Moto 360 adapter usb cable

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Motorola Moto 360 adapter usb cable


How to make your own USB cable to connect to the 5 Pogo pins on the back of the Motorola Moto 360 under the bottom watch band under the FCC sticker. With this cable you will be able to give the Moto 360 adb and fastboot commands. To unlock the bootloader or maybe even restore a bricked device its up to you. Here are the instructions with some pictures to hopefully help you along.


Tools and parts you will need

1. a long usb cable

2. a female cat5 connector from any of these links Home Depot  Amazon

3. par of wire strippers

4. small side cutters

5. little standard screw driver

6. drill and 1/16 drill bit

7. ohm meter

8. needle nose pliers

Useful info on usb cables

usb cableusbpinout

 Basically what you are doing is cutting the micro usb end off of the usb cable and attaching a Cat5 female connector to the end with 4 of the prongs pulled out to connect to the pins on the back of the Moto 360. best advise is to watch the video i have on this process here.

Please comment below if you have any questions or ideas on improving this cable thanks

RootJunky Out


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39 thoughts on “Moto 360 adapter usb cable

  1. What drivers did you use to unlock the bootloader? I can’t get anything to work. My 360 pulls up under Universal Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager. I am unable to update the drivers to a fastboot interface driver because of this.

    • My computer auto installed the motorola drivers and they worked fine. if the device installs as something funny just open device manager and uninstall then reboot the computer and try again. the latest motorola drivers can be found at or just click on downloads on this site

      • Would my device still show up in device manager if one of the wires wasn’t making proper contact? I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, and rebooted many times, but I don’t have the option to manually force Windows to recognize it as a bootloader interface. I have a Hackintosh, so I tried in Mac as well, but fastboot refuses to pick up my device in terminal there too.

  2. Can’t get it to load for some reason. Always comes up to my screen saying “this usb may have a malfunction” and then just has an ! next to the USB

  3. I have buy a Moto 360 1st gen to pair with my iphone : it work greak with Android wear app ios.

    But it’s impossible to add new app or watch face. With your cable can i add standalone app in the watch ?

    If yes, is it possible to pay you to make one for me (i’m noob in eletronic stuff) ?

  4. I’ve created a cable, but it was only charging the watch, the pc didn’t recognize it as a usb device. I tried to reconnect wires in different order with the idea to eventually get it working. Unfortunately after one of the attempts the watch turned off and now it won’t turn on again (it shows no signals of life, just a black screen all the time). Can anyone explain why it happened? Is there any way to fix it now?


    • Hi Agrubi,

      When the cable was only charging the watch, the data pins were probably swapped. When you changed the order, you made a short circuit on the device. You probably blew a fuse or the weakest component on the PCB. By swapping the pins you fried the mainboard of the watch. My condolences.

  5. i just started trying to hack my moto 360 because it has no more warranty and the battery life sucks, however the pinout picture you have for the pads on the watch are backwards to what you have on the cat 5 connector, is this on purpose?

  6. Hi,
    Quite interesting article. Right now my Moto 360 adapter is working properly. Well if it starts showing problem I will definitely use this method. Keep writing such amazing article.


  7. RootJunky, I really need your help. I have a 2nd gen which I purchased second hand from a guy who bought it off someone else. He didn’t know jack about Android. The watch refuses to update to Marshmallow, and is still on In what I assume is the fastboot menu, it reads out “Device status UNLOCKED” . Is it possible that the watch’s bootloader has been unlocked and the firmware was installed by hand? If so, I know I will need to hook this thing up but I don’t even know where the pins are. Thanks

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