Google Now competition Cortana and Hound beta

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Google Now competition Cortana and Hound beta

I am sure that all of you have used Google Now and its awesome search features and cards.  Recently two new android apps have come to market that match up very well against Google Now.  The First is from the creators of Sound Hound and is call Hound Beta – Voice Search+ and works really really well with a major focus on returning a voice based answer to your questions.  The Second app was just release a couple days ago or maybe leaked 🙂 its called Cortana and is created by Microsoft. Since Microsoft made Cortana of course it uses Bing as its search engine and normal comes with windows phones.



All three apps have a nice menu for customizing the cards that show up and your search results. In my experience Hound is great at answering long questions with many parameters while Cortana is much better at answering fun and simple questions like tell me a joke. 🙂 see below


So if you would like to try out a new voice search application then download these and check them out probably the best part about voice search apps is finding all the Easter Eggs hidden inside :-). Please let me know if you fine anything really funny or just plain awesome.


RootJunky out!!

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