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  1. Hi, watch your video, and on my phone have no button upgrade data service.
    Can you write your firmware version and no.
    Thank you
    Mark, Vladivostok Russia

  2. Hey peeps. Those of u without an tmobile variant of s7 or s7 edge, try these steps.
    1. Use rootjunky’s router disconnect method to apply a pattern to the device.
    2. After u have applied the pattern, press the power button to turn off light then press again to go to lockscreen
    3. Swipe on the phone dialer app and enter the pattern u had applied earlier. In the phone dialer app now add a contact. Then select add another field to the contact. U will then see website as a field. Enter After that, save the contact.
    4. Press back after screen then go to contacts tab in phone dialer app. Select the contact u just added, then click on the option to go to website. USE SAMSUNG Native browser to load website. After Google has loaded, go to rootjunkysdl in search.
    5. Download the shortcut creater app from his website. Then in SAMSUNG Native browser select bookmarks, then download history. U will have access to the shortcut app u just downloaded πŸ™‚
    6. Follow the rest of rootjunky’s video on how to use the app. Thats my hypothesis guys.
    Hope rootjunky will make a video of what i just wrote to make it easier for u guys πŸ™‚

  3. Has anybody tried Murroys method ?? I have the same issue with no upgrade data version ….
    Please help !!

  4. Hi I’m not getting the upgrade data usage I’m connected to my other phones data can u help me out please an thank u

  5. I tried this on the moto g3. The router switch off trick never worked so i got into the setting via the old route. Once in i followed the Nexus video, added another google account etc, but when i pressed next the phone rebooted. Looks like the moto g3 is unhackable now?

  6. Locked out of phone so ATT said factory reset it, well they didn’t tell us about FRP lock. We were stuck until we found your videos! Thank you! ATT would not replace with insurance because phone under warranty, warranty would not cover because FRP lock, Google could not find account associated with phone tried your method from S6 edge but did not work. However I combined your S7 video with S6 to bypass S6 edge plus and all I can say is Thank You! It Worked!

  7. i have lenovo a2010 which have same problem it stucked at FRP i haven’t find any solution for that neither i have OTG cable so plz tell me how do i bypass FRP without OTG. plz tell me as soon as possible

  8. Murroy Beverley even this method is not working anymore,, somehow i managed to got internet in it and also ready to make a google account but i cannot type because there is no keyboard available !!! anyways Im sure that you guys will find another way to do that especially mr. Rootjunky,, more power to you guys,, cheers!!!!

  9. sir there is no option of upgrade data services…. i’ve tried also the one using in battery bit there is no battery location.. plsss help me!!

  10. all we can now is to wait for mr. ROOTJUNKY to crack google FRP again and upload the video of it as usual..only mr. Rootjunky has the capabilities to do so,,

  11. yes Luis there is no more camera option left,, we need a new solution from genius ROOTJUNKY,, and I know that he can do it again,,,,

  12. if you guys really desprate to get rid of your FRP locks then you have to find a celphone technician with Z3X PRO box and it can be removed easily,, but for that you have to pay and its not free,,

  13. I have this s6 edge + and used multiple methods to remove frp including otg and your other. Each time after factory reset it is still Google locked…it is at@t . any ideas?



    Sec patch 2016-02-01

    Build lmy47x.g928aucu2apb2

  14. Holyoblation are you sure that its security patch is feb. 1 2016 ??? if yes then there wouldn’t be any problem in removing FRP lock !!! i think its may 1 2016 security patch,, as I said above is all we can do is wait for a new crack by mr. ROOTJUNKY,, or look for a mobile phone technician.

  15. any word on moto x Xt1563 6.0.1 security patch may 1? very annoying this FRP managed to add a visitor account but no admin permission to reset.

  16. I did everything root junky did on his video. When I plug in my otg cable with flash drive and a ok file, my s6 edge plus file exolorer does not open up. Nothing happens. Please advise.

  17. I have LG Tribute 5 T-Mobile in the step in talk back- the settings, 2 other function’s are absent ? I cant access settings in, talk back, All other steps to by pass FRP is set cant get that Last one to go.Is there another way? I dont understAnd why its missing setting? But it is.Help!!!

  18. Trying to bypass the previous google account on my HTC thats synced to the phone. I’ve done the factory reset and it won’t let me add my own account. I don’t have a number for the phone.

  19. Hi.yes,it was fixed in latest updates,but u did find a way with the UPGRADE DATA SERVICE trick,to enter Chrome….But,i had now a new security patch, on an edge+.i didnt had that Data service…..still,i wanna share what i did to get chrome working.from the google policy,bla bla,ive manage to acces location policy,and finaly maps app.keyboard isnt active in this state,lack of java rutines….anyway opening maps,ive just searched for a restaurant on map,and hitting their web site,brought chrome up….from there and until there,its all in s7 video posted by you in xda.anyway,ttickbis to get CHROME UP….THANX FOR SHARE OF ALL YOUR NICE VIDEOS….BR Alex_sw

  20. I am having no luck on LG Tribute 5 T mobile FRP work around does not work. There are functions missing from accessibility? I have all other settings in place. I got Accessibilty> Talkback> settings is disabled somehow?
    I see it , but it can not be accessed. Help?

  21. Root Junky , congratulations on your site , it has helped me a lot, but I need your help once ve if possible … I have a MOTOROLA MOTO X PLAY XT1563 android 6.0.1 with Security Patch March 1 , and wanted install a new custom rOM , but that can not access the uSB debugging, developer, can not restore , nor do root r or recovery mode , and there is a solution for unlocking, and congratulations .

  22. I have lg nexus 5x 6.0.1 version and it have Google account I try a lots to remove but I didn’t what I have to do show me a way

  23. I like your bypass factory reset video but here is the problem after using your method still ask me Samsung account ID and password how is that happen and what is your segregation pls?

  24. i have tried to do this on a customers s7 on verizon with the otg device (phone doesnt recognize device, nor does it work using the wifi disconnect option)

    any other help you can suggest?

  25. Hy rootjunky please help me bypass my moto g3 running on android 6.0.1 march security patch….
    i tried the method shown in this video but it didn’t work. As soon as the “signing in” comes up, the phone reboots automatically and i am unable to bypass it..
    Please Help Meο»Ώ…

  26. S7 ATT
    Bypass doesn’t work because
    Data upgrade and
    Clear data on wizard (both methods) are grayed out. Or unavailable.

    Going to try otg method. (ordered part)
    Any ideas what I’m having trouble or how to get around it?

  27. I Have the HTC desire 626s and i tried o do this method and it will not let me select share when i hold the letters i typed in can you explain what im doing not right

  28. Hey RJ was just wondering is the method for s7 is still working I get to where you select text to share but when I share is says all apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked, or are not installed.. is there anything I can do to make this method work I’m on mobile

  29. Thanks for all that you do RJ. You’ve helped me b4 on Google FRP but if you’d like a real challenge on Samsung FRP then please help me in any way you can as this will also help a lot of people too, especially after Marshmallow updates. Where I’m at is I have S6 on Samsung FRP MM 6.1. I sign into wi-fi > then add email account. From there I go add paypal log in details then click “problem” with login & browser option opens. From there I can go to Samsung website but it doesn’t let me sign in no matter what I do no matter which browser I use. So I go play store & DL Nova launcher & KNOX to try previous known workaround method by signing into Samsung a/c in KNOX but alas it doesn’t write over original previous known Samsung a/c so on reboot back to square one! Wipe, rinse & repeat all to no avail πŸ™ Seems to me that even though I can get into the phone & it’s settings it’s still in some sort of secure mode but surely there must be a way otherwise I wouldn’t have got this far? Please help in any way at all as I feel I’m almost there! I also won’t be alone in needing this workaround as MM 6.1 seems to have changed a lot security wise. I also get fails in Odin so my options are exhausted so far. HELP? Thanks!

  30. Thanks for replying RJ. Thing is I can get into Google account no problem. I can get in to phone & all settings no problem & add my a/c that way but I actually think this is Samsung reactivation lock which is Samsung’s own FRP if that makes sense? Do you know anything about getting round that? I even have my own Samsung account but it won’t recognize it πŸ™ Thanks again!

  31. I have a galaxy note 5. I forgot my password on it so i did a factory reset now i cant get past the frp.. please help this phone has drove me crazy already

  32. I can’t get the “share” option when highlighting text as shown in the demo. I’m using a Galaxy S6 edge+. Anyone running into the same problem and have a solution? Thanks!

  33. I need a work around for not being able to select text and not getting the copy/paste/share menu. Someone must have seen the fix and fixed the OS code. LG LS770 get to the setup after closing the WI-FI connection. When I press forward to get the Privacy Policy and try to select text, nothing happens.

  34. Hi RJ big fan of the site! I have a Samsung J5 (SM-j500fn) with Security patch 2016-02-01 and cannot get passed the frp πŸ™ Any ideas please? Im desperate, thanks

    I have tried miracle box and after phone resets still asks for original google account, OTG cable doesn’t work, and using the bypass to settings apk to reset device doesn’t work πŸ™

    HELP!!! please πŸ˜€

  35. Forgot to add, I can get into settings using the sidesync method but everytime I erase the phone from the menu and then enter a google account it says it is not the original πŸ™ Cant turn usb debugging on either πŸ™

  36. Hi Root Junky, I tried to disable the FRP, I was successful until I had to share the text to get to the web browser etc. When I share is says, “All apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked, or are not installed”. This step was not in your video and I have had my S7 from T-Mobile since Mid June, is there anything I can do to disable the FRP?

  37. I have a note 5 att on 5.1.1. I got the camera trick to work. File explorer is installed. I goto your site to download the bypass file and it does but I get this message saying the process can not be parsed. I’m stuck there. I was able to get into the settings of the phone but they disabled developer options. I hit build number 7 times and nothing happens. OTG isn’t detected either. Anyone else at this point or know of a fix? Thank you

  38. Am I doing something wrong I have the otg. Adapter flash drive formatted apk downloaded and it wrks to pull up te menu on my S6 active but not on the Grand prime that I’m locked out of??????

  39. Hi there.
    I have a Galaxy Note 5 I bought of Craigslist. I didnt know that FRP was ven a thing, so when I got a factory reset phone I didnt think anything of it. Now I cant get ahold of the guy I bought it from and cant do anything with this phone (bought a sim card for it and everything. Ive tried everything I can find and im having no luck. Heres what ive got.

    Phone: Galaxy Note5 (SM-920T American T-mobile)
    Android version: 6.0.1

    Tried installing factory Rom using Odin : “Custom Binary blocked by FRP”
    Tried the disconnect router method: Setup pattern and pin, no camera function on lock screen, no phone access on lock screen, give option for emergency call, but no access to contacts.
    OTG drive (same model as yours actually) : It detects the drive, and installs the Android and Lost dir. Does not open file manager when plugged in, no access to settings.
    Reinstalled from Kies3 : Kies3 reinstalled factory ROM, now detects that I have to log in on device.
    Tried a root kernal to bypass the FRP block on custom ROMS, Odin fails every time.
    Tried the copy/share function on the service agreement : “function blocked by security settings”

    It appears I have access to adb sideload, but have no idea how to use that function, also have boot from SD card, but the Note5 does not have an SD card. I’m out of ideas/tutorials to follow. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated.

  40. Best way ive found to bypass frp and Google verify account is w the sidesync app. Download app to pc plug in and ur going from inside out it also gives u Samsung link to the bypass apk. Everything else failed I also spent 30$ on the otg adapter and it wouldn’t register at all

  41. Hi Paulyd13, yeh I found that thr best but when I reset phone from the menu it just gives me option to erase everything. When I do this, Frp is still present when phone starts back up.

  42. Unfortunately, the ‘setup wizard’ isn’t shown on the LG G5. One thing I can do is to create a new user and switch to it, but that’s doesn’t resolve this frigging FRP issue.

    any clues?

  43. I followed your friends test video for my note 5 sm- n920t(t-mobile) but substituted a mobile Hotspot and it worked like a charm. It was 4 weeks trying other methods, but root is the best thing since the wheel. I’m headed toward the SanDisk otg flash drive method on a style and trial not error on a tab just to challenge myself since I found this so enjoyable. Thanks for your hard work. Ur my hero.

  44. If u don’t have your note fixed yet…follow this Samsung from test video root junky posted. From test first video and disconnect your WiFi signal at the update screen appearance. It worked for me the first time with a mobile Hotspot I held in my hand and interrupted the signal by pushing the power button until it powered down. It was fool proof. Hope this helps, I searched forever for this fix.

  45. Rootjunky, your site is bad a$$! Ive been looking through the comments for the solution to what is probably a simple problem but haven’t found one, so I f you’ve answered this already I’m sorry for being redundant. I have the LG G4 from Verizon… There isn’t an accessibility menu on the start up screen. I got passed this on my old LG G4 from Tmobile months ago using the Shortcut program… But can’t haven’t figured out how without being able to access the accessibility menu. I also don’t have access to my PC currently so I can’t do it that way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  46. I guess I’m just Johnny come lately? but anyway I guess things have changed since this video because my LG g4 I can get to the talkback screen and my settings is there but its grayed out cant press….idk if you found a bypass but I really need it if you have. Thank you. And by the way you are awesome RootJunky!!!!

  47. Just addition to my last post I bought a LG g4 that was o. A Sprint network idk if that matters at all this method seems to work for most.

  48. Hi Mr RJ, I’m no phone wiz but have been following your instructions on the video how to bypass the frp on a Samsung s7. I get to the point where you do the share thing and it says that there are no apps in the device to support? Am I doing something wrong or is there another step to try. Thanks in advance if you can help, cheers

    • I have had great success in the past with RootJunky methods for bypassing FRP, but I ran into a problem recently with a Verizon Galaxy S7 (SM-G930V). After going through the wifi disconnect method, there was no ability to β€œSHARE” because I received the message β€œall apps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked or are not installed.” This is likely due to a recent firmware upgrade that has a security patch that fixed this backdoor. I am now attempting to downgrade to the original Android 6.0.1 firmware to see if I can get past this, then upgrade the firmware again.

      I will let you know shortly if this works.

  49. Hey man I’ve tried everything & I still can’t get it unlocked all I’m able to do is go to the Internet ?? I’m using the phone now to type this

  50. I’m on Nexus 6P Nougat

    Everything worked, but but I’m not able to install Account Manager 6 or 5. I get an error saying that the app may be corrupt. Any other versions or workaround?

  51. I have managed to get to google now cards and have access to apps. but don’t now where to go on nexus 6p with 6 September security patch updated, tried motrola method of installing google android manager 6.0.1. Is there any solution?? Thanks for being there…

  52. tmobile galaxy note 4 with the “All apps associated with this action have been turned off” error. has anyone been able to get past this yet?

  53. I have sonata 3 I need to bypass but it won’t let me factory reset. I can get into settings I can get in internet what do I do from here?Please help

  54. I’ve watched all the videos with no luck. I have s7 edge. Did the factory wipe use the hotspot on another phone… I can’t get passed the SHARE direction once I go in privacy policy. I click share and it says all app associated have been blocked removed etc. I do NOT have any other options after that. Just a white screen with that message about all apps associated … I’ve tried EVERYTHING and can’t get passed there… help me plz

    • Hello,

      I am experiencing the same issue. Were you ever able to get a work around for it??

      Please let me know if you can,

      Robert G.

  55. Can not get past the share issue either. This seems to lead to a dead end now. How many cell phone stores are capublr of fixing this on a s7 edge?

  56. I have followed your steps but when i get to the terms of service I highlight a word and when I press “share” it says “all aps associated with this action have been turned off, blocked , or are not installed” my phone is a galaxys7 sm-g930a. I am at the point of throwing this phone against the wall. Please help me as I am dying fast.

  57. Hi root junky is the s7 active different than the others? I can’t get the camera icon to appear? Just takes me back to language screen? Plz help

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