Android Nougat 7.0 Official

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Android Nougat 7.0 Official



Google has finally released the latest installment of there OS, Android Nougat 7.0 and if you are looking for the firmware and ota update files then you can come to the right place. First lets talk about the firmware update files that we have and how to install them. Check out all the latest features at Googles official page HERE

There are 2 options to install these ota update files which is really nice.

  1. copy the to your sdcard then boot into stock Android recovery with holding volume down and power and then selecting apply update from sdcard.
  2. Boot into stock Android recovery with holding volume down and power and then selecting apply update from adb. Then from the computer run command adb sideload (

Note: you can use these ota updates from either being on Android N developer preview or from being on stock Marshmallow the latest firmware and the ota update will work just fine. The Reason the the ota update will work is because it contains a full system flash and all the files needed.


1. bootloader unlocked or locked either will work

2. device on stock firmware with stock recovery

3. they will not work with TWRP or a custom rom installed.


Nexus 5X

Nexus 6

Nexus 6P

Nexus 9

Nexus Player

More files will be added once they are available.

Official Firmware With Fixed Flash Files

These files are the stock Android Nougat Firmware but they have been update to work correctly with .bat flash files for windows and .sh flash files for mac or linux. These repackaged firmwares also includes a No wipe options which will allow you to keep your app data on the device and not wipe it. you can use these file to update or restore your nexus device even coming from a different rom should work.

How to Flash these files

  1. Boot into bootloader mode by holding volume down and power
  2. plug device into the computer and double click on the .bat file you want to use.  For Mac and Linux use the .sh files by opening Terminal and cd to the director then use ./ to run the script.
  3. watch the script and follow its instructions. thats it.


Nexus 5X

Nexus 6

Nexus 6P

Nexus 9

Nexus Player

More files will be added once they are available.

You can also download the firmware straight from Google HERE

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40 thoughts on “Android Nougat 7.0 Official”

  1. The FRP has also been updated [as you would expect] obtained a used Nexus 9 with corrupted OS, would not flash any OTA version of 6.0 so had to update to 7.0, finally got in to the initial setup to find the Factory Reset Protection methods previously discovered do not work, hanging out for a sequence, great site, cheers D [nz]

  2. I have Nexus 6P,android 7, september security update, locked FRP.Do you have any solutions because type email and password missing from google avccount manager?

  3. I have a nexus 6p with official android nougat 7.0 with september security update locked with frp no solution yet! Help!!!

  4. Hey! I have a nexus 6p, FRP on, it’s going on Android 7.0 (NBD91K) security patch level november 05. OEM unlock not activated, so bootloader is locked.
    All of your previous method are now patched
    I can connect my devices as ‘fastboot’ device, which anyway deni about 99% of fastboot commands, I can also make it talk in adb, but side load only, and as hard as I’m trying, the only thing that I can flash via adb is the OTA from Google, and forward only ( not able to downgrade ). I can also get into the settings tabs, but it won’t let me turn OEM unlock to 1 , and factory reset now retain the older FRP token.
    I have seen some people logging via QuickShortcutMaker , but I just can’t get the login from Google account manager.

    Well, I’m kinda out of solution, if you have a clue, let me know !!

  5. My ZTE Sonata 3 is frp locked I can get into settings I can get on line but it won’t let me do factory reset. Have been racking my brain trying to figure something out can you please help me?

    • im in the same boat,with es file explorer you can even install apk,but no advancement on replaceing the google account,dispite numorus,my only hint of a lead is if I can switch the dpi somehow the shortcut maker might show the three dots option to enable the browser sign in,would appreciate any knowledgeable feed back if any maybe we can crack the code.

  6. hello rootjuncky,

    my motorola nexus 6 locked by frp. can i flash nexus 6 with lockbootloader and downgrade 7.0 to 6.0.1
    any solutions help me….

  7. Hi my ZTE Sonata 3 Z832,version 6.0.1,sec.patch level July 1 2016, Build number Z832V1.3.17 is frp locked I have tried every method I’ve seen on you tube that doesn’t require OTG cause I don’t have any of that stuff. Nothing seems to be working. Now I can get into settings, I can get into my launcher, I can get on Chrome. Could you please help me. It’s driving me crazy.

    • also if you install an earlier version of the setup wizard it causes it to crash,might help the process of bypassing the frp,i bypassed every frp there was,but this one and the galaxy express 3 seem to be a more challenging obstacle.

  8. Forget that wendy…i did it!
    I bypassed the frp on the ZTE Sonata 3!
    Victory is our sorry for stealing the thunder root junky,don’t worry your methods of development are of the highest quality there is…
    Now,who has a zte sonata 3 being frp stubborn that would like to know the last steps of the bypassing?

  9. Samsung s7 edge in for mode its my wife’s ice out in all the right recovery info still locking me out I reset thing it would be good but google is a problem can anyone help today is literally her birthday and she has no phone

  10. Samsung s7 edge android 7.0
    FRP mode….I put all my wife info In correctly still keeping me out….its her birthday today literally and I can’t get in for her at all tried everything I cam think

  11. hi do you have any idea for rooting huawei honor 8 frd-l09 7.0 emui 5.0 m tired of trying to root it plz help me to find out

  12. Hello I was looking for a way to bypass & permanentely remove the google FRP lock from my Alcatel a30 9024w tablet running android 7.1.1
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  13. No luck here either..ive literally scoured YouTube and internet but the latest mention I got from here was that there is no solution as of yet to bypass ftp on alcatel 9024w! If I’m mistaken..please..someone speak up now! 😉

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