Universal Samsung FRP Bypass

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Universal Samsung FRP Bypass

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Here are the steps to remove factory reset protection / Google previously synced account lock from your Samsung device.

  1. Download and install RealTerm program
  2. Download and copy com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk to the device micro sdcard or download once into the device
  3. start phone and connect to WIFI plug into the computer with your usb cable
  4. start RealTerm on your pc and under the box check the box HALF DUPLEX
  5. right click on my computer and select manage once it opens click device manager then modems
  6. Under modems you should see a Samsung device. right click it then select properties
  7. once the properties window opens select modem tab and see what port it is on com5 for an example
  8. windows and open RealTerm again
  9. under the ports tab in RealTerm enter your port number then click change.
  10. next click the send tab. you want to send two commands with the Send ASCII button
  11. first at + creg? \ r \ n
  12. then atd1234; \ r \ n
  13. look at your phone and the dailer wants to pop up.
  14. Know the success of your or failures. thanks

NOTE: If you do not have a SDcard and are getting the sparse ERROR in it file explorer then you can buy a OTG flash drive like this one and load the FRPbypass.apk to it from your computer. once plugged in navigate to it in file explorer and install the frp bypass app that way. So you can put this address into your ES file explorer app  https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24665542585483676

Alternative Samsung Frp bypass Method ( Unlockjunky )

Does your Samsung Have a Newer Security Patch? Don’t want to spend a life time figuring this out? We’d suggest checking out the Unlockjunky Team.

Their Team can FRP unlock any Samsung device in a matter of Minutes. 

FRP Unlock your device now.



If you are looking for more FRP Bypass methods make sure you check out Phonlab. All of my latest research on FRP is going to be exclussively on Phonlab along with Samsung Reactivation lock bypass and so much more. Check it out !!!!

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499 thoughts on “Universal Samsung FRP Bypass”

  1. I am using a Samsung J7 (J700P). I am not able to get the “ok” on real term and the dialer does not open. Any help would be sincerely appreciated! I got duped into buying an FRP locked phone….

    • Put the Sim card in the phone and repeat the steps from the beginning. My phone was giving me similar trouble b4 I put my Sim card in and tried this method.

      • Was having the same problem (Same phone J700P) until all of a sudden my screen will not turn on and voice assistant says “device options” when I press the power button???? What in the world is happening?? Will not boot into revovery mode either… Im stumped, please help??? Thanks

    • If you go back to port and press the open button to close it. Then press the open button to open it again. Now you can go back to send, press the send ascii button and it will give you the OK.
      It then dials 1234 and a window opens on the phone. Unfortunately then I get a recorded message from the operator telling me that customers aren’t allowed to use that number. Then she hangs up. the window closes and I’m back to where I started 🙁

      • if the phone/device rings hang up before the call ends and it should let you send message to number…. send google.com then click link

  2. The commands not working on note 5 Verizon
    I click on Half Duplex, Select the correct port, click on change, go to send copy past the commandos and made sure no spaces but the commands are not working please help. Thank you

  3. I am doing this on a5 2016 did all steps correctly but nothing happened i mean no dialer came on phone .please please help me . I will be thankful yo you. My phone on lollipop.please help me

  4. i did all step correctly all commands and all but still dialer is not coming on my phone.i am stuk on google verification. i am the owner of phone my but kept user name and password he forget. we reset it . please help me. my phone is a510fd on marshmallow official. in my phone recovery option is not coming. when i am trying to put my phone in recovery it goes automATICALLy INTO DOWNLOAD MODE.. I know way to bring in recovery but no recovery is in my pone please root junky help me. i will be very thankful to you.reply soon .waiting………………

  5. Dialer is not pop up. Plz reply rootjunky. What should i do. I did all correct. First i checked half duplex in display menu then change port every thing as you told. First command at+creg?\r\n after that ok crlf came then i gave second command atd1234;\r\n msg came atd1234; CRLF in green colour then second line is same but in yellow colour then crlf then clir:255crlf call id:1crlf ok crlf error crlf.all these please please help me rootjunky. And please reply.please requesting you

  6. I got to the Google Play Store, but I’m unable to download ES File Explorer. It doesn’t prompt me to enter in my samsung account information. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • I had the same problem. I had to use windows 8 or Windows 7 Laptop. For some reason it doesn’t work on my main PC that has Windows 10.

  7. I’m attempting to do this on the S6, however my computer doesn’t have a Modem tab in Device Manager. I’ve tried on another device, and it doesn’t even locate the phone in the modem tab. Help?

  8. So everything works up until I get to the dialer. I’m on the galaxy s5 g900t3 and there’s no scan business card option and it wont send you to a website if you type it under any of the contact info sections. Any help? Thank you

  9. Don’t keep sim in phone. Try it will work. Mine also work after too many tries. And try to call 911 instead of 1234 .in second command enter atd911;/r/n.

  10. Galaxy 3 express second command got error and no keyboard poped up exhausted all means wouldnt mind a stock rom please help

      • I am unable to parse error too. i have the Note 5 that does not have a SIM Card as suggested in your video. I am unable to find the parse error fix “at the bottom of this post”. Thanks.

        • i got over the parse error.
          i feel that i am closer now.
          i got the following error: “Unfortunately, FRP BYPASS HAS STOPPED.
          So frustrated.

          • Olivia i found the problem , you have to download > Google Account Manager 6.0.1. Then you can put it on your micro SD card. Instal first the Google account manager and then you can instal the bypass from Rootjunky. greating Richard

  11. I just want to confirm that this trick also work on samsung galaxy s7 edge SM-G935F, Android security patch july 1 2016 i also did not bother to remove sim card the trick was little different and easier to get to browser and don’t try to download ES file explorer from google simply go to samsung app store and create account and download it from there also send rp file via email download don’t go try rootjunky site you will get parse error. thanks Rootjunky 🙂

  12. Thanks, working on SM-G531HUBU0APE2, just have to do a workaround bcause In contact section there’s not “scan business card” so I used SideSync4 to get access to chrome/samsungapps/es file explorer/ com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk and voilà everything set up!

  13. Hi RJ,
    Awesome, it worked for my S7. You have saved me from owning a very expensive brick :-).
    Few notes:
    – If RealTerm complains that the port is not open, make sure that the Open button on the Port tab is clicked (as a default after installation it is not clicked).
    -If after entering the first command, nothing happens, keep enter the command, until you have responses in yellow. I probably entered more than 10 times.

    • I feel like I’ve sent the 1st command over 15 times but I don’t get anything in yellow.

      I’m not giving up 🙂

      Any other Ideas? I’ve tried severaly diff computers / cables / versions of RealTerm.

      I’m on a SPR S6 Edge+ w/ 6.0.1 FRP and Google locked

  14. I’m in RealTerm putting in the commands and I get an error that says. ie_NOpen – device not open. I double checked the port and I have the right number.

  15. Everything goes fine untill i want to install application of bypass gives error parsing application cant be install on galaxy s7

  16. It doesn´t work …
    I have Samsung s6 with 5.1.1
    And if i get to the point where i can click on Scan Buisness Card there is no button which for Scan Buisness card …..

    Can sombody help me
    I have Teamspeak 3 is more easier to speak over there

  17. Hi there, the command does nothing for me on the Note 5. No error or anything, just hanging there. Identified the port, changed it, half duplex is checked, and when sending the command nothing comes out of it.

  18. Im stuck at the realterm, first command ok but 2nd gives error CRLF

    +CREG: 0,3


    any ideas ?

  19. Ive got a Samsung J700P… I have tried following your directions and I guess either its not working on this pos or most likely I probably did something wrong… Im new to this stuff but am a fast learner… Any advice on bypassing FRP on this particular model??? I cant get shit to come up on the phone.. Not a dialer, and not any samsung apps icon…IDK… Please help me!!! What am I doing wrong??? ugh!!

  20. Thanks you’re an all-star , I’m trying the Galaxy S7 and can’t get a search bar after passing the Dialer , any clue???

  21. I had no “scan business cards” so here’s what I did.
    Follow the instructions to the part where you push “add contact” but instead push “messege”.
    Send a url to get to the browser.
    Close realterm and disconnect your phone.
    Download sidesync (http://www.samsung.com/us/sidesync/) on your computer, install and open the aplication.
    Reconnect your phone and it should prompt you to download the “SideSync app”
    From there just follow the instructions, search for the file browser etc.
    Hope it helps.

  22. I got a couldn’t sign in
    Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server . This could be a temporary problem or your android device may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call customer care after i typed in my g mail account

  23. I have successfully FRP bypassed my Note 5 (N920C) Android 6.0.1 with monthly security patches 1 August 2016.
    Very simple and easy just watched rootjunky’s Youtube video and performed the same procedure without a SD card or OTG USB/Cable.
    I am very thankful to rootjunky for this easy guide.

  24. hello root junky I can’t get this to work for me for the life of me I’ve tried restarting my computer,installing drivers again and among of others things from reading the comments on here but I enter the commands it just green crlf doesn’t say ok or nothing been trying for hours now but I did get a error when I tried to open real term about binary codes n something esle I can’t make it repeat it so I can give exactly what it says but said for me to try real term has anyone said anything bout that before? I know Android really well I was a RC on XDA made roms and kernel setting to get the most out of your battery on galaxy phones but this has stumped me here any help will be appreciated thanks

  25. The second code atd1234;\r\n is not work for my Galaxy Note 5 that showed ERROR which also haven’t any respond for my phone…How can I do…

  26. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Verizon)
    In realterm, neither “at+creg?\r\n” or “at1234;\r\n” returns no response, error, or confirmation. The phone appears to be connected as I get DCD, DSR, and Ring (blinking) green lights in realterm. When I try to send these commands, the TXD flashes yellow once very briefly.

    I’ve tried numerous times with each command and no luck.

    Any ideas?

  27. hello rootjunky. I also dont have scan business card. And what do you mean by “so just add a url to the contact then see if you get click it” ?

  28. Hi root junky,
    the first command workd well but, when i enter the 2nd one “atd1234;\r\n”, it returns “ERROR CRLF”.
    I have a Samsung J5 (no sim card inside).
    Thank you for your help 🙂 🙂

    • you have to make sure there is a sim card in the phone (I had the same issue until I inserted a SIM.)

      ANY SIM should work – I have an AT&T Note 5 that I am trying all of these methods on, and used my activated T-Mobile SIM.

  29. Just tried on an S7 international version with the August 2016 patch and get “Unfortunately, FRP Bypass has stopped” when I try to open the app after installing. Any ideas?

  30. Hi Root Junky,
    I’ve got a fun one, have a Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″. I can install/use file browser and run frpbypass-1.0.apk but it takes me to an empty settings screen. No options, clickable links or ways to navigate to the devices real settings.

  31. my phone G925T ver G925TUVS4EPH2 install with com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk ok . but don;t open this apk , i think samsung fix new security

      • You have to flash an old ROM 6.0.1 from April for example and don’t accept the pop up “google verify applications”.
        Tested on G928F but i’m blocked with samsung account reactivation lock on 6.0.1.
        if you are an idea.

  32. root junky ur are awesome.I just unlockd galaxy j 700f july security patch.I use camera method then use ur apk with es explorer .it worked.than you very much.U got yourself a fan from bangladesh bro.thanks again.

  33. Hi rootjunky, thanks for all your hard work and assistance.

    Any idea when a fix for the august patch will be released?

  34. you, sir, are a badass gentleman, scholar, and a steely-eyed missile-man!!! lol i had no business card option either, but i used sidesync to get into chrome, then to the samsung galaxy apps site, where it prompted me to install the sidesync app on the phone (same type screen as the business card app download screen) from there i could easily search for the es file explorer, then to your site for the apk download, etc… everything else went verbatim. i am a master certified mobile electronics installation technician, so if you ever need to know anything about anything electrical/audio/security/remote start/etc in a vehicle, feel free to hit me up; i would love to return te favor someday! thanks again!

  35. I have a samsung S7 and I did a factory reset because I forget password and google account. I fallowed all the directions to bypass the FRP, but when it came to wi Fi the connection was set. When I press the NEXT button, I got a message that said: UNABLE TO CONNECT TO WEB DUE AN UNAUTHORIZED FACTORY RESET. Please help me with this problem.

  36. Hi root junky I have galaxy S5 sm-900H has Samsung account lock, I follow the steps above. Type in the first command but all I gets is CRLF, I try the 2nd command but the same code pops up, any ideas?

  37. i have a samsung galaxy note5 and i followed the steps perfectly from your video on frp unlock and everything worked but on my pattern lock screen i dont have a phone or canera option on screen lock y????? please help samsung galaxy note 5 SMN920V

  38. I got it working on an AT&T Galaxy S7 but not on a Verizon Galaxy S7. On the Verizon device, Windows wouldn’t recognize it as a modem until I joined a WiFi network and clicked next – and at that point it takes me to the Google login screen and it’s too late. It stops recognizing the modem AT commands then and won’t pop up the dialer.

  39. Found a s6 on bench with no one around. I reset phone. Didn’t know of FRP till recently. Anyway, Wanted to say that sm-920T worked. Altho it’s on Tmobile and I have Sprint network so gotta figure out how to bring it over to my network. I lost my galaxy s5 phone a month before that, then I find this. Blessing to you and the universe.

  40. hi, i am trying to use bypass google verify, i do all steps, but the first problem that i find is, when you put the account, you use your account, if i try use my account the mobile say to me that the password is wrong, then i pick in : i forget the password and i go to the google chrome, then i can go to the site https://www.rootjunky.com and download the app es explorer and i installed it, later i go es explorer and i have a sd card in the phone, when i open the rootjunky.frpbypass, the phone advice to me : Sorry, no aplication available.
    What´s happen?
    what can i do?


    Sorry for my english.

  41. Hey rootjunkie, I’m having an issue where I follow your steps down to a T and I’m not getitng the OK message. I’m doing this with a Sprint Galaxy S6.

    Hope to hear back soon

    • same here. Got a Sprint Galaxy S6 with FRP. It has the September 2016 firmware version. I followed exactly all the steps here but no luck. Both OTG cable and RealTerm dial methods failed to launch anything on the phone ! Please help !

  42. it works fine for me,i did 4 s7 edge,,but s6 edge can’t put apk files in or download it….when i try to download es file explorer must normal going to account sing in….it dindn’t prompt to?????
    please can you advies me hoe i can solve this???

  43. i get error that frp stopped working and closes every time i open after install. will u please help me with this. what do i need to do?

  44. Hi
    thank you for this bypass. It helps a lot.

    Only the part with RealTerm didn’t work for me.
    The command “atd1234;\r\n” did nothing at my phone, without “\r\n” it works well. But i had no “businesscard” button.

    I found a easier way to get to the app store.
    1. Install “Sidesync” on your pc
    2. connect device to pc
    2.1 put the bypass apk in the download folder on the phone
    3. start “sidesync”
    4. a popup opens on your phone
    5. click on “galaxy apps”
    6. now you are in the app store and can download the app and so on…

  45. i tried this on a note 5 sm-n920a on UCS3BPH4 and every thing works untill i try to open the frp apk it keeps crashing. is there anything i can do ?

  46. I get errors with the 2nd command. Trying this on a galaxy note 5.
    No idea whats wrong. Other users reporting same 2nd command error.

    Is there no solution?

  47. hey mate

    are you planning to come up with a new method any time soon? this seem to have stopped for many people. Is there anything on the horizon?


  48. opps, after posting previous message, i gave it a last try with sidesync, and it has done, like the easisest thing in the world!!

    thanks for the app, after 3 days trying it did work for me!

    guys, just copy the apk to your sd, insert it in the phone, then start sidesync on your pc. Make sure you only connect your phone to the pc after sidesync loaded up!

    Then the popup comes, and you can just follow the steps in the video

    hope it will work for you too

  49. not working for me. galaxy s6 edge + verizon sm-g928v. tried every step to bypass google frp….nothing is working…. yes my phone is connected and showing up on pc, i have correct drivers, got drivers from kies successfully. even tried putting a new firmware on…nothing works. help. 9-13-16 6.01 for firmware

  50. ummm i have aquestion how do i download the file on the sd card i have one but since he didnt explain how to i just left it out since he said it would work

  51. Thank you Rootjunky for everything you done to get our phones back to life once again..
    I just watched all your tricks videos one by one (1) with OTG USB, (2) Without PC and OTG and (3) Universal FRP bypass
    the last one worked for me as my Galaxy Note 5 had the latest update:
    No Camera icon appeared to continue remaining steps……and Nothing happened after I plugged in an OTG-USB drive and unfortunately the FRP bypass app stopped working….. and comments above showed that you said Google has recently covered that.
    But I don’t give up and am going to downgrade my firmware to see if it will work..
    I have no choice then..

  52. It works like a charm on my S7 Edge! Thanks. After I signed in my new Samsung Account, a request to sign in my Google a/c appeared, after I signed in, then I proceeded to download the ES File Explorer. What I wanna know is when I’ve signed in at that moment, was my device already signed with my own Google ID?

  53. Hi Rootjunky,
    I just replaced the mainboard on a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-G360T T-Mobile,
    The phone is for a 14 y/o girl, (daughter of a friend) and I downloaded the sidesync app on my windows 7 pc, but when I connect the phone via USB cable, my computer goes to blue screen (BSOD), and I’ve uninstalled, and reinstalled SideSync three times, with the same results.
    I purchased a used phone that had been factory reset, and have the same problem, even though I input her correct gmail and password,
    What can I do, without spending more on this than it’s worth?

  54. i have an AT&T galaxy s7 edge. i have tried every way possible to bypass google sign in on a phone i bought online and nothing is working………. pleas help

  55. I figured out a method to remove the reactivation lock, and have it stay after reboot today, so it worked fine on 9/17/2016 on a Galaxy S5 G900A (AT&T) which are the hardest version to work with, so this should work with any Galaxy or maybe even any Samsung.

    I followed the RealTerm method as shown above, but when the dialer appeared, I had to push “Message” as I have no business card scanner. I then replied to the message with “Http://www.google.com” and then clicked on it to open a browser, where I searched for ES File explorer, Installed it and then installed A Samsung Google Verify Bypass APK. I have several, and all worked, except the one from this site. Once I was in settings, I opened the “Toolkit” and added the bypass to the toolbox, so that I could reboot and be able to launch it, as the toolbox is available on the samsung login screen. I then turned on Developer mode, and installed F-Samsung2.Exe. I am not sure if it is required, but I seemed to have better luck with it. I also set-up a new google account with screen lock pin, not sure if it was required or not, but account was needed for the Play Store.

    At this point, if I went in settings/bypass, and went to “Easy mode” and “done” then it would launch the launcher. I was able to also put the launcher into the toolbox, to get right into the phone from the Samsung screen. SO at this point, you reboot, get to the Samasung login screen and press the 3 buttons to open the toolbox, then hit “launcher” or “bypass” followed by “easy mode” and you are at a normal android prompt. At this point, you need to install “Package Disabler Pro” from the store or an APK (I used the APK) This app lets you disable (but not remove) pre-installed apps without having Root, which is nt available for the AT&T S5. I disabled several Samsung account apps which powered the samsung login app. I took my best guess until I got down to about 4 of them: “Samsung Account” “Samsung Billing” “Samsung Setup Wizard” & “Samsung Syncadapters” You MIGHT only need to disable the setup wizard, but I left it at this. Reboot, and your phone will start like normal from now on. You just wont be able to use a Samsung Account (Which DID get us into this mess in the first place anyways).

    I think this can be condensed down to installing the Samsung Bypass APK, logging in with a google account, and then disabling the Samsung apps. I have some pics and the files I used than I have uploaded to a sub folder. I will rename them so they are in order a bit later today. Good Luck!


  56. ive tried this on sm j105 security august 2016 android 5.1.1. it show mistakes in shortcut wheres it supposed to show type your email in google account management. i try with sika cos your frp bypass tool not work. please any solution. thankyou

  57. Just picked up a Galaxy S7 Active from someone on craigslist – verified the IMEI as not being reported lost of stolen (at least not at the time of the sale) and of course I forgot to delete the previous owner’s account entirely BEFORE the factory reset and now I’m stuck needing to remove the FRP entirely. It’s well known that the current FRP Bypass doesn’t function with the August 2016 security patches (I was able to use Realterm as instructed to get into the device without issues, got ES Explorer installed, etc etc, installed the Quick Shortcut Maker apk that lets me access just about everything but it’s also well known all the previous methods to bypass FRP are just not there anymore:

    There’s no “name and password” entry under the Google Account Manager, I can’t install an older version of that app as expected, so I like many others are dead in the water I suppose. I can’t install firmware that’s older than the August patches because there’s no firmware available for this device, anywhere it seems. Right now I’m running build number APH1 (for the SM-G891A) and I don’t intend to update it any further at this point.

    My question to rootjunky is a simple one:

    Do you think it’ll eventually be possible to have a working FRP Bypass for the August 2016 security patches? I saw earlier where you said you were working on it, just wondering if you believe it’ll actually happen – I’m not asking for the version of FRP Bypass that will do it, I’m just asking if you think you or someone else will have some success, that’s all.

    Great website and tools, so thanks for all your efforts, and have fun, always…

  58. Hi rootjunky, after this trick is the FRP disabled forever? Or the procedure must be done at each factory reset/firmware upgrade/custom firmware installation?
    Just curious 🙂 Thanks

  59. Do you think flashing an older firmware would give up to the trick?And i saw another file named ‘samsung bypass goggle.apk’ and gave it a try and the app named Developersetting was installed.After opening it i had access to all settings BUT what to enable and what disable and which Reset from Settings should i use?
    Or just add google account and reset?I think in this combination your trick will work again – same tutorial different app and different steps at the end and back to fame..let me know…

  60. So I get all the way to the “unfortunately frp byass has stopped working” each time I try to run it. So will installing an older version and then repeating the process do the trick?

  61. @Hugh.Jorgan @rootjunky
    Your are awesome ! Thanks to the guys from Brazil from your droid frp Videos
    I just bypass my Galaxy A5 with the august security patch !

    Thumbs up bro ~~ Ur are my heroes 😀

  62. Hi,

    Thank you RootJunky, and the community,

    I just bypassed a FRP on a Samsung Galaxy S6 who was being blocked with an old account of mine.

    I saw a lot of people having trouble with the 1st August Security patch, I was having some hard time wiv it too.

    Here is the trick: (not have time to explain in details sorry)

    Just do the part wiv the dialing process and install ES explorer ext…

    At this point you can go see the Droid Turbo 2 part 1 Vidéos from Root junky on Youtube

    And continue with the part 2 😀 and your are done.

    My configuration:
    Android 6.0.1
    Google Account Manager ver 6.0.1
    Security patch: 1st August 2016

    Again thanks to Root junky and the Guys from Brazil.

    Hope it will help

  63. I found the easiest no bullshit or hassle way was to flash a stock rom then go into maintenance mode and turn on usb debugging and on reboot with adb drivers installed run the following commands to get home screen access

    adb devices
    adb shell
    am start -n com.sec.android.app.launcher/com.sec.android.app.launcher.activities.LauncherActivity

    Then open samsung file manager plug otg usb with the com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk

  64. I saved for months to buy my girlfriend her dream phone for her birthday. Unfortunatly I got duped into buying one with FRP. I didnt even know it existed let alone what it was. Still payed a pretty penny. When I found this tutorial things were looking up for me. I was following all the steps. It was all going so smooth so promising. Except when after installing com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk when I tried opening it would just crash. tried 3, 4,5 times and all I would get was “a sorry FRP Bypass stopped working” It would just crash !! So close yet so far !!I am so devastated !! plz what can I do ? why is this happening to me ? CAn somebody help plz??1

  65. can you maybe do an ADB sideload or external storage update or some way to reactivate device detection on pc through ADB bridge or shell commands. Forgive my ignorance I know this is no easy task

  66. i have problem with latest honor 5x,
    i have been able to bypass FRP lately on older firmware version on the same phone,
    last success trick i did was quite easy, when keyboard pop up,
    hold and tap on the “swype” setting, then HELP, HOW TO SWYPE, then tap on the http://www.swype.com link,
    2 browser will pop up, choosing the normal browser will do the job.

    Now, on the new version, normal browser do not respond, only the chrome browser is functioning, i have been able to download apps, find the download in chrome, but when i tap on the apk downloaded, it was ignored, nothing respond to my tap, app won’t install, no “unknown sources”

    i also try to sms a text containing web link to the phone, when tapping the link on the text, same problem i faced, browser not working, only chrome is working.

    one of my friend told me only the exploitation from normal browser would let me install the apk downloaded.

    Mr. RJ and Friends here, anybody has an idea and kindly share?

    • i have found the solution,
      here i would like to share, and say thanks to VnRom
      i followed his ” change system language method”,
      by adding Languages, choose SWYPE, choose MORE LANGUAGE
      and the normal browser seem working again.
      find download in browser menu,
      the downlaoded FRP v1.0 apk is allowed to install.
      that the trick.
      thanks mr.RJ,
      thanks VnROM,
      thanks everybody

  67. Hi I have got to the send part on realterm what is the code to the s7 please I tried what was said on the website and was a no go ?

  68. hello sir i have samsung edge + on FRP
    i followed all your instructions but at the end when i downloaded rootjunky frp bypass apk and try to install it it accord and error “cant install apk”
    please help me

  69. Everything worked perfect for me, s7 edge, almost unbelievable! Until opening up sd storage to find there wasnt a apk bypass (didn’t download for some reason) but wasn’t on phone, so I followed your other steps and got it on the device but i keep get pharse error. Thx for getting me thus far, any advice help

  70. The wife dropped her GS6 in the toilet but she got it out fast. I’ve seen videos of them underwater for minutes without damage. With the watermark all good and what I’ve done on it so far, I’m confident there’s no water damage. However, it’s missing the IMEI number now and can’t register to the mobile network. One of the fixes was a factory reset. So I did a factory rest and now we’re stuck at the google verify screen. So I downloaded the .apk file on a USB and plugged it into the phone but file explorer didn’t launch – I think USB debugging is not enabled. Then I downloaded ReaIterm, found the port its on (port4) and sent the specified commands but the phone wasn’t responding to them. I did some tricks others suggested: with and without a SIM, sent the commands a bunch of times, restarted it a bunch of times. Then I saw the video that interrupted its WIFI connection and set a pattern lock screen but the camera icon didn’t show up…I’m at a loss. Are there any other methods to try?

  71. Hello I have a problem with FRP reset.
    When I start install the com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk and open the app, I get failure message FRP Bypass was stoped. I don’t come to re-type password screen.

    Do you know about it ?
    Why I don’t get the re-type password screen?


  72. I have Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6. I have tried all solutions and none worked. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 is a tablet and does not have phone (hence no sim card).
    Anyone know how to bypass FRP on this tablet?

  73. I unknowingly reset my Google password and then did a FDR on my new post-recall Note7.
    This then triggered a 72hr waiting period by Google preventing me from getting back into my phone.
    …three friggin’ days?! Really?
    Anyway, as many have previously stated their device does not show up in Device Manager>Modems.
    Mine displayed in Device Manager>Portable Devices. However, there is NO port number shown.
    I went to Samsung.com and downloaded the new usb driver for mobile phones and still, no dice.
    As this is obviously an issue for many users, please RootJunkie, post an updated version of this for those for whom this this tutorial become a dead end at that step.

  74. I’ve tried mostly realterm and managed to get into e’s file explore and download both the rootjunky apk and the shortcut maker apk and I can get into settings fine. But no matter how I factory reset once I boot phone up and start set up frp is there. Using short cut maker. There’s no option for email and password in Google account manager. Please help

  75. My device is galaxy j7 (j700F). First command work fine but when i sent the second command it says ERROR. I followed everything what u showed, What should I do?

  76. On a tablet you can’t get to messages to access the browser. What you have to do is pull the top menu down and go to users (the profile picture icon) and add a new user. Then you can switch to the user without the FRP and install Rootjunky’s apk. Then reboot and you can access the owner user to remove the FRP account.

  77. I have a problem with FRP Bypass :(. When i try to open it appears a message that say FRP Bypass stop. Plss heeelpp 🙁 My device is Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Android version 6.0.1. 🙁

    • I have the same problem, i think. It says, FRP Bypass stopped, and then it does not open again…
      Is there any solution to solve this?

  78. I have a problem with FRP Bypass :(. When i try to open it appears a message that say FRP Bypass stop. Plss heeelpp 🙁 My device is Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Android version 6.0.1. 🙁 Hope you watch this.

  79. Mr. RootJunky, I am still unable to get the bypass done. I have and Samsung Note 5 (T-Mobile) running Android 6.0.1 with a security update of August 12. I tried all methods including the previous methods with zero success. OTG method failed, modem disconnection method failed and now this universal bypass method failed. Any other options? If not, then this will be the last time I ever buy a phone on Craigslist…..?

  80. For tho of you with the Modem issue, I solved this problem by going to View at the top of the page and making sure to check “Show Hidden Devices”

    Hope that helps

  81. Hi have g935f with frp on i did all the way to es file explorer ,plus i install frp.apk but after i try to open it, frp stop…. Is there a way to fix or there is new frp.apk to bypass ? Thank you..

  82. Hi root junky
    I have an issue I tried everything on s7 edge but when try the apk via sd card it installs and then I hit open it keep giving me error saying frp bypass has stopped working
    Please help

  83. Hey Rootjunky, thanks for taking the time to show us how to do this! I am having a little problem though, hopefully you or someone else can help?

    Once I get to the phone call screen my note 5 will note allow me to swipe, which means I can’t connect to the internet and finish the process. I am connected to wifi and I have a sim card in.]


  84. Hey! so I purchsed a phone off ebay. and when I recieved it, i began to set it up but its doing the FRP do you know your way around the BLU Life One x2

  85. Hi, have a s7 edge, hard reset it, tried to bypass frp but on one I get to copy the word but it won’t share as saying it doesn’t support this device. I can’t download files as I’m on chrome and nothing is suitable, at wits end with the darn thing and ready for bin please help.

  86. I do not have ‘Scan Business Card’ 🙁 This method is of no use for updated (security patched) versions of Android OS.. It has pretty limited options, I managed to enter deep, deeper, I used OTG, SideSync… even used chrome to download back and forth, but it gave me just errors and JavaScript not allowed warnings… There must be a way, how to bypass this evil… SM-G600F is a nice ‘machine’ but I don’t know what to do further… flashing, or just throwing it away!! Google guys have done a lot of wrong steps, I even login with my phone number, I get the code and still it does not accept the Google Account (Login with owners account)… As much as I could ‘research’ there’s no account behind it, it is just looping and not accepting any account! Some security system they have… huh! This will be my next target – FRP – you are damned!

  87. I have t-mobile s7 . Everything was going great until i hit share and a message poped up saying. All apps associated with this action have been turned off blocked or are not installed. Now what do i do. Please help me rootjunky

  88. Not working for me on J2 ace. dialer not popping up. Here’s what I’m getting:


    +CREG: 2,8




    +ECIND: 0,2,1

    ^DSCI: 1,0,2,0,0,1234,129

    +SIND: 5,1

    ^DSCI: 1,0,6,0,0,1234,129


    +SIND: 6,1,3

    ^CEND: 1,,101

  89. Hi RJ im having a lil trouble w da bypass once i get to the point to “share” instead of da green android popping up i get a message saying those apps have been blocked-errased or never installed what do i do?

  90. Hi anyone who can help me i have note 4 N910H version i have tried all the methods the problem the phone just show empty folder when connected to PC and it does not detect anything when i insert OTG drive so as the realterm program shows the device is connected (with those 3 green boxes but it does not send command
    please help to bypass this frp lock on samsung account

  91. Did everything as stated but get “Unfortunately, FRP Bypass has stopped.” When I press open after installing. Samsung Galaxy S7 active.

  92. Rootjunky

    i have acquired a note 7 (which i know has been recalled) but i can’t get pass the atd12345;\r\n
    I placed the sim card in, i got an okay from at+creg?\r\n
    I reset the phone
    I bought a otg sim card and plug
    I tried putting in atd911;\r\n (which was dumb) and nothing happened.
    I tried sidesync and it doesn’t even read the phone being plugged into the computer…but the computer reads the phone being plugged in under modem.


  93. Hey,
    attempted on N920I

    +CREG: 0,3

    but then
    Call Id:1

    Looks like it fails and nothing happens on device.

    6.0.1 not sure of which security patch./

    Any advice?

  94. For those who have latest security patch, if you cannot get to share open browser or anything, it says to you like ‘blocked, removed, or not installed… with the instructions of the video above… after the dialer shows up, go to massages, like send message, type in the message apps.samsung.com and try to send it. The message stays there sent or not, click on the url, as it turns blue before, then when the app site shows up, on the right corner menu button it opens the apps, click on one to install, follow the other step from the video above (rootjunky downloads) and that’s it. Works on Samsung devices only… of course.

  95. Me too i have note 5,i was able to install es explorer ,and bypass app as well.But if i open Bypass app it goes direct to phone setting and not that page of adding google account its only allow me to use samsung account .please assist i want to use google account as well

  96. Hey RootJunky I have a Note 5. I was able to download ES File explorer and get to your website to download the files but every time i try to open any file i get a “Parse Error” ” There was a problem parsing the package.” Any help would be much appreciated.

  97. Hi,

    I did go through the process of trying to get access to my device through the owner account to no avail with the steps explained in your video. However, I noticed I could create a new user, which gave me pretty straight forwardly all the rights to access my device. I did try to bypass the PRV after installing the application manager, but when I reboot the device, it still shows me the verification screen. I was wondering if the program is suppose to be user specific ?

  98. If you’re can atleast make it es file manger to go Library then apps then change it to system apps open chrome and go to download the file then to get passed the permission restriction hold on the download link and open it in a new tab then go to new tab you just opened and it should tell you to save back out all the way once downloaded and open and install Google account 6 apk then frp bypass apk and you should be good

  99. Hi I am trying to factory reset my Samsung A5 I have done the steps that you have provided but when i get to the part where I click on the privacy policy part then scroll down half way and hold on any word until the share option comes up,I’ve selected share but it says I can not share and there are no other icons to select.???so I am stuck at this part at the moment

  100. Hello
    I try this method on my S7 but after installing frp bypass ,I go to open it but I have this message: “FRP bypass has stopped” I can’t continue the method so.Hvae you an idea of this problem.Maybe a patch on this 6.0.1 version?


  102. Hello
    I’ve tried this method but I’ve used the BypassFRP 08.2016 and eureka it work fine. If you have patch security android of September trie this bypass.For it’s ok my device work well.

  103. i just tried your method on j700f
    i also put in simcard in my phone. when i send first command it says:
    +CREG: 0,0
    and when i send second command it gives me an error and nothing appears on screen

    any solution please?

  104. Just did it on a Samsung Note 5 SM-902A. Had to change a few things to get into Samsung app store. One question though… the device was still rocking 5.0.2 and im wanting to update it to Marshmellow. Whats the best way to update this device and does the method used to get past the FRP effect this?

  105. I get almost finished doing the google bypass with no OTG and I get this message saying “there was a problem parsing the package.” No clue. How do I get past the parse?

  106. I cannot find the port number for my s7 edge. I am running windows 10 on my pc if that makes a difference. There is no drop down for “modem” the device only shows up as portable device. Please help.

  107. hi , thnx for your effort but i’m facing an issue with realterm app when i set it up on m y pc and try to run it i get this err msg “apro exception.”

    and when i try to complete the steps it didn’t work what should i do?

  108. Does this work for Canadian cell phones?

    I bought a slightly used Samsung Galaxy S7 from some guy on Kijiji unfortunately, the cell says I cant access it because the original email is necessary. I didn’t know about this as I never bought a phone that asked for this type of security. I cant get a hold of the seller as his number is out of service and his page is gone, so lets assume that’s done! I brought the phone to a few cell repair places that unlock phones but they cant fix it. I was told to bring it to Samsung directly and have them possibly fix it, HOWEVER if this phone was stolen, then they will have the police contact me and ill have to explain all this crap to what happened. Regardless, the money I lost will not be repaid back to me and I do not want the phone I bought to be confiscated. The police wont do shit to investigate as they can’t be bothered with things like this. I just don’t need reports and drama and extra nonsense after feeling I been hustled from the guy who sold me this phone.

    Does anyone know how I can use this phone and pass the FRP or in Canada they call it ARP? I tried these videos and it doesnt work for this phone because I think its a Canadian model or Canadian service provider making it programmed slightly different

    Thank you!

  109. Dear afetr installing FRP BYPass file ….. when i open it .. it says FRP stoped working ……what to do knw
    i am useing samsung galaxy C5

  110. Thanks for sharing this method. At first, its totally hard to find out but when you recall the step, i figure out that this is so easy. Thanks, now i can use again my samsung s7 edge. Thanks…. Keep up the good work… 🙂

  111. bonsoir j ai bien suivi votre tutto
    mais je ne sais plus continuer car sa me marque frp bypass s est arreter
    j ai un samsung s7 edge
    merci pour votre reponse

  112. For those guys looking for august–October patch solution, Samsung disabled one of the google account login,which the way we used to go after frp apk installed.
    So, simply install the “Android_6_Google_Account_Manager.apk” from rootjunky website then use frp1.0. apk, magic comes back!!

    Tested with G928W8 6.0.1 MMB29K October.1 patch

    • Would you mind walking me through how you achieved that ? With the new update its seemingly impossible to get into the phone to install the apks. Dont know if im missing something. Any help is appreciated.

  113. Awesome, i try first method and few other methods too. In a bit i start thinking it’s a joke but finally i realize that my damn galaxy s7 edge have the latest security updates. So the second video do the trick and the important thing was to downgrade the google account manager, which bypass this dumb feature!! I forgot what account and password have been used on my device, then i sold it and realize that the new owner will just stuck after factory reset. Anyway now I am in the phone and will send it back to the new owner. Thanks again it worked by the second video, only i use the realterm to dial a number and open chrome. Important thing is that you should dial a number with sim card and the other site must pickup so you have the option to slide left and open the “internet”. Thanks Man!

    • Still having trouble here myself. Not sure how to downgrade the google account manager in order to progress with the video/rest of the steps. Would you mind telling how you achieved that? Much appreciated ahead of time.

      • Follow the steps in the video but when you put the “com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk” on the SD card be sure to download “Android_6_Google_Account_Manager.apk” as well. Store it in the same location as the frpbypass apk. Then when you get to the point of installing you need to install the account manager apk FIRST and then the frpbypass. I JUST did this and it worked. I was having the “Unfortunately, FRP bypass has stopped working” error and this fixed it. I am on a SM-G930a with Lollipop 6.0.1 with Nov 1st 2016 security patch.

  114. Hopefully you will see this, rootjunky, and hopefully you will respond since many other people have had this issue, but upon entering the second command, atd1234;\r\n, it comes up with ok, followed by an error message.

    Will look forward to your response!

    • I had this issue as well. Using atd+1234;\r\n worked. However, the phone dialer would only pop up after I had inserted a SIM card.

      I also messed around with sending a text message, which I think helped the dialer pop up:

      at+cmgs=”+”\r, Send ASCII (where is a full number including country code and area code)
      Type message, Send ASCII
      26, Send Numbers

  115. @rootjunky first I want to say thank you so much for helping with this issue. I paid $400 for the phone and the dude vanished when I told him I had an issue with removing the old google account. Again thank you sooooo much for this 5+ stars!!!!! I do have a question though. After I implement this apk is the phone completely synced to my Gmail account now or do I need to turn off security patches or something to prevent this from happening again?

  116. The s6 seems to go only so far with each method. Google may have overcome all the hacks. I have considered changing to linux… any comments or suggestions?

  117. So for now none of the fixes are working? I have tryed them all correctly i believe.. realterm just doesnt have a response to any commands i send it, but the 3 green lights are there. This s6 edge+ doesnt have the camera on the lock screen, sidesync never connects to the device, used odin to install new rom.. Im at a loss and have spent about 20 hours trying everything.. Is there maybe a fix coming up? Thanks for all the helpful tutorials rootjunky! Guess im just trying them a little late..

  118. Hey I’m using S7 and everything is good except I get on second command says either ” no dial tone ” or ” no carrier” I have sim inside . Maybe try a diff sim . Can you help please thanks for your work

  119. Love your work mate.

    I’ve gotten to installing the FRP bypass but when I click open after the install is complete I get ‘unfortunately, FRP bypass has stopped’

    Any suggestions as I’ve gone through the steps again and again to see if I can get it to work

  120. Its been trial and error with me. I have reached the google browser finally. Is Samsung lock different from google lock? I also was curious can you root phone with the frp lock . I have a s6.

    Just wondering

  121. hi,i have a problem to remove frp from huawei nexus 6p android 7.0.it shows error on google account manager(type email and password)here showing error,afterthat i install google account manager apk 7.0 and 7.1 also,but it remain the same error,
    plz guide me to fix it,thanks.

  122. after installing apk to phone, i open and get “Unfortunately, FRP Bypass has stopped.” any ideas?? Device is a Galaxy s7 Active.

      • Same issue here…I have tried ALL of the other methods to bypass FRP and this is the furthest I have ever gotten, and the apk/app will install, but give me the ‘Unfortunately, FRP Bypass has stopped.’ error when I try to open it.

        Now what? Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  123. no emergency dialer page for j1 mini prime ??
    when i used realterm to make a call (atd900;\r\n)
    it did dialed the number 900,
    however dialing page won’t show up
    only sound are listened,…
    ” the number you dial are not in the service”….
    i can’t make add contact as no page was showned ???

  124. Unfortunately frb bypass has stopped.
    That’s what I get when I try to open it after instillation. What now????
    Note 7…. please help..

  125. hi,i have a problem with my samsung SM-A9000

    I try to change the stock rom ’cause annoying ads. So, i hard reset the phone and try to install the new original stock rom from samfirm. The problem is i forgot to delete google account before hard reset it so it’s lock my FRP and when i install the rom and error. I am stuck on download mode can’t perform anything except download mode. So,how i can repair my phone? thanks before.

  126. We’re you able to figure it out? I’m on the T-Mobile variant and am having a terrible time. Realterm commands aren’t responding.

  127. I am Galazy S6 and when I enter the commands, I receive a popup “RealTerm:Serial Capture and Binary Terminal” error : ie_NOpen – Device Not open. Steps followed after trying many other methods:

    Factory Reset and cache wipe
    Reboot click start
    Connect to Network
    Plugged into PC
    Started Real Time
    Set half duplex
    Added port
    Clicked change
    Typed in command

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Marshmellow 6.1.1

    • Update..
      I uninstalled and reinstalled RealTerm. When I start it up, I receive the following popup.
      ““RealTerm:Serial Capture and Binary Terminal” error : The semaphore timeout period has expired.

  128. Ty, it worked. I also had trouble with the “no modem” issue in device manager, but once I uninstalled the s7 drivers from the computer and reinstalled, it showed up. From then on, it worked flawlessly. Thanks so much.

  129. Followed all steps and all worked well altho then I factory reset it from settings it was still frp. Any ideas ?
    Galaxy Note 5

  130. i have a small problem

    after i enter the 2nd command the dialer screen not popup only i hear the voice call

    can u fix the problem

  131. Hi,

    first of all thanks for all and you guy ROX !
    i had a lots of issues with latest FRP security but i went trough it by using your method but i had to go around by putting a SIM card then Realterm works but i had to send a message and go to google then find samsung galaxy apps to be able to install ES file explorer, then after everything went fine.

    thanks again !

  132. Once i got into google i went to your site to download quickshortcutmaker but it wont let me download it. it says blocked for security reasons when trying to click the link

  133. Hi – every time I try to open the downloaded apk file to install, I get “unable to scan #” and won’t install. Did I miss a step?

  134. Hi,
    im writing you because i have watched video after video after video to try and bypass this google lock. my husband bought me the samsung galaxy j7 sm-j700t off of offerup and the person forgot to logout of their account and so on my husbands way home he factory reset it thru recovery and now its locked. i got to add my own password but then no camera shows up no matter what i do so if i go and call 111 i can get to the browser but then when i go to download the things you say to it says this request has been denied for security reasons can you plz help me

  135. Is there some new security patch ?
    I run all the steps fine.
    Installed ez-explorer
    Install Manager 5
    Install the bypass apk and login through web with my account

    Reset the phone. Phone sees that account is added…after that screen it just says again log in with ID :S

    Btw this phone is from a deceased family member…got his phone but yeah it was locked

  136. Hi there I really get passed that part when you tried to look for the modem, theres no samsung or anything like is in the Device manager, and even if I click on to show hiden devices theres no please help please

  137. Hi…..i send the first ASCII and all good, but when i send 2nd ASCII it goes to dialler and calls 1234…..what should i do then? It keeps calling then ends automatically.


  138. N920VVRU3BPJ3 Any word on how to remove frp on this update? realterm commands do nothing. frp lock wont allow me to use odin to flash an older os such as N920VVRU2AOJ3 .

  139. Hello In my Galaxy s6 edge plus I come into the ES File Explorer, that is no problem. But the downloaded file com.rootjanky.frpbypass can not be installed. Parsing error. Question: Do I need to downgrade the install manager? If yes, how do you do that

  140. I just thought everyone should know, realterm will not work without Microsoft Redistributable x86 version 9.0.30729.6161. There is no mention of this on the sourceforge page or anywhere else. If anyone can contact rootjunky and request he update the guide, that would be awesome 🙂

  141. Additionally, typing a real phone number, perhaps for a phone that is handy, gives more time to complete the next step, but you must have a sim card inserted. Also, the rootjunky frp bypass APK did not work for me, but Google’s own TestDPC.apk has never failed me in removing a google account so far. Simply install it, open it, and choose “Set up Device Owner”, then do a factory reset from the settings app.

  142. Hi.I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 6.0.1,and everyting working fine till the Google Account Manager. When I sellect the Google Acount Manager/Account…,then Try,I recceve the message ” Unfortunatly,Google Account Manager stopped ” !
    Any advice is wellcome. Thank you.

  143. How now? After putting command in realtern, it actually call out but nothing change on the mobile screen, no way to go to internet.

  144. Samsung modem doesn’t show up on device manager. have reinstalled my drivers twice. its a sam n920v.
    only shows moden on download mode

  145. Thanks, it worked a treat. Had an initial problem with frpbypass stopping working but after installing Google Account Manager 6.0.1, as suggested by Richard above, it all sailed through.

  146. Hi root junkey,

    i have Samsung J5 and there is no such option called business card but added the url(google.com).
    now i am not able to install any app. what to do next to unlock my phone…..please help asap

  147. When trying to unlock sprint galaxy s7 edge while trying to send the at+creg?\r\n with ASCII I get ERROR CRLFCRLF
    at+creg? What dose it mean and how do i fix it?

  148. I was having a lot of issues and nothing was working but then I figured it out.
    Cancel the phone call to 1234
    Click message
    Click attach button – Other – Cloud Server
    Have these uploaded to your One Drive account
    Upload and install Google Account Manager 6.0.1 apk
    Upload and install com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk

    This is the only way I was able to get the apk files to run, every other option was a dead end. This was on a galaxy S6 SM-G920T not sure what andriod version

  149. After running frpbypass1.0.apk, the menu with the three dots with the option Browser signin is missing. The same thing happened even if I reach there through the sika524.quickshortcut.apk
    Android 5.1, security patch level 01.01.2016.
    Any advice, rootjunky? Thank you.

  150. Did all the steps on my Samsung S6 Edge. It worked with the dialing and es file explorer, apk installed, restart,..
    But then i get the same message every time again: It still gives me the Samsung account block. How can i fix this?

  151. Have you ever applied using ODIN?
    i have the .tar.md5 in but have been stuck on “SetupConnection…” for approx an hour. Any advice?

  152. Works great on a galaxy a3 2016 with security patches nov. 2016. but only with a sim-card inside. without a sim-card you will get an error and the dialer will not pop up.

    Big thanks to rootjunky!!!

  153. Hello got a question..I was able to get the dialer up but I don’t have the option to download scan business card. Samsung J7 SM-J00T. So I access the Message app and attempted to open a web browser by sending a message but the phone says there is no network connection BUT the wifi IS connected. What other options can start browser?

    So any ideas.

  154. Update: I was able to find the scan business card link. Installed ES file Explorer but could not install unlock frp apk file. So I went into settings using settings.apk and installed it. see https://www.sammobile.com/forum/showthread.php?t=31136&page=9
    I created a samsung account and samsung recognizes it. I unlocked Smart lock feature and set a pin code. But the commands no longer work from Realterm, no errors, nothing happens at all.

  155. I have made it to the internet on my galaxy s6 edge that i am trying to frp bypass. I have been goin nuts trying everything u said all the other different things i have seen i on this post. This is as far as i have gone… I wonder is i am downloading the things right. I dont have pc nor otg cable… I seen ur other posts but it just is not working… Please help… I have tried it all… I just left it on the internet…

  156. Okay, so this is what you have to do and I actually figured it out all on my own! First of all you have to take your phone back to the original firmware software that it came with. To do this, I suggest you go to Sam mobile and download the original firmware for your exact model of phone. You will have to create an account first and that is free! If u don’t have the Winrar program installed on your pc, u will have to install that as well because after u download the correct firmware, u will have to extract it with Winrar! Download Odin V3.10.6 and install it! This next part is very important, during the install process you will be asked to check mark a selection of 5 boxes. U must check ALL 5!!! Once installed, open it! Put ur phone into “download” mode and plug it into ur pc. U should c in the lower left box “added” and it should say “com 6” in the small box just above that. In that lower left box, go to options and Make sure that the ONLY box that is checked is “F. Reset Time”! Click the AP box and search for the firmware that you downloaded. Than hit start. This next process should take two and a half to three minutes. Once it’s done, unplug ur phone from ur pc and reboot the phone. It should go through the install process. Once it reboots, it will take u back to the Google log in screen that has been giving you problems! Don’t freak out!!! This is where ur gonna need an OTG cable and a thumb drive or u can get an OTG drive. Download the “Google bypass usb otg.apk” and just transfer it to ur OTG drive or thumb drive and at the Google sign in screen, plug in the OTG. Open the apk file. It will than tell you that”installs blocked” click on settings and turn on “unknown sources” than install the bypass! After that just scroll all the way down to “backup and reset” and follow the steps to factory reset. Now ur phone is open for use! Hope this works for you!

  157. Using a coolpad catalyst 3622a, the menu button doesn’t show up on the FRP bypass when it asks for a password, any help? Is there any other thing I can install that will fix this? I’ve watched the videos and tried to use the android_5 & 6 apk’s but didn’t fix anything.

  158. Galaxy Tab E
    Model Name: SM-T560NU

    Is there anything for this tablet. Tried Odin and this rootjunky tutorial and nothing is working?

    What can I do?

  159. Doing frp bypass on galaxy s7. Every time I try to open frp bypass app it says unfortunately frp bypass has stopped

  160. Yea I have a amp 2 google locked been 3 days of nonstop damn trying pissed, and no one has a fix for it i tried everything please email me with some f&*%King help Sm-j12ozn damn im pissed

  161. Dude! You are a god! After Resetting my phone on recovery, i already had the fear i can tear my J5 away… Now it´s working like a charme!!!

    Thank you!!!

  162. Hey RJ! Thanks a ton for this guide. However I am having a problem on my phone. After I send the second command to my phone, it pops up with the dialer really quick like in the video, however there is no buttons to press. It just says ‘1234’ in semi-large numerals like they’re part of the dialer screen, but there is nothing else to click on.

    Have you ever experienced this happening to yourself or anyone else? I am trying to read through all the comments here for a solution, but as of yet I have come up with nothing. The closest thing I can find to a solution is adding a sim card, however I do not have one as of yet. Hopefully I can get one and try it installed if I cannot figure it out first.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  163. Rootjunky I need your advice. I reset my samsung phone and need to bypass the FRP block, however as I follow your instructions I cant seem to get past the “at+creg?\r\n command”. I dont get the “OK” prompt that is suppossed to ocur once me computer contacts the phone. Instead I get a red pop up window that says “Access violation of address 00663309 in module ‘realterm.exe’. Read of address 00000000”. From what Ive been able to google this message indicates that my computer is trying to communicate with a memory protected device. I am thinking that perhaps samsung’s latest security patch disables access to phones ports making it impossible for any computer to connect or send files to the phone. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  164. I did the FRP then when I got 2 the share part the Samsung setup wizard doesn’t appear. This is what shows… all apps associated with this action have been turned off blocked or are not installed android. Can you please help me figure this out

  165. Why am I the only post that can’t bypass the WIFI block? How do I connect to wifi to do the otg bypass thing if I keep getting the message “unable to connect to WIFI due to unauthorized factory reset”? galaxy s6. Please anyone else have this problem?

  166. Please Mr ROOTJUNKY … I’m not being lazy I’ve literally read hundreds of your blog posts and watched your videos several times about bypassing FRP but nothing I’ve read addresses what to do if you can’t even access wi-fi to attempt to bypass FRP? I’ve even bought the exact otg cable and downloaded the programs yet can’t get started? A this point, I’m thinking it must be literally a loss. any insight would be of great help. Even if it is a loss. Thank you for trying to help us all!

  167. Thank youuuuuu!!! Got a new work phone from a guy that quit and they told me to factory reset which caused the FRP to kick in. After literally THREE WEEKS they decided a new sim card would fix it and brought it back to me…same results. I called them and they said to take it to the Geek Squad @ best buy…I told them I’m taking it home and figuring it out…after a quick google search I found your video and thanks to Richard’s advice of the google account manager 6 – I’m good!!

    Excellent work sir!

  168. As of at least 4/25/17 when you go the the point where you try to download business card you do not have the option of searching. So I guess that has been patched or is at least different on a Verizon phone. Other then that, this is great info.

  169. ok so I have this samsung galaxy s7 and I already did all the steps I’m just stuck on this one part saying that if I have a sd card I could download the app or if not on the device .. so I tried to do it through the device and it said error so I’m pretty much stuck and I would a ppreciate the help if teaching me how to download the app on the sd card instead

  170. Hey RootJunky!!!!! Your the #1 guy for this job, so i wanted to ask if you would know why i’m on a screen saying “Checking Network…, Finishing last touches this may take a minute or two” after factory resetting my android. I was hoping there would be something you can do to help Thanks!. and also if you can send me an email I may have found a new method for next FRP if possible still by then. GG

  171. good work so far,but im having problems with the coolpad catalyst. I can not find firmware any were. the frp cant get passed . All the youtube videos. That are shown will not work. I tried every method i found . Still not work > I did them all the sam way. No good . I need firmware download,so i can flash a rom . Can u help. Its not gonna be easy. Please help.
    oh yea i cant get developer options to come up , some kinda of security patch.

  172. Help! I followed every step, made sure the port was the same and etc on the RealTerm. I had the phone unlocked and screen lit when trying to spend the commands but, it still didn’t do anything.
    I’m trying to unlock a Galaxy S7 Edge. It has a t-mobile sim card in it that even says 4g at the top also connected to my wifi. I honestly don’t know what I am doing wrong.
    Could it be that I don’t have a original cable? other videos have said you need the original cable.

  173. Worked on Samsung galaxy on5 without realterm just downhraded google account manager to 6 and the only thing different is I had to from start screen hit emergency call call 911 then when call starts scroll sidewayz on dial screen till option comes up and click internet don’t use chrome and then hit bookmarks download history clicks SD and go install gam6 and frp.. Then its the same as u show.. If u install the developer app to get to settings u can get into settings to hit airplane mode and stop the 911 call b4 they answer.. Thanks root junky..

  174. hello, i have a samsung Galaxy J36. first there is no modem under device manger second i get this error when you hit send “ie Nopen deivce not open” and when i start the program real term it tells me to use a different version . i have tried your programs on several occasions and they have never worked always get these errors you seem to know nothing about so i am coming to the conclusion that this is not universal and it seems you have got this to work on one device like all the others by sheer dumb luck only reason i say this is you would have most likely come across these same errors everyone here has and would have some sort of work around or be able to tell us where we went wrong.

  175. Just hadda drop by and let you know ow that this method is [mostly] current as of 21 June 2017 for N920T Note 5 with no SIM card (I had to leave it in the old phone to keep my wifi alive) – mostly being your frp ask is glitched and I ended up using a jump drive with ES File Explorer and QuickShortcutMaker on it to restore the factory account manager.

    The Realterm was a hoot – after 2.5 days I realized I had a crap-ass USB cable, but once that was taken care of, it actually went pretty quickly. Realterm jumps in, and gives you the ‘in,’ then it’s just a couple easy downloads and getting ESFX moving to replace the acct mgr file (via a QuickShortcutMaker “Try” function). Once that was in place, it was click, click, happy, happy!

    I haven’t stashed my crappy old Note 2 in the drawer as a backup yet, because the N5 is in for it – I’ve deleted all my crazy old emails and am planning to either blow the N5 to pieces or root/hack/mod the hell out of it.

    I have a feeling that my grown kids will be crazy jelly, too!

    Thanks again for the great head start, Tom! A good teacher always overcomes bad habits learned in DOS5, and Win3x, lolol!!


    PS – Just curious: what are your favorite resources? I’m currently reading my fool head off at XDA, and your site was the first serious ‘mod’ site I ever encountered, so I’m anxious to try and catch up. Thanks again!

  176. Nope, no SIM required, not even a dead one. Realterm just gives a little yellow “Error” after the command is complete, but it doesn’t stop the process for going through (ie., ignore it, just like he said).

    MAKE SURE YOUR USB CABLE/CORD IS A ***GOOD*** DATA CORD, otherwise you will be able to connect in a limited fashion, but the program won’t be able to dial the device, and there will be no data exchange (you can watch the 2 little boxes at the bottom right of the RealTerm screen – one gives CPS (characters per second) and the other gives you the baud rate of exhange. If it’s zero, but you’re getting,”OK,” after to send the written commands, and everything else is good, check the stupid cord. I went through 8 before I put Ampere on my phone and tested them for power and data.

    Also on that note, it’s probably not a good idea to use the same cord to charge your device in the car that you do at home. Using an adapter in the car has flat out fried most of mine, and several are charge-only, so I got an education in those, too, lol. I have a different one for each location.

    Good luck! – if I can do it, anyone can!!!

  177. Here is how I solved my problems… And maybe a way to avoid using the bypass and other apks…

    If RealTerm or no Modem section in Device Manager is your problem, have a good cord and… Try this: unplug the phone, reboot both phone and computer. Let both settle down and fully connect to internet before plugging in the phone to the computer. You need a clean start up. And if you make a mistake, unplug, reboot start over. But go slow, let it boot up fully before plugging in.
    If you can get ES working, check this out: I didn’t fully test this because I got my google account added with the bypass already. But I immediately figured this out right after that.. While in ES, if you tap on any file with a question mark on it.. the phone won’t know how to open it.. and it will give you a list of all the apps in the phone.. you can open both Chrome and Settings and any other app on the phone this way. I would think you could then sign into Chrome and get your account working, avoiding the need to use the bypass apk. But when I tried, my account was already there from the bypass apk I just ran, lol. So, I’m not sure, but the bypass apk just sends you to a place in chrome I think… so then.. I would think you could get there manually somehow as well, avoiding the need for the bypass and thus no google account manager nor SD/OTG.


  178. Hello,

    it does not work with my S7. I can not save the number. Everything works until i receive the call but i can not save the number. This option is not possible. I tried it with Sim, without Sim and with another numbers. Everytime the same problem.
    Please help.

    best regards

  179. same problem here on my s7, once I make the call and end it there is no add contact icon, last week it was working fine as I did the steps to unlock 2 other phones for my job, so I’m a little confused as to why its not working now. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  180. I’m working on removing FRP/Google lock on my Samsung Note 5, I’m using a Windows 10 PC to connect and attempt unlocking the device. I’m having a couple of issues that seem to impact the overall outcome tremendously.
    So first off, i dont have a folder or anything named “my computer”. But when I get to my device manager and start looking through everything for “modems”, it is no where to be found. Having a little difficulty finding the port number without that.
    Also, I’m not sure if the phone will even allow a media connection or anything. I’ve tried to use an OTG cable and a flash drive, a micro usb drive, and with the traditional USB cable in the computer option and the phone may start charging but it never establishes a connection beyond that and i cant figure out how to make my phone connect

  181. Hello rootjunky,
    i have the samsung j3 everything worked great till i got
    the the point where you try to download business card I do not have the option of searching. So I guess that has been patched or is at least different on a sprint phone. Other then that, this is great info. If you know of a way to fix please shoot me a email.


  182. Hello Rootjunky Team,

    it does not work with my S8+. I can not save the number. Everything works until i receive the call but i can not save the number. This option is not possible. I tried it with Sim, without Sim and with another numbers. Everytime the same problem.
    Please help.

    best regards

  183. I use this method on a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 I had problems at first with it not dialing the number but then I realized that it has to have signal not necessarily service but a signal I could actually unhook it after sending the command and take it and put it in my window to where it will get signal and then the dialer what up here I thought that was kind of crazy but hey it worked made 20 bucks fixing that phone =P

  184. I’m trying the bypass method using the OTG and installing the APK onto my Samsung Galaxy S5. I was able to access the settings and navigated to where I needed to uncheck the “reactivation lock” option under “security” and then to select the “factory reset”. However, every time I uncheck the box for “reactivation lock” it automatically rechecks itself within a second. And when I try to do the factory reset, it does not allow me to reset anything. I can’t get past either of those options. Please help!

  185. Hi there! the realterm & fake call work just great with my N9208..unfortunately there’s no create contact icon..so i stucked….any idea how to solve this matter? really appreciate your help

  186. Hello,
    I have a galaxy tab S2. after input of the commandos I get a call from the number 1234. there is a service center. but I have not the possibilities as in the video. what can I do?
    Thank you!

  187. Okay so I am able to complete every step successfully and the dialer pops up on my phone. However my phone does not give me the option to create contact. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (SM-J327T1). Can some one help me please?

  188. Hi.
    J320FN did not work with latest software (from sammobile) BUT I downgraded to the oldest available and it worked just as good as on the vid. THANK YOU!

  189. I am attempting this on an S7 and have everything up to the point of entering the codes. (I’ve already changed it to port 5 and after I put in the code at+creg?\r\n I get the error message “ie NOpen – no device open” Can you help me get through this spot? Please and thank you!

  190. dear rootjunky u are a boss.!!! i jus successfully bypassed frp (samsung s7 tmobile) december first 2017 using a combination of methods ultimately with the help of your frp bypass app. although i was having a sparsing error from the apk on your site i coincidently found the same app through a third party. who did not mention you. but i kno he got it from you. so my loyalty stays true. root junky for life. i bought the fone from a thief so i got screwed and was madd as hell. but didnt wanna lose money invested, none the less frp bypass success. i however have a few questions. please email me m.i.a.nicole92@gmail and ill give u the process i went through and u can share if u feel the need. im not really current on social media so i made this account jus to contact you. i couldnt figure out how to contact you directly. my questions are since i bypassed frp and got my account into the s7 and have gained access to it i would now like to root it.( to avoid unwanted upgrade to nougat. also would like to remove couple bloatware apps associated with att.) im running on marshmallow 6.0.1 but when i go to boot recovery it still says frp lock on. do i need to disable that before root? if so can u send me tut on that or provide link. or do i jus need to factory reset from settings.? im kinda weary about reseting because i used odin to change firmware from tmb to att. also i can but dont really wanna redo the process. in case resetting actually goes back to tmb. or should i go back to tmb.? to make root easier? im intermediate in this whole tech game im actually proud of my achievement. took months of research but 8 hours of concentration. but dont wanna mess up somewhere so if possible can u send me a trusted root method tut. and some useful apps. also let me kno whether or not and how to disable frp lock with gained access. thanks. also it seems users are having trouble with realterm i have a work around ill share with you.

  191. I have been fortunate to own several Samsung products over the years. This is generally a great product. However,, they are also set in their ways when it comes to their policies and procedures. This is especially true when we talk about FRP. My son passed away in February and I made the mistake of doing a factory reset on his phone without changing the email account. This was a dumb mistake but I didn’t know any better at the time. He bought the phone from a third party vendor and they have since closed. His account with his carrier went into collections and the carrier has since told me that they could not send me an activation document. So Samsung will not reset the phone for me. But when I sent it to them, they WERE kind enough to apply the latest security patches so that it could not be used without their resetting it. I have used all of the techniques that you have described in your videos and several others without success as a result. Thanks, anyway, RootJunky. I have a 158 gram paper weight thanks to Samsung.

  192. Worked for me for an AT&T Galaxy S7. Surprised this feature still worked in January 2018. One step I had to do different is in the RealTerm program, I had to click the OPEN button under the PORT tab so it would open communication with the phone. Awesome tutorial, thanks so much!

  193. Hi, Tried to unlock FRP from Samsung Note 7, when i open the RealTerm software the 3 green lights are not appearing only 1 light is appearing here. After that the calling feature is not working with my device using the RealTerm. Please help!

  194. **PLEASE HELP**

    I have a Samsung J7 Nxt and am stuck on the Google account screen.

    Everything works till I send the command to dial 1234. After that, there is no option to add contact. I only have volume, bluetooth and dial.


  195. I just bought a Note8 that had been factory reset…and therefore locked since the guy didn’t know he needed to re-login with his google account. When I hit your second command line (atd123;\r\n) I simply get a message on my PC in RealTerm that simply says NO DIALTONE. The phone screen makes no change whatsoever….just stays connected to wifi waiting for me to input the google account info.

    Is this phone bricked? Is there a way to wipe it and reinstall the OS?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me….

  196. Hello
    thanks for your dedication…great site. ive done as you said., sm-j730gm. my dialer doent have add contact…nor does it have chrome. i comunicat with de device with realterm, i can get to the dialer screen but no saving of contacts. please help.
    thank you.

  197. I have a Galaxy Note 5 (Verizon) and I have followed the video instructions, my problem is that I am not getting the “ok” after putting in at+creg?\r\n. I have tried it with and without the sim card. I have rebooted several times and still nothing. The DSR(6) button is flashing a fast green and the Ring(9) is flickering green. At one point the DCD(1) button was also green but it isn’t doing anything now.

    I have read through the posts am is completely stumped on what to do next. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  198. Hey RootJunky, I put my simcard in and rebooted the device. Commands are seeming to send ok through realterm but I keep getting the “NO DIALTONE” after the second command is sent. Any suggestions?

  199. I have try everything to bypass frp my samsung j3 mission, i dont have a lab top or otg. Cable, i tried to use a moblie hotspot to get the date screen on setup wizard, but its not working, some downloads are corrupted , can you please help to bypass frp google verfication thank you

  200. Rootjunky, I used to respect you alot and thought it was super cool you were helping people by spreading knowledge because information should be free for all who seek it but now you have become a sellout. All you do is try to sell this phonelab course. I don’t doubt it at all it’s probably a good course but you just started selling people your help. I just wanted to throw that out there. You have tainted what you created with the name rootjunky. Now he’s just a salesperson for a online school.

    • Yeah well maybe if you had 7 kids like i do and need to pay the bills maybe you would realize like i did that i was throwing away lots of valuable training for free. Or for popularity and that just doesnt make sense. If you look at my stat’s on youtube you would see that people only wanted my help for free and wanted my time. Time is money. My subscribers only watch 2% of my videos watch time. so if i am selling out 2% and you are part of that 2% i am sorry but 2% of 200,000 subs is only 4000 people. 4000 people that truly love my channel. After 6 years of my life making youtube videos and helping people learn new stuff only 2%.

      • Hi man,

        I value your time and knowledge. I was trying one of your methods at bypassing a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (sm-t713), but I fucked up at too many tries. It had wifi available and everything. But then it showed that blue screen about many attempts and wifi was no longer toggling on, it would go to off. After a week or so, I have been able to flash lots of firmwares, I was able to unlock FRP, sadly wifi and bluetooth does not work, but did prior to many attempts on bypassing FRP with your method..

        Can you help me? let me know pls

  201. Thanks a lot, as of 10/5/2018 i was able to break frp of my passed away brothers phone.

    Some comments, as i had lots of troubles which where pointed out by others, so i decided to put these info together:
    1) If you are not making a call after 2nd command :
    Put your simcard in, it worked for me.
    2) No scan business card
    Send a URL to 1234, instead of trying to make a contact,
    I sent google.com and entered browser from there.
    Then i was able to search galaxy app store , went in to offical website and started galaxy apps.

    I already had the apk downloaded, however it stopped working.

    Then i downloaded google account manager.
    In 6 and 7th version i had parsing error, so i downloaded 5.x, and was able to install it.
    Then i re opened apk provided, and log in.

    Thanks a lot for this video again, and hope these troubles i had help others /

    • “2) No scan business card
      Send a URL to 1234, instead of trying to make a contact”
      What does this mean? I have the s7 edge and it dials out with atd123;\r\n but I have Zero options. After it hangs up I am right back to square one. Is there a command that you can enter a url? I will keep messing with it. But I think a lot of these solutions don’t work with the newer phones. RootJunky… 7 kids! You don’t have heat in the house? lol

  202. Mike
    October 4, 2018 at 4:37 am | Reply

    Rootjunky, I used to respect you alot and thought it was super cool you were helping people by spreading knowledge because information should be free for all who seek it but now you have become a sellout. All you do is try to sell this phonelab course. I don’t doubt it at all it’s probably a good course but you just started selling people your help. I just wanted to throw that out there. You have tainted what you created with the name rootjunky. Now he’s just a salesperson for a online school.

    Leave the man a tip then for his time, perhaps a donation as the time taken to do all this, for the peeps like us, why shouldn’t he make some money, do you go to work for free? No, thought not

  203. Thank you VERY much. Worked on Samsung CORE Prime G360T. Been beating my brains out for over a month. Tried MANY methods. None worked. Then found your SPARSE FIX download. Worked perfectly. AGAIN – THANK YOU.

  204. Rootjunky, I have a Galaxy Tab s3 and is FRP locked.
    Is there anyway for me to unlock it? before it got locked android 8.0 was installed as an update.
    Thanks for your time,

  205. I have a Samsung Grand Prime.

    I’ve got a SIM card in – first command works. I get OK.

    Second command atd1234;\r\n
    gives CRLFd1234;CR ERROR

    I’ve not even hit the step to install the bypass stuff.. is there something specific for the Grand Prime that I’m missing?

  206. Active Sim is required from all my testing. However on my sm-j320v Galaxy J3 when I’m making the call there is no option to add a contact. Different android version?

  207. my Samsung galaxy a5 doesn’t show the add business card button. I’ve done the factory reset on the recovery mode but when I turned the phone back on it still asked for the google verification.

  208. I’ve gotten to the Google browser and I got into the google play store and logged into my account and downloaded es file explorer but it gets stuck there. When I try to add my google account to get further it sends me directly to the Google verification frp but doesn’t recognize my account. I’ve already tried the whole factory reset thing int the recovery mode after pressing power+volume up+home buttons but it still shows the Google verification frp page.

  209. Hallo Rootjunky`s,

    leider Funktioniert dass mit einem Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 (SM-G389F) mit Android 6.0.1 nicht, da OTG ist nicht möglich da die Hardware nicht da für gemacht wurde. Eine SD-Karte zu benutzen ist leider auch nicht machbar da diese Lücke behoben wurde. Das mit Realterm und dem Anruf haut so auch nicht hin, da zum einem das Tool ohne Sim-Karte nur Error aus spuckt. Da habe ich es mit Sim-Karte Probiert aber leider wurde auch die Lücke mit dem Kontakt behoben naja zumindes auf euren weg.

    Ich habe mir es dan auf verschiden wegen Probiert wie die Talkback Variante aber brachte alles kein erfolg.
    Dann habe ich ein Paar Video von 2019 gesehen wo es auf mehreren wegen über eine Internet Adresse gemacht wurde. Doch auch das hat kein ergebnis erbracht, doch dan hatte ich einen Gedanken Blitz und sehe da es hat geklappt.

    also hier meine Lösung mit Sim-Karte :

    1. Realterm anschmeissen USB Kabel ran, HALF DUPLEX anmachen und COM Port anpassen.
    2. auf die Registerkarte Senden, erst “” at+creg?\r\n “” dan “” atd1234;\r\n “” mit ASCII Senden.
    3. nun wird der Dailer Anruf vom Tool auf dem Handy gemacht, Ihr Beendet den Anruf und jetzt müsst ihr Schnell sein. Da der Bildschrim mit Kontake Hinzufügen nur 1-2 Sekunden zu Sehen ist. Dürck also zügik auf Kontakte Hinzufügen. Nummer 1234, als namen irgendwas und was jetzt Wichtig ist auf Webadresse und http://www.google.de eintragen und auf dem Gerät Speichern. Jetzt Sollte euch das Handy wieder zurück auf Wlan schicken.
    4. in Realterm sollte noch der letzte command “” atd1234;\r\n “” vorhanden sein und ihr drück wieder auf ASCII Senden. Ihr Bendet wieder den Anruf und drückt Schnell auf Kontakte und auf den Hinzugefügten Kontakt. Nun Sollte Name, Nummer und die web Adresse zu sehen sein jetzt einfach auf http://www.google.de drücken und der Berechtigung zustimmen und siehe da der Exploder Öffnet sich. (jetzt könnt ihr Realterm beenden und das USB-Kabel abziehen)
    5. nach Galaxy Apps suchen und auf das suchergebnis mit (https://www.samsung.com/de/apps/galaxy-apps/) oder gleich den Link in die aresszeihe eingaben. Runter Scrollen bis `GALAXY APPS´ AUFRUFEN drücken.
    Nun wird der Galaxy Store geöffent, dort geht ihr auf suchen und “” Internet “” eingeben jetzt sollte oben Samsung Internet Browser zu sehen sein drauf Drücken und auf Instaliren oder Aktualisieren. Sobald dies Fertig ist auf Öffnen Drücken.
    6. Wieder auf Google und nach “” quick shortcut maker apk “” suchen oder die Direkte art (quickshortcutmaker.en.uptodown.com) und runterladen.
    7. Wieder auf Google und nach “” rootjunky frp bypass 1.0 Android APK “” suchen oder direkt von hier laden (http://rootjunkysdl.com/files/?dir=Apps/FRP)
    8. bei diesen Schritt bin ich mir nicht sicher ob es ein muss ist aber ich habe es halt genau so gemacht.
    Wieder ein mal Googlen und nach Google Account Manager 6.0.1 APK suchen sollte der erste link sein (https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/google-inc/google-account-manager/google-account-manager-6-0-1-release/google-account-manager-6-0-1-android-apk-download/) und runterladen.
    9. So wir haben es fast geschaft jetzt im Browser unten auf Lesezeihen drücken auf Verlauf und da auf Downloadverlauf. Als erstes auf quickshortcutmaker drücken und installieren (unbekante quellen erlauben).
    Als zweites com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk installieren und als drites google-account-manager *evtl könnt ihr auch erst 3. dan 2. aber wie gesagt ich sags euch halt wie ich es gemacht habe ;-)* wenn ihr wie ich macht noch ein mal auf com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0.apk und schwasinigerweisse noch mal installieren und öffnen.
    10. Wie im Video neuen Account eintragen und Neustarten.

    es ist eine lange Reise aber euer Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 (SM-G389F) mit Android 6.0.1 kann wieder benutzt werden.

    Nicht vergessen dies ist nur für euer Handy gedacht und keine Fremden.

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