Nexus 9

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Nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 by HTC is the best tablet of 2014 and since it is a Nexus gets all the new android updates and love as soon as Google releases there source code. This page is designed to help you learn all you need to know about how the Nexus 9 works and runs. It will teach you how to factory reset the device. unlock the bootloader, root the device, install custom recovery and backup your data, along with installing custom roms and much more. start with the first video and work your way down the list enjoy and have some fun. Note Learn read and learn some more before you start this process 🙂

How to Enter fastboot and bootloader Mode along with stock recovery mode

1.  Power off your Nexus 9

2.  hold Volume Down then hold the power button until the screen turns on and you will be in hboot / bootloader mode

3.  to enter fastboot press power button again from this screen

4.  Enter recovery scroll down once with volume down and select recovery with the Power button.

Note volume up and down are the scroll buttons and power is the select or enter button.


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11 thoughts on “Nexus 9

  1. FRP fix not working on my LG V10, when I go to the Talkback then Vision scoll down setting is not avail. it is grayed out, so how to fix this probem??

  2. The August 2016 Security update from Google bricked my Nexus 9. Stock recovery does not fix it. Please help, what’s the next step when stock recovery fails?

  3. HI! A mannaged to get de google now, and download, and install apk frpbypass, 1.0. But i cant install the other apk, it said it is corrupted.

    Iwould like to show you de path, so maybe you can make a new apk for google account, a by pass de frp.

    Im using a Nexus 9, 7.0 android, with 4 agust security patch.

  4. Hey,

    Device is Nexus 9 that I got off lease on eBay running Nutella with an August security patch. The bootloader is locked and there is a Google account on the device that I do not have a password for. I need to get past FRP.

    I’ve made it past installation of the Quick Shortcuts apk and have it installed.
    I’m in QuickShortcuts, under “Google Account Manager” there is no “Type Email and Password” activity. Where can I go from here? Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the prompt response. I’ve downloaded and installed Android_6_Google_Account_Manager.apk from your website three times, however I am getting “App not installed, The package appears to be corrupt.” error message. Thanks again. What now?

    • Pulled a copy of 7.0 Google Account Manager from here, “” and installed with no problem. However, FRPBypass crashes, and there is no “Type email and password” under Google Account Manager when viewed in QuickShortcuts.
      No surprise there, eh?

  6. I have a htc nexus 9 I need a video on how to bypass google verification. When I hold on the @key settings does not come on. The htc nexus has flash light behind it. Camera on both sides front and back. It does not use Sim card.

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