'(

    1. What device you are on.
    samsung galaxy tab s3 model SM-T211
    2. What android version you are running.
    jellybean 4.4.2
    3. What custom rom or stock rom / build number you are on.
    what is that?
    4. What you have done to the device.
    i tried to root it and it so happened i softbricked it and on few days i attempt to fix it using the video from yours as my guide but it so happened again that it was fully hardbrick because of carelessness. i cannot turn on nor charge my tab.:( bdw i already have back up my files
    5. What recovery system you are using.
    -i dnt know, what is that?

    can you state solutions to solve this problem? my mother wil kill me if she would know what i did 2 my tab. if the information wasnt enough for you to fully help me to fix and unbrick this hardbricked tab, u can ask further question. please i really need ur help.. please help me rootjunky. please :((((( thank u so much

    reply asap rootjunky :((((

  23. sir please help me with the custom rom which is not installing in my Intex Aqua n2 phone.
    please give me step by step process to install any custom rom in my device.

  24. Is it possible to make a updated video for htc one m8 verizon. Since sunshine and weaksauce 2 are working now, how can you achieve permanent root? Tried multiple twrp and cw recovery but every time I can’t seem to get it right. I see earlier videos not sure how up to date they are. Thank you.

  25. Hello Wizards of Android, ever done a hard reset for a G Slate LGV909DW for a forgotten password? Following the usual protocol: powering off, then holding either volume down, up or both along with power button doesn’t give results. #ataroadblockrightaboutnow. THANKS in advance for any solution anyone can offer

  26. I have a Verizon Galaxy SCH 1545 running Android 4.4.2 – Baseband 1545VRUFNK1 Kernal 3.4.0 I am trying to root the phone. If I connect the phone to my Computer through USB, no problem; the computer see the phone. If I put the phone into downloading, the computer does not recognize it. I get the sound USB makes and Odin see it, but the computer does not and if I try to flash the old Kernal, it fails. If I pull the USB is sounds and Odin shows it as Removed. I have tried different cables and ports. Please help.

  27. Hi, just thank you, I did root my Moto Droid Ultra 4.4.4, 24.3.7 (from SU6-7.3 to SU6-7.2 now a SU6-7)
    😀 (I still can’t believe it, you`re such a genius)
    But the bootloader is still locked, plus my device does not recognize the sim card.

    And I just saw it now, the IMEI SV is 00 and before I was able to digit *#06# and get the IMEI number but now I can’t. And I can`t find the IMEI in some lists (to check if it is blacklisted or not, last time it wasn`t) is it normal?

    Maybe I could downgrade it from 4.4.4 to 4.4 or 4.4.2? is it possible?

  28. Just bought the Amazon Fire 2015 – 7 inch and tried to install the google play store app per your video on rootjunkysdl. Was able to download files for Fire 5th generation and unzip, enabled ADB debugging, linked computer to the Fire and started batch file. Found the USB driver in the rootjunky downloaded files that it asked me to locate. It began to install but got error message saying windows found the driver software for the device but encountered an error while trying to install…”Android Composite ADP interface”..the hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file.

    Any ideas what is going on? Thanks

  29. I tried to root my Amazon Fire TV which I purchased recently. I did everything just like you said but when I went to launch towelroot, it froze and did not reboot. I’ve tried uninstalling towelroot and supersu but still won’t work.Any ideas? Thanks.

  30. Thanks for the great work! I’m new to this kind of stuff and had a question that I’m struggling to get answered with any kind of customer service. When I was living in Kenya, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Model number: GT-P7500; Build Number: HTJ85B P7500XWKL1). It was having some serious issues and I was recommended to Factory Reset the device. This issue is that I can’t update any of the software or firmware. I can’t download or update any Play Store Apps. After working through every troubleshoot I could find, and that the play store people walked me through – the only thing they said was to call the Kenya Samsung branch.

    All that to say, is there any way to just get past all this stuff and maybe run something else on the device?

  31. @RootJunky….. First, thank you for responding. I guess I should of wrote an updated comment. I wrote the last comments as soonà as I visited the page. I then started reading a lot of what you have written, watched some videos, etc. So, I know much more than when I first visited your site. And, I certainly appreciate the time you must spend keeping this site up and running, responding to questions, researching, testing and learning new devices, etc. So, I understand why you responded to my question by basically saying, “goto my home page and start reading”. And, it made laugh because I could picture you thinking, this guy has all this info. on this site and he’s really asking, what is Rooting? I apologize. I should of done some research and reading instead of immqediately posting those questions.
    So, I’ve answered most of my own questions. I have a couple of questions that are more specific than the ” goto the home page and start reading” level. I have a Droid Turbo 2. It runs great. If you were using the Droid 2 as your everyday phone and knowing all you know, what would you change, if anything, through adding and/or subtracting, to make the phone “better” or more to your liking? Also, are there any specifics roots, etc. that you would suggest anyone with a Droid Turbo 2 look into other, than the ones you spoke about in your answer to the previous question?
    I am interested in customizing my D.T.2 but I am not sure of the best available options nor do I trust myself making changes to the OS, etc. I don’t want to end up with a phone that looks great and is customized exactly to my liking but now runs like shit.
    RootJunky, I understand that I’m not as advanced as most people who ask questions and/or visit your site, however, I am very intelligent and I learn fast……I just need some advice and direction and I feel as if I could learn enough to not have to “bother” you with lower level questions.
    If you would take some time helping me, I would certainly appreciate it. I promise you that you are not dealing with a knucklehead.
    Thanks in advance and, once again, thank you for all the time you sacrifice to help others. Last, I am willing to donate to help with the costs of everything.

  32. Hello,

    I used your Method to Root my Motorola Droid Maxx 4.4.4 SU-6-7.3, Which is being shown on Youtube.

    Exact i did what is mentioned in Video, After successful BLBROKE Command, When Tried to RUN ROOT, It showed the Error that User Pyserial 2.6, & Link is given to Download Pyserial 2.6, but 2.6 Version is not available on Python Website.

    I Downloaded Pyserial 2.6-64 BIT from some website, But still its Showing same error.

    Now my Handset is not Working at all. Also after pressing Power Button & Volume Down handset is not Responding at all.

    Please Guide Urgently.


  33. I saw a video of yours about factory reset and pushed the on button and vol down the Amazon Fire came up in fast boot mode and then locked up. Now it won’t respond at all and stays showing “=>FASTBOOT mode…” and just ???

    Is there a way to unscew this?

  34. I just noticed I misspelled my e-mail address in the previous comment. Fixed it in this comment.

    I copy the previous comment.
    I should mention that I did not activate the developers adb thingy ’cause you didn’t mention that in the video I saw.
    I saw a video of yours about factory reset and pushed the on button and vol down the Amazon Fire 5 Gen came up in fast boot mode and then locked up. Now it won’t respond at all and stays showing “=>FASTBOOT mode…” and just ???

    Is there a way to unscew this?

  35. Disregard previous posts. I asked goggle and got the Kindel discussions on Amazon and found that you have to hold the power button down for 20 seconds then it shuts down and you can reboot normally. I’ll set the adb thingy now and follow your instructions on rooting the device.

    I don’t know why they don’t put a pdf of UnScrewing FAQ’s on the web instead letting people get frustrated?

    Now that I have a android, that actually works I’ll be watching this site closely.

  36. Hi ya RootJunky, I have a question concerning your “Published on Apr 11, 2013 . . How to Unlock motorola Bootloader on the Droid Razr HD, Razr M, & Atrix HD”
    I have a Razr M – XT907 running Android version 4.4.2 . System version; 183.46.15.XT907.Verizon.en.US
    I get the “daemon started successfully” on the “run.bat” file. It hangs there.
    Is motopocalypse supposed to run on this device?

  37. Thank you very much for the settings shortcut apk tool. Used it to bypass FRP on samsung galaxy grand prime. It was a life saver.

  38. I just bought a used note edge and I did a hard factory reset. Now I’m stuck on the Samsung account page telling me there was a abnormal factory reset and to enter the original owners email and password which I do not have. How do I get around this?

  39. Hey rootjunky what’s the best root for a tmobile note 5, also am I the only one not totally blown away by this device..and my last phone was a mega 2 no less lol

  40. Can you send me a stock galaxy mega 2 sm-g750a rom. My phone is stuck on “system software not authorized by verizon wireless” screen. Even though it is an att phone. Thank you

  41. Hey Rootjunky,
    so i lost root on a couple of kindle fire 5th gens. Im guessing i didnt get the block ota’s right when i rooted. I thought i had them blocked but today 2 of the 6 kindles i rooted got ota 5.1.2 update and broke root. I know its alot of work for you but im using these for work and hope we can get a root for 5.1.2. Thank you and the supertool is an amazing thing!!!:)

  42. Having a problem with my lg g stylus. It is stuck in Google account recovery after a factory reset. Watched your video but im stuck at vision because I can not access the setting option it keeps saying settings are disabled please help

  43. I’m probably going to have to use a OTG or another computer but I’m trying to avoid that. Have Samsung j1 ace by Tmobl. . I forgot my character password so at the logo screen when Samsung pops up my message in Little red letters reads custom binary blocked frp lock… similar to that. Any advise? I’ll take it to the tmobl if I gotta.Also aren’t there any override codes like unlock codes for idiots?

  44. I can’t find the application of settings on ur website I have followed all the steps up gave but am stop at the level of the apps can’t see it

  45. Hey,
    I think you are AWESOME and thank you for everything you do !
    I was watching an older video of yours regarding setting up free incoming and out going calls as well as text messages. You used Hang Outs, Hang Outs Dialer and Google Voice. The video sent me to your web site for all of the directions but I can’t seem to find them, I know it is an old video but can you please help me with this, I am so tired of sending so much money to the ISPers and even though I have always faithfully sent in my monthly payments, I am late once and they shut me off. I have a Samsung S4
    Thank you

  46. Man, please help me…

    I am stuck in fastboot mode . and when I press power up option an error occur…

    Saying that failed to validate system IMG

    Device : Moto g 2nd gen (XT1068)

    Marshmallow, Android 6.0

  47. I watched the two videos on how to bypass the Google account recovery lock on my Galaxy Note 5. I tried BOTH methods and neither worked. I downloaded the file to a flash drive and used that OSG cable to plug it into the phone but nothing happened. I also tried the method where you turn off the wi-fi real quick and set a screen lock to access the camera then download the file directly. Only problem is, on my phone there is no camera on my screen lock page. I was able to set the screen lock but I have no camera icon to get into the download.

  48. Can you send me a stock galaxy mega 2 sm-g750a rom. My phone is stuck on “system software not authorized by verizon wireless” screen. Even though it is an att phone. Thank you.. I used King Root and when I restarted my Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Sm G750A I got this message “system software not authorized by verizon wireless” screen. Please help me

  49. my wife bought me a tablet for our anniversary but she didn’t know she needed to have the guy remove his google account. is there any way you know of to bypass on Alcatel one touch pixi 3 tablet?

  50. Hey, my fire 5th gen was acting a little crazy so I factory reset it. While it factory reset I put it to charge and it upgraded to fire is 5.1.2. Is it possible to downgrade. I downloaded your recent root file and the root failed. What do I do?

  51. Could you please make a video on how to unlock the Verizon Samsung galaxy s5 bootloader please there is a thread on xda but it is very schecy and hard to understand I try ed asking for someone on there to make a video on how to do it and try ed to explain to everyone can do it by reading how to do it I would be very appreciated if you would make a video on how to do the bootloader unlock

  52. Hi Rootjunky,
    I recently atempted to root a kindle fire, not sure what generation the system was 4.0.3_10.5.1. I used your Amazonfire 5th Gen Supertool all seemed to work up to the point of installing supersu and removeing kingroot.
    I am using a linux system (mint).
    supersu started to install then said it needed to update and couldn’t with message install failed. Icon was on desktop but orange in color pressing only took you through same failure again.
    Should I unzip the supersu-v2.46.zip inside the Amazonfire5thGenSupertool/apps directory, perhaps.
    Googleplay went on but gooleservices kept shutting down could not logon.(did this after atempted root)
    Did a reset so all gone now. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

    Great work by the way thanks for your efforts,
    All the best

  53. Hi rootjunkie. I have watched your videos on youtube and successfully unbricked and rooted my Lenovo K3 – thanks! I then tried to install a custom ROM as per your instructions and when I try to install the zip via CWM I get the message ‘opening package’ and then am taken straight back to the main menu of CWM? I have tried a few different ROM’S and same problem! If anyone could help it would be appreciated. Thank you

  54. Hi !

    First, i would like to tell that you do a great job helping others. Thank you !

    I’m trying to bypass google protection on the LG G5 without any results.
    Do you have a solution yet ?
    Thank you again !

  55. Hello
    I have 2 nexus devices and no wifi connection,strange because my internet is strong,I have nexus 9 and nexus 6p ,both hve the same problems,cant detect any wifi signal,can you help me,thank you and more power!!!!!

  56. Hello rootjunky, ive watched almost all your videos on frp bypass for android and i believe there is a new security patch. The first problem i had was getting to the files after i downloaded your apk (dual window isnt opening). When i found my way to files i needed to allow unknown sources, which is now grayed out. Im using an up to date LG stylo. Any tips would help, thanks!

  57. Question: I just got a Kindle Fire 5th gen with Fire OS 5.1.4. I used your SuperTool to root it but I would like to change the ROM. I notice your SuperTool has an option to boot to a TWRP recovery but only if the Fire OS is at 5.0.1. I’ve found the firmware file to downgrade the OS to 5.0.1 but I don’t know how to flash it. Could you tell me how?

  58. I recently bought another turbo (xt1254) and it has the latest update. I’ve been working hard to downgrade it by flashing stock firmware (batch) But keep coming up empty handed, and I tried rsd lite, it keeps saying “incorrect XML file” or something like that. Everything has been a dead end. I have one last idea, and that’s Verizon software assistance. But before I run the repair, will it actually reinstall the original stock firmware, or will it just reinstall su4tl-49?

  59. Hey I’d like to start by saying I’m a huge fan, your a tech wizard. Now onto my problem I have a Sprint Samsung S7 Edge I bought second hand to use with AT&T but I’ve hit two major roadblocks the first is the FRP slash Google lock I’ve tried your hack over and over and still can’t get past it second once I get past it how do I convert it so it can be used with any carrier please help I’m desperate. I don’t want to explain to my husband why I spent $300 on a phone I can use when I told him where there’s a will there’s a way.

  60. Hi Tom,

    I´m happy that I found your videos on youtube. Your site is geat!!!

    My problem was a mi note 3 pro with a softbrick. Your video helped me a lot!!!
    Now I want to install cm13 on the device. I have no official permission to unlock the bootloader. I saw a lot of videos and post on other sites and videos, but they are very differet and I dont know wich way I should try and wich will works.

    So, I believe in you!!!

    My question is: Do you have a descripion to unlook the bootloader of the rmn3pro for the unofficial way without mi permission?
    In advance, thanks a lot for your answer. You make a great job.


    • yeah i do now have that video but you just flash the right bootloader with miflash tool and reboot then you are unlocked its pretty easy. i guess i should make a video on it

  61. Hi Tom,

    thank you for your anwer.

    I got permission and unlocked the bootloader…

    What happend now. I flashed TWRP like your introduction in your video!!! It worked!!! I opened TWRP in fastboot with the console comando.
    But than after opening TWRP I had a softbrick. I don´t know why.
    EDL and fastboot works. Nothing more else…
    When I try to flash a fastboot rom,
    (your kenzo_global_images_V7.3.2.0.LHOMIDD_20160419.0000.19_5.1_global) the mi flash tool says, that it couldn´t find the data!?!?!?!?! The root is correct…

    Do you have a idea to save the mi?

    What should I do?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    Greetings deadpool

  62. Hi Tom, me again,

    when I start the edl mode, I can´t see the device. I can see it in fastboot under miflash. When I start edl, it goes away. Shit…


  63. Hi Tom,

    I am having problem with my amazon kindle fire 5th gen (running on fire os 5.1.1). I tried to root it by your shell script on windows but it wasn’t a success.. Thus I tried Kingroot and got partial success in rooting my device.

    But after some time it started to restart abruptly and I was now unable to factory reset it. At present it is not turning on. I can also not open android bootloader. It stucks on ‘amazon’ when I try to open bootloader. It continues to say ‘optimizing system and storage…’ stuff when I try to turn it on. The bar of ‘optimizing…’ progresses but continues to loop again and again on the same screen. Please help.

    Thank you,

  64. Finally found a bypass for lg ls770zv8 stylo with the 4/1/16 security patch. After trying everything on the internet I just kept playing with and trying everything. It’s similar to your stylo 2 bypass. It’s really simple, no otg, no pc, no wifi. In fact you might need to have the wifi off to do it. Here goes. Go to accessibility settings, motor cognition, touch assist, turn it on, then tap it, then hold down the home button it then tries to go on the internet and then says no connection, now go to the upper right corner and tap the box with the three lines go down and tap reset phone data it then reboots in setup wizard. Finish setup and boom frp bypassed.

  65. Help! I’ve been trying to use your tools on my Amazon Kindle Fire, and I can’t get them to work. I have Fire OS 5.1.4, and I’ve been trying to downgrade to 5.1.2, since nothing (installing Google Play, rooting, etc.) works on 5.1.4. I got the ADB drivers installed, and tried running the downgrade script, but as soon as I get the Fire set to receive an ADB sideload, it no longer shows up on the ADB devices on my computer. As soon as I reboot the Fire to the normal screen, it shows up again as an ADB device, but again, when I get to the ADB sideload screen, it disappears from my computer’s ADB devices. Any suggestions about how I can get this to work? Thanks.

  66. A follow-up question: since the “Block OTA updates” option didn’t work, either, the system seems to have been updated to Fire OS since my first question. Now the “firmware downgrade” batch file doesn’t even seem to get to the “ADB sideload” options start-up screen. Has Amazon modified this thing to where none of your scripts work on it, now, or is there still any way to get it modified to be more usable? Please respond to this and let me know if anything can still be done with this? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  67. Hi, Rootjucky. Can you show me how to bypass Andrio Reset Protection on Oukitel C2? I used the ways you showed on Samsung,LG…, but I could not pass it. So, I hope you could help me…. Thank you advanced.

  68. Hi, Rootjunky. Can you show me how to bypass Andrio Reset Protection on Oukitel C2? I used the ways you showed on Samsung,LG…, but I could not pass it. So, I hope you could help me…. Thank you advanced.

  69. RootJunky, thanks so much for all your efforts. I have successfully rooted with King then with your program switched it to Super SU. I did this on 5 devices that I bought on Primeday. These are gifts for kids. However, when I install FlashFire, it opens for one sec and closes down on all devices. I am want g to install the Nexus rom like you do in your video. Amy help is MUCH appreciated in getting FlashFire towork!

    Thanks again!

  70. Your videos are awesome!!!!! And I need your help! I have a LG vista v880. That is requesting a n email and password that was previously synced to the device. I’ve tried some of the thgs I’ve seen in your videos but #1 it doesn’t give the “accessibility” option. #2 I don’t have the settings option when my keyboard comes up. The phone is active. I can even receive calls! But I can’t do anythg else. I tried the phone call thing too but it doesn’t give me the option to add a line. Please help me!

  71. Hi Likewise great videos. My problem your help requested. I ha the original note not note 1 but SGH-I717
    1. i only have volume and power button 1a: i am however able to press said buttons, however when volume up volume down screen comes up the phone seems to not respond in either direction or i feel the vibration of restart, other than the brief flash of the volume up or down screen.i have not been able to get to ” firmware upgrade and initialization” Kies asking for model no and s/n not IMEI have given both neither number accepted your help would be greatly appreciated in need this phone to last me until the end of the year. also i saw something about the downloading of Odin it seems there are many versions
    i downloaded this dont really know where to go from here

    thanks a million


  72. Hi,
    tried to bypass FRP on a Samsung Galaxy On5 I found recently. Used OTG and your apk-file “Samsung Bypass Google Verify – HardReset” on a flsh-drive, but nothing happened. Any idea why or solution would be very appreciated.

  73. Correction:
    Sorry, did not use “Samsung Bypass Google Verify – HardReset” ! Actually used the apk-file com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0

  74. So u say don’t use the Samsung bypass use apk file etc.. Do i download that to my computer n upload it to my phone? I need help figuring out how to do this thank u.

  75. great work @rootjunky awsome website
    but is there a solution for samsung phone with no service(network)
    something like repairing the imei
    thanks in advance

  76. Hallo

    I am in need of desperate help please please. I have installed and paid license fee for “thetruthspy” on the 28th November. It did all the installation requirements and account activations. The target device is activated on the manager account, but since from installation and activation the data logs doesn’t want to sync. I have a premium package which should allow me access to 90% features but the only features like WhatsApp history and Map Location history I’m really interested in to monitor (that is included in my package) doesn’t want to sync logs. The only features that does sync is contact history, sms history and browsing history . Non of the other features. The fact that the some basic features do sync means that things is working on the monitor site. The site says that data should log within 3 days if not rooted, but there are no activity on the “the last time updated” (data uploaded) it gives no indication that the things are connecting after installation and activation. The only reason why I have data log sync history on that basic 3 features mentioned above is because it uploaded / updated / sync only once and that’s when I installed the app on the target device. I uninstalled and reinstalled the App to see if things change and only once again the data sync. Ever since nothing. I changed the settings on the site monitor manager to update logs every 15 min and also nothing updates. The site self says that rooting is faster to have access to the device data logs: I got root access once and went on the app from the device itself with the hope that the data will sync but nothing did and nothing changed. When I was logged into the account from the target with root access the site said “device do not have root access” even when I did have root. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or it has to do with unlocking the bootloader. I’m going to be honest, I’m really not good with this sort of stuff. I am an accountant and has no knowledge on how to do these type of “hacking”. I so desperate for help I will give you my teamviewer logins and all the information you need to help me with this situation? This app “thetruthspy” cost me a few bucks which I couldn’t actually afford to spend, but I need answers quickly.
    I tried many many to contact the providers andgot no reply from them till today. I’m actually thinking of demanding my money back as guaranteed since I still don’t have any satisfactory and service. Please any help and advice would be most appreciated. You have my e-mail details. Please e-mail me or inform me in such so it could not affect your privacy as well. I can see that you dont publish any contact details , so I dont know how you want to do this? But please I am very deperate here.

    Many thanks.

  77. I recently got a Verizon galaxy s7 and it was frp locked. I have tried everything to bypass it with no luck. Now when I turn it on it wont even connect to wifi. What is going on?

  78. Hey Rootjunky, need help bad. Please help, I have a Samsung S6. Model. SM-G920A. Have watched most of your uploads. Smart Switch is not fixing, nor is Kies. Odin will not work for me because Samsung will not give me my software. they say for security reasons. WTF? I AM missing something I know. Please Help?!?!

  79. I’m really not as dumb as it may appear. Just haven’t been able to figure out how to contact you. Now I see this leave a comment has a place for email and it’s on the “HOME” tab. So that must be what I’ve been missing. Here goes (for the third time … I do hope the others just have gone away and I’m not clogging up your online work space).

    So, I have a nice Amazon Fire HD 7″ 5th Gen tablet. I tried to install (using your wonderful SuperTool) CM-12.1 + Gapps (I think std pkg, but I don’t recall; doesn’t matter now) and got into a Cyanogen Boot Loop which kept flashing the startup screen, but never ever started up. I probably had the wrong version of Amazon. You see, when I would tap the version tab (as per XDA and yours too, I think, instructions) it would just go back to the prior screen. Couldn’t find any other way to determine the version, so I went ahead anyway and ended up, as described above, semi-bricked.

    In the end I did a sideload (now using Minimal ADB & Fastboot support on my PC) and installed the latest Amazon upgrade ( It worked; the tablet works; it’s the same annoying “Amazon owns you!” environment … and I’d still like to get to CM.

    Now, I read all the XDA warnings about downgrading the system. But I don’t understand. If I had CM on the system (not operational, I know) and was able to sideload the latest upgrade, why couldn’t I play the same game again, only sideload a prior Amazon version? Then I’d certainly know the version (if it sideloaded) and could proceed with your system. Does this make sense?

    By the bye, I watched some of your Youtubes on how to communicate with you. I can only say I think you’re a fun guy (I the videos show that) and wonderfully helpful (all your work shows that!). Thank you.

  80. Hey RootJunky..huge fan follow your work a lot and I run a side business here in Canada..People in the “hackers” community as they say (SMH) have come to know me as On-The-Go Andy..OTG Andy (andy short for Android)..anyhoo…I’ve come across a Pixel XL with Dec 5 Sec Patch…I’ve done last months same way you’ve done it with great success..now I’ve heard Dec Patch is harder..my question is What’s the method for Dec’s and Jan’s?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. BTW..I’m looking forward to updating my lil one man show OTG Andy company to IPhones as well so im looking forward to buying and learning iOS platforms from you and your partners site PhonLabs..Thanks RootJunky…your the man cool guy!

  81. Have tried all the latest hacks for removing or bypassing frp lockout on samsung galaxy s7…………nothing works.

    Extremely disappointed.

  82. When can we expect a root for Amazon Fire 5th Gen
    I’ve disconnected my Wifi so it won’t auto-update anymore and haven’t tried downgrading the OS as I’ve seen that a lot of people are bricking theirs after launched.

    I appreciate that you probably have other things on your to do list I was just wondering xD

    Many thanks!

  83. hello, I have a metro pcs samsung galaxy core prime that is frp locked and have tried some of your tricks and some other ones from other sites and no go on any. i even bought an otg flashdrive, cannot get the apk file to the phone. fyi i am tech savy. Please help

  84. Run the process for a Fire 5 – “Firmware-Downgrade-to-Fire-OS-5.1.2-Supertool”, but then the last reboot the screen goes black and does not load anything.

  85. Dear Rootjunky,
    I would like to ask you about a tutorial you did: How to pull your own stock Android firmware from your device
    I saw it and tried to do it on my xperia XA F3111. But I stuck on Android_Device_System_Information.zip.
    I do not have recovery partition- I dont know how it is possible. I received an error: /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/: No such file or directory
    so I edited this tool and changed path to by-name folder to /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/11230000.msdc0/by-name/
    and I stuck on error: /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/11230000.msdc0/by-name/: Permission denied
    I think I changed chmod to it but I dont know maybe I didnt do it correcly by
    this error persisted:
    /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/11230000.msdc0/by-name/: Permission denied
    so I tried parted to list partitions but I dont have a recovery oartition in it.
    Please advise or can we do it together I mean a tutorial How to pull your own stock Android firmware from mine/your device Xperia XA F3111 ?
    best regards,

  86. Hello! I have a Samsung Galaxy J3(6). I have tried everything to bypass the frp. The phone runs a 5.1.1. I can work my way into the settings relatively easily. I follow the steps and then reboot my phone and ,much to my disdain, I see the dreaded “enter the google account associated with this phone. Do you have any ideas that may help me, please? Thank you for your time and take care!

  87. Hey rootjunky I have a challenge you might be up for!!! Ok well you did the universal frp bypass video and it seems to be one of the only ones working now since most others samsung has figured out how to block them as well. So the frp on my s7. Has been tripped and even after wiping all the !!dand wiping all data as soon as I boot it up notification pops up “unauthorised factory reset has been preformed connect to Wi-Fi or data and verify identity” then I try you turn WiFi off after the looking for data updates.. After this ”part is where you skip a bunch of stuff but with mine it goes straight back to try again. Please help me out i am a very fast learner and also want to learn how to have root or write my own firmware. Hit me back if possible brother keolaw925 at g mail dot com
    Nine to five nine for ate six sven nine six

  88. Hey Amanda so you said you’re able to get to the settings ? If so did you download the file explorer and the sign in through browser downloads in the play store opened in the browser? Hit me back i might be Able to help.

  89. I have a blu selfie lte that had the factory rest done I cant access the google account or password I hope you can help me figure out how to bypass the account recovery I have tried every thing I have found online but nothing seems to work

  90. I have an Lg K3 from us cellular that I bought online and don’t know previous owner Google info. How do I bypass the verification??

  91. Hi I just rooted my T-Mobile s8 plus with your tutorial. And now the phone wont charge more than 80%. How can I fix this?

  92. Hey. Rootjunky im having a problem im doing your samsung frp from my pc and realtime i have a s6 edge plus i completed all the steps to where i get to qhere u have to punch in your first command i typed it in and where it is suppose to show up like in your video it jist remains black i get nothing i made sure to do the half. Duplex can u give me any advice

  93. Hi Everyone, I have a Droid Turbo that seems to be totally bricked. The screen will not turn on at all. However when I plug the phone into my computer it connects and loads device under Ports (Windows 7). The device name is “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM4) in the device manager. I came across the tutorial at the following link, however the software they recommend using is no where to be found (TURBO-UNBRICK).

    Link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/droid-turbo/general/turbo-unbrick-t3139811

    Does any have any suggestions for how I can unbrick my phone since I can’t access the screen?


  94. U have to first.
    1go to htcden.con/ unlock bootloader
    Log in and fallow the syeeps.
    If done corectly your bootloader is now unlocked.
    Using your browser
    Serch for Win androidtoolkit
    Download/ run aplacation
    Xonect tour htc and……
    There you go.

  95. hey rootjunky, I have a hard bricked s7edge which I accidentally Flash the wrong firmware to I clicked the wrong file on my computer. It is only showing a reboot bootloader blue sentence for a split second and then turning off again no download mode note charging sign completely dead. I came across a list of ADB Commands which you can unbrick with however I was wondering if you could direct me to set commands or give me a how to guide to unbrick so I can save three weeks time from sending to Samsung.

    g935V device

  96. Hello rootjunky
    im trying to re-set a Samsung Galaxy as per your youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzywoFS_r9U
    but when i get to the stage where there should be a camera icon at the bottom of the locked screen there is none.
    i unlock with the PIN (i didnt do a pattern in case this is why?) and i get back to the same problem all over again.
    Can you help me please?
    regards Bill Purdom
    please email me if possible at bill@salixmechacnial.com

  97. I tried to temp root my N910V Note 4 with Android 6.0.1 and it fails every time. I even tried the
    Windows version and no luck. Can you please assist me?

  98. Hello there. I bought a lg k20 plus mp260. I have looked everywhere to get the bypass frp. I gave tried every combination of keys and such. One thing there is no option to assist once I highlight a word and push the three little dots and second the switch access dies not work either. Is there anything you know of that can help me. This device has become an enigma that I need to beat. Thank you

  99. Hello Root Junky,

    I really need help with my Nexus 6p. It is bootlocked and it is in a Bootloop. I have down loaded adb file but can’t get it to work. I do everything you mention but then when I go to test the devise, it says the adb file is not recognized. What am I doing wrong here. How do I get the adb file to work. Can you please help me.

  100. Hi there, Im using a LG G4 6.0 Marshmallow running on security patch 2016 11 01

    Ive tried over 6 methods now on youtube that didnt require a download, none have worked with my version. most of them want me to disable setupwizard which is greyed out and not possible for me.

    I want to try your option but wanting to ask you first if it will work with the phone im working with.

  101. so i have a htc m 10 and it was running a download and the went in to the screen that sayes software status modified
    securtiy warning
    and it will not let me do anything do get pasted this screen is there any thing that will help me get pasted this part so my phone will work

  102. can you help me unlock the Google sign in. it’s been reset and says need original owner account but I don’t know what my son had and he’s passed away so I can’t ask. it’s the Huawei Ascend 5w.
    Thank you

  103. Rootjunky you rock. Right up there with Maserati !!!!! Thank you. You are a Android GOD !!!!! Keep up the excellent work I follow you on XDS and Android Central. All Hale The Rootjunky

  104. Have J3prime and all sites say tap the three icons symbol but the keyboard is different on prime so I’m still stuck on Google verification !!! I guess lesson learned not buying shyt online ever again derrrrrr !!!

  105. Hi, watched your video because I’ve the same problem with my Samsung Tabs2 on 7.0.0 android nougat. But Ican’t find the recovery code anywere, if I want it to do the same way as you do in the video nothing appears. Only thedownloading page shows up in Odin mode.When I use the smart switch for pc ( downloaded from a android tech side)it says device isn’t recognized, failed to connect he device. Also the samsung side that you show on the video, I can’t find it anywere! I’ve tried everything and in the same way as you showed, but nothing works and I am getting crazy because my tab isn’t working anymore…… So Please…… help me with my hugh problem….. thanks! Regards Pauline

  106. Hello
    I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 and I’m currently using rootjuckysld frp to bypass the lock and open my phone, my only issue is my computer won’t recognize my phone so I’m doing so.. I can’t find what com I’m running and realterm wont work.
    Can you help me please

  107. I have a Note 8 that I bought off a friend. Now I’m stuck cause it’s AT&T and I’m wanting to switch it to Straighttalk. When I put my sim in it I get a popup for sim unlock pin… idk what to do please help if you can

  108. I recently bought a Galaxy s8 plus from a woman whose husband had just passed away. The problem is that she has no idea what to enter to unlock the phone. I now have a phone I cannot use at all after spending all that money. I do not understand your videos enough to unlock this and put it in a “first time start up” condition. Would you consider letting me mail the phone to you and if so how much would you charge?

  109. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro or Galaxy J3 POP. I can’t find anything to help me Root this device. Is it even possible for this phone to be Rooted?

  110. Hi, first of all thank you very much, great work and looking forward to try it. Basically I want to flash lineage os 12 to be able to run wireless display. Can u tell me if this option is working on this Rom?
    Thanks again
    PS. It is about fire 5th gen.

  111. My note 5 will not connect to labtop iv tried 3 labtops and it doesnt recognize it its frp locked cant get talk back to come up either any suggestions

  112. I have a Alcatel one touch phone and I have rest it and now its stuck on the Google vert. Code page I’ve tried all the things I could to get by I’ve downloaded open the king root but I am still at that page so I am not sure how to do this it’s really mind blowing can you help plz

  113. Been a fan on the sidelines… Turning to you for direction and help.

    I would like direction on how to install Google Play Store (Android apps) on Neverwares Cloudready Home Edition. Looking for an to use novice tool.

    Any suggestions?

  114. Hi, I saw your video about setting up an android phone that does not have a sim card. How can I get a step by step written set of directions to use with the video? I am a little hard of hearing, in my 70″s and not real quick with this tech stuff. It would help if I could follow along with the video using the written instructions.


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