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9 thoughts on “Motorola MotoReaper V5.0 FRP removal on the newest security patch levels

  1. Hello…rootjunky.
    i’m glad to access your site.
    i’m your number one fan.
    By using your method on How to bypass FRP lock.
    That day…i already realised that only Rootjunky Teams are the BEST AMONG OF ALL DEV.

    Dr.Fone? Hahaha fuck…
    RootJunky? HiTech….

    And one of my problem right now is that i cant grant root ….kingroot….kingoapp root….iroot…..framaroot…etc….and you know?
    only Samsung J110 G-ace(4.4.4)
    hard to root….i need the help of your Teams or (YOU) RootJunky.

    Thankyou…..i’m waiting for the respond

  2. Has MotoReaper 5 been tested on the Motorola C? It looks from mine that you can’t get into Factory Mode with the usual combination of Volume and Power keys.

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