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puzzle phone 2


Many of you have heard about Project Ara and even Phone Blocks. But have you seen this new company from Finland with there product PuzzlePhone. (picture above) This design is very much like Project Ara but with less moving parts.  It looks to me like it has 3 main Parts the battery, camera with other sensors and buttons then the main body plus screen. (check the Image below)  I personally can wait for these module devices to hit the market and see how well there are designed and if they live up to all the hype. Speaking of which the puzzlephone is set to be released some time this next year 2015 along with this release Project Ara is also set to launch some time mid 2015. I am officially claiming 2015 as the year of the Module smart phone. if you would like to read more about this cool new device then check out there web site HERE




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