Nexus 6

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Nexus 6


The first thing you need to know about your new Nexus 6 is you need to ready up on everything you can find about this device to fully understand it before you start hacking or modding the device. once you have done that then go ahead and unlock the bootloader and root the device from there all the other mod will but easy to accomplish. If you watch my videos in order you will be up to speed with everything i have done to my device. So have fun and lets get some modding and hacking doing on. 🙂

Google’s Motorola Nexus 6 unboxing and first impressions


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5 thoughts on “Nexus 6

  1. trate de desbloquear la cuenta google de mi nexus 6 pero no hay opcion de re llamada y no puedo igresar el codigo. alguna idea que me ayude? gracias

  2. what the hell is this every time I opened this link shows me to share this post for full content and wherever I share no changes occur…
    I was a fan of this site and now its nothing more than an elephant shit…..

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