HTC One M9

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HTC One M9

How to enter bootloader / Aboot mode on the HTC One M9

1. Power Off the device.

2. From the powered off state hold volume up and down then power buttons until device boots into Aboot then release all buttons.

3. From Aboot you can navigate to recovery and many other options.


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8 thoughts on “HTC One M9

  1. Does ANYONE know, or know a link, that will walk me through a MANUAL root? i.e. through the CLI in linux to manually inject su binary or something of the sorts….it appears that nobody does (google’d to the 15th page)

  2. Hello, mI am in serious need of a google account frp bypass for the htc one m9 (sprint) i cant seem to find one anywhere. I have tried the frp otg method using the samsung app with no success.. please help.. the phone was supposed to be an X-mas gift.

  3. please help me on bypassing the verification my mom gave me the phone as a gift and i already messed it up. Help please! 🙁

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