One Awesome Android Accessory The NFC Ring

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One Awesome Android Accessory is the NFC Ring. If you own a NFC enabled device you can program the NFC chips in these rings to do many cool task for example Unlock your phone, launch a web site, start playing music, share your contact info, and so much more. When you link the NFC Ring with something like the Tasker App the possibilities are endless. These Rings come in the 3 styles shown above and in just about every size. I think the price point at 50 dollars is also fare. if you would like to check these out you can visit the site HEREAlso i would recommend searching on Amazon for NFC Rings if you don’t like the style of these 3 rings. I am planning on picking one of these rings up really soon and may do a review on it once i have it in hand. Please comment and let me know if any of you have tried a NFC Ring and how you liked it. 



I think I am getting this one V1NTAGE


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