Definitions & Abbreviations

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Want to know what people are talking about in the android forums? Learn to talk tech with these Android Definitions & Abbreviation
 Definitions & Abbreviations
ROOT = Access to the root of the device files system and able to edit it. 
CWM = Clock work mod recovery 
CM = Cyanogenmod 
AOKP = Android Open Kang Project
AOSP = Android OPen Source Project
TWRP = Team Win Recovery Project 
Root = to gain root permission or admin rights on a device 
Rom = A custom Android User Interface or UI 
UI = User Interface 
Nandroid = an image back up of all files and settings on a device  (note) doesn’t include the sd card or ext sd card
BSR = Boot Strap Recovery 
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  1. I am VERY new to rooting, flashing ROMs, unlocking bootloaders( I’ve unlocked 1) and pretty much everything involved in modifying android devices. I have to say a big THANK YOU to you, RootJunky for making your YouTube videos as well. Between your xda forums and YouTube, you have helped make this not only less terrifying, but also enjoyable. Thanks again!

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