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How to turn your old or new android device into a WiFi phone


1.  Phone with Android version 4.3 or higher

2.  Gmail account

3.  Google hangouts app installed

4.  Google Voice app installed

5.  Hangouts dialer app installed

6.  A phone number you can use to setup your Google voice account with but not use. It can be a land line or a cell

7. a WiFi network to have your device connected to. maybe at your home or at McDonalds 🙂

Steps for setup

1. Go to Google.com/voice and login

2. get a new number for your google voice account

3. activate new number be verifying with another number cell phone or lane line.

4. setup voice mail and any other settings you like on the site

5. check forward calls to Google chat this is really import also make sure you verification number isnt checked


6. Now that you have your google voice number setup you can setup the apps on your phone

7. setup google voice app first then open and setup hangouts next hangouts dialer


8. go to settings on hangouts app and select sms and enable it



8. again in settings click on your email address. Then under google voice check both incoming phone calls and messages


thats it your done

if you did everything right you now have a android phone that when it is on wifi can make and receive phone calls with the google voice number you setup. It can send and receive text also from that google voice number and even get voice mail that can be played in the hangouts app, in fact all the features listed here are done from the hangouts app.

This is a great way to use a old phone or even a phone with a bad esn

No sim card required device can be unactivated

Enjoy my little trick and also what i use for a home phone

RootJunky Out

Sync this phone with a android wear device and you will be really running smooth 🙂

 if you are still having a hard time with this check out this video it the same process just with different apps

The Moto 360 & Android Wear: After a week
Nvidia Tegra Note 7 Super Tool

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33 thoughts on “Wifi Phone”

  1. I did this as an experiment on my tablet. It works great! with the tablet you need use a bluetooth headset for best results. free calling and free SMS messaging. Thanks for this.

  2. It works, but you dont have to worry about step 5 anymore since its all free through hangouts and voice. No more phone bills for me, thats an extra 150 a month. Thanks dude, sharing w/everyone i know

  3. Can anyone help me with this? I have 2 cell phones and want to use one only occasionally and strictly on WiFi *mainly* for toll calls. When I go to sign up for Google Voice it says…

    “You can choose a brand new number from Google or use your existing mobile number to get the full set of Google Voice features, like:

    one number that rings all your phones
    online voicemail with transcriptions, sent to you by email or text
    custom greetings and call blocking, and much more

    I want a new number
    I want to use my mobile number

    So if I add my home number in Google Voice and people call this “new Google phone number” I am assigned when people call me my home phone rings? I am confused. I just want this occasionally used phone to ring, not other phones. I am looking to have 1 number for this occasionally used phone for people call and get me on, not a bunch of phones ringing. Is this possible and how? Sorry, but I am confused and I think this “forwarding” stuff is what has me confused. Thanks for any help.

  4. I don’t think you need the Google Voice App on the Android phone if you are strictly using the wifi and Hangouts. I set up my wifi tablet to make and receive calls just using the Hangouts and Hangouts dialer apps and I can make and receive calls using it and my Google Voice number will show up on the receiving party’s caller ID.

    Where you will need Google Voice app on the phone is if you want to receive calls on your phone service (not wifi) and make Google Voice calls using your phone service (not wifi) so I do keep it on my phone that has cell service so I can use either phone or wifi/data to make calls.

  5. Can you please tell me that if i use my current phone in which im using my current sim, can i just continue to make calls free. And when my phone is not connected to wifi i can use my sum. Is it possible

  6. So i have it all setup i think, but whenever some one calls and doesn’t leave a voicemail are you able to set it up as to where you see that missed call?

  7. Maybe someone can help me out. I came to this site after successfully updating my Unlimited Data plan with my provider. This was done in a complicated way which I’m not even sure is supported by the provider.
    My problem is – about the same time my contract (with unlimited data ) was renewed, my former 250 free message allowance was dropped and in place is now .20 per message. Normally I would just call and complain and see if this two couldn’t simply be renewed as I am “grandfathered in” but I have read all sorts of posts where this provider is simply turning off Unlimited Data whenever they are presented with a customer that still has it. Long explanation – but that’w why I’m here. I’d rather try to find a way where I can still keep my cell # and continue to make calls through my cell provider however have all text drawn from my Unlimited Data instead of being charged .20 per each? With whats being described here – it seems that both calls and messaging will have to be channeled through Google Voice # – right? Is there a way to only designate texts?

  8. What happens if the cell number you have for verification is shutt off.

    Can you put this on a different disconnected android after it is done the first time?

  9. Looks to be pretty cool. I am going to London UK from US on vacation and want to call family and receive calls from family plus get taxi’s, etc. Will this work on a tablet/phone (haven’t bought one yet) when I get to the UK? I have set up the GoogleVoice account and have my new GV number so far.

    I am confused by some of the information, though. What Android apps do I need to download once I get my tablet/phone (June 2016) to make this work? Some comments here seem to disagree with the videos I’ve seen on YouTube by RootJunky. For example, is Talkaphone app needed? What about the Google Voice app?

    By the way, although I am 72, I am fairly tech savvy. I just need clarification about what is needed.


    • Can I get some help with my question? It was posted Jan 31 and it’s now Mar 11. Where are you RootJunky? I need you!

  10. I set this up on my Samsung s3 with no sim card. Worked right away, YAY! Then didn’t work when I went back to it a couple of hours later. After 7 hours of installing, uninstalling etc… it worked! Then two hours later after dinner – it didn’t work. Messed with everything and went to bed a failure. Tried in morning – it worked! Went out and tried it two hours later and it doesn’t work.

    No frickin’ idea.


  11. Yup, works nice on Samsung Galaxy Tablet w Plantronics bluetooth earpiece. Great home phone or backup for cell. Need WIFI for internet of course, and bluetooth is much better if ur tablet has it so u r not always on speakerphone. A wired headset (mono or stereo) w a mic should work just as well if no BT, but I have not tried it yet. It is a Little different in some small ways but a lot the same as standard cell phone useage. I think Hangouts may have been updated again (since time this article published) to be even easier. Pretty sure I was able to skip a step or 2 that was now the default on install. Nice job Google. FREE Unlimited phone n text to almost any US/Canada number (cellular numbers & all) with your own FREE Google Voice phone number using a tablet or current/old/unactivated phone that has WiFi (which can also be had FREE at sooooo many Many MANY places) – NO cell service or mobile data plan needed. I’m LuVin it 🙂

  12. I am unable to go to the third step of ‘next’ on the google voice app. “This phone’s number…select the number of this phone”, if I click ‘add a phone number’, then ‘verify your number’, next, “we have a problem, your phone number could not be verified..” message. But, I already setup google voice on desktop computer, and did all what I was supposed to do, including going to the settings, and clicking on forward calls to google chat. I also deleted the landline number that I initially entered into google voice. But, before I deleted the landline number, then downloaded the google voice app on my phone, the app would bring up the landline number as the number to verify…I was not getting the next message that you show on the video. I do not want the landline number obviously….I want only the google voice number. The weird thing is, even though I haven’t finished setting up the voice app, I am able to call via hangouts. I cannot dial through google voice or through my contacts on my phone.

  13. Looks like Google voice doesn’t have the option to forward to Google chat anymore, so how else can we set this up, with that option gone? Also when I uncheck the linked phone, it says that I won’t be able to send or receive calls. I would like to know more about this, otherwise it won’t work.

  14. What happens when I try to use phone when not near to a place that doesn’t have wifi. Also can I play my games on phone? And I don’t understand what hangouts dialer app is needed for or how to integrate it with hangouts..

  15. I am looking for a way to do this exactly the way you have except with bluetooth capabilities. Any suggestions? I have a cordless telephone system that allows me to connect my cell to it via bluetooth so that it will be more like a home phone. Any help you can give would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance

  16. I set it up and can call out but when someone calls me the backup phone I had my initial verification code sent to rings. Any thoughts on this?


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