HTC Droid Incredible

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HTC Droid Incredible Tips
1. Learn how to restore you incredible to stock ginger bread before you start hacking the device. you will at some point brick it and need to know how to restore.
2. First thing to do when rooting and hacking is to unlock the boot loader. yes this void your warranty but who cares this phone is old LOL
3. Research research research, this is the only what you will keep from bricking the device. It is really important that you read all direction before hacking the devices and understand what it is telling you to do.
4. Have fun with this device and keep watching for more videos šŸ™‚
5. Two of the best Droid Incredible sites ever must check out.Ā Dinc

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9 thoughts on “HTC Droid Incredible

  1. Hai i’m use htc inc rooted but still in stock rom , how i want back to stock rom original from htc inc? I donlot from donlot page 180.54 mb it is stock rom ori and can flash from cwm? Tks agung

  2. REALLY would like new file links as the dinc does it site died years ago, and most of the threads on xda dev also have dead file links. šŸ™

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