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This page is to help you learn what you are doing to your phone by rooting, unlocking, flashing roms, recovery, and kernels.

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First things first lets look at the partitions and boot sequence of a android device. There are mainly 6 partitions in Android phones, tablets and other Android devices. Below is the list of partition for Android File System. Note that there might be some other partitions available, it differs from Model to Model. But logically below 6 partitions can be found in any Android devices.

  • /boot
  • /system
  • /recovery
  • /data
  • /cache
  • /misc


     Boot.img, System.img, & recovery.img are all flashable partitions with a unlocked boot loader.     

Also Below are the for SD Card Fie System Partitions.

  • /sdcard
  • /sd-ext

Please Note: Only /sdcard partition can be found in all Android

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21 thoughts on “Learn Android

  1. Hello,
    sorry I don’t know how to contact you, I’m french so sorry for my english!
    I watch your video “How to bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices without PC or OTG new crazy method” and I exactly did it, execpt the fact your apps on your website didn’t work on my phone (samsung A5 2016) so I load an other one, exactly lie yours and it works, ok. But when I restart to do the last step, I got the same message from the beginning : “this device was reset(…) sign in with a google Account(…)”….Please Help me…I’m so bad in that things…I took more than 1 hour to try that!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH,
    Amandine from Reunion Island

  2. I purchased an alcatal one touch idol 3 60450 that is cricket service. Cricket has a network sim lock on it.. I have searched numerous sites for a code and cannot find one all sites say..if anything at all that they do not have a code for the phone. What do I do from here?? How can I obtain a code or what other method can I use to be able to use my idol on my straight service plan…

  3. I am abke to access settings on all brands, no big deal I know. Now I have managed to get the google verification screen without the pesky previous email bit. I sign in accept, it checks info and reverts back to the same google verification screen (no previous email). What am I missing

  4. greetings, brother will be possible to do a tutorial on how isntalar cyanogenmod in blu r1 hd and thank you very much for the contribution you made to this model tlf thanks from Venezuela

  5. Hi I’ve been fascinated with the frp workaround methods, especially for LG. Anyway I was stumped w/ G vista 6.0.1 Verizon as the usual accessibility menu wasn’t there and every attempt at long pressing a legal bit resulted with a cursor but no keyboard. I’ve found that working all the way through the accesibility tutor at the beginning (long press language selection to kick it off) and one of the last lessons will allow a peak into settings from there I did have to download an apex launcher and access set up wizard from the apex home screen but that was absolutely it. Let me know if you want me to share some other discoveries… lg Leon lg k7 lg vista, I’d love to know if this helps

  6. I have a samsung j700T for T-Mobile and I can’t seem to bypass google bc it tells me due to security reasons that has been disabled. Any idea if it’s possible to bypass that?

  7. How can I get pass entering a Google Account that was previously on the RCA Viking 2 Tablet (ANDROID) I purchased at a pawn shop?

  8. Hey RJ, myself Rjprabhakar and I’m having issue in my Moto X-Play between I’m your big fan since 2 yrs and will watch all of your youtube videos. Actually I’m here to ask you that do you know something about ear speaker problems while loud speaker is working fine. If you had been through this just reply me. Happy to be your fan!!

    Thank you!!

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