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Here you will find video on rooting hacking and modding your LG devices

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the LG flash tool is the program you will need to restore your LG device firmware. you can also download it at rootjunkysdl.com my server site if you need it.

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  1. I need help please….I rooted my nexus 5 using king root and then an update came out.So I uninstalled king root and downloaded the update after the phone was booting up a dead Android came up.What should I do?I tried wiping the phone and that didn’t work.

  2. I need help plz. my phone model LG v10(F600).
    Frp bypass Completed in one piece. Go to the general menu, it has been trying to find the user menu, it was not.

  3. I am now rooted using the very easy to follow and informative video instructions from ROOT JUNKY, but I am getting this error message “Unfortunately, Home has stopped” I went to the Apps setting and resets app preference and also clear the home cache but to no effect. i am able to get the simple home setting but not the other advance home setting. please help if you can. Thanks in advance

    LG G4 H815

  4. In your video on bypassing protection lockout in the ‘talk back’ part you scrolled down to settings and hit ‘privacy policy’….my question to you good sir is why my cricket style g4 basically won’t allow me to click it. It’s not applicable. Is it cuz I didn’t have developers options on organically before lockout????

  5. Hey so I tried your method with the accessibility settings but when i go to talkback I can not click on the settings button. The model of the phone is LS675

    • Same here. I go to Accessibility -> Vision -> TalkBack, scroll down to “Setting” – and cannot access the greyed out “Settings.” Yes – LG LS675 (Boost). It’s not rooted.

  6. Hi, I have a LG Optimus zone 3 that is stuck on the google account log in issue. When I go back home, there is no accessibility part to go in to. Please help

  7. Cant get past FRP on Lg Tribute 5 (model Number Ls675) Has Different setup than Other Variants Such as Lg K7 Need help

  8. I need help!!!! im trying to bypass the google accoun on a LG V10 tmobile however when i do all the steps i cant add users. Help!

  9. i need help with my lg h 343 i bought this phone from a indiviual and did a hard reset but now cannot get past original google acount do not know it. can u help me with this issue thanks

  10. I recently got an LG G4 phone from a friend and I was really excited until I got to the screen where it said enter the account previously any get. I was so frustrated and thought they set me up but they had also gotten it from a friend.

    I did everything the YouTube told me to do except the unknown sources option is grey and it won’t let me select it at all (so basically I’m stuck at step 4 of this advice given in a related question here).

    My parents don’t necessarily know I have it. I don’t have any money or time to send it into the Lg company and I want to get it working so I can stay in touch with my friends when I go on my trip.

    What should I do ? I can’t install files because it’s blocked and can’t add an account because every time I do it goes right back to enter the previously synced email. Would putting a SIM card in help ?? How do I completely wipe the system. My trip is in about a week help please

  11. i have a Lg Stylo phone and i cannot get passed the google verify part. I’ve tried everything possible as well as your method but couldn’t continue since when i go to talkbalk and scroll down, the settings option is greyed out/disabled. i dont know what else to do and i dont want to just throw the phone away. It would be a loss of money since i bought it from someone. Please help

  12. I tried to follow instructions on removing google lock on g4 but under voice settings is not highlighted. Do you have any suggestions? Its a at&t g4 thanks

  13. I have the dead android guy saw your video on youtube and try the power+up volume but it doesnt work have done many combinations but nothing is working
    I have an LG-P769

  14. I am having the same problem as all the above. My lg g4 does not have the settings button under the talkback tab available. However i was able to find a way into the backup and reset add account option. So i have an accout under lg that i have added to my new device but it still is saying that a previous acct needs to be added. It has let me add a few accounts but because (i can only assume) its not the “original” first added account it wont let me unlock it. When i go back into the internet and look at the google settings it says yhere is no other account on the phone. So why is it still google frp locked?

      • Have u looked into the google bypass for the g5 with 10.0 yet? I have 1 & I have tried all ways I have found with no luck. I heard it is the Canadian version of g5, if that makes any sense. If u can help, that would be awesome. Thanx.

  15. I have an LG V10. I managed to set a swipe code – but when I get to the screen thats supposed to be in a browser I don’t get the menu bar and so can’t go to other sites.

  16. I have an HTC One A9
    I need help rooting and unlocking the bootloader (s-off )is on also so its locked already did hard reset and bypassed the home screen lock.

  17. I bought a lg stylo and got home and i cant use it with out logging in to th. Last google account..i know you can bypass it but i have tried every thing still nothing the carrier is cricket….plz help!

  18. I have a LG Escape 2. How do I bypass Google verification on this device. I can’t figure it out at all. Please someone help!! Thank you so much!!

  19. Yes, I was looking at your video on getting past the frp google account varification on lg phones, it does not work on the G Stylo, the settings in TalkBack are grayed out, even if TB is turned on.

  20. About your video on hot to unlock the lg g4 all variants…does that include the g4 andoid 6.0 version.My other question is that there are several different root methods which do you recommend

  21. Hi root junky, I’ve be watching your videos on YouTube awesome by the way. My problem is this I got a phone off eBay and they still have there account still set up on google. I tried your steps on the lg phone that you did on YouTube. I can get to where you have to go to talkback, but when you scroll down to settings and you click on your. Mine doesn’t let me do that.. Can you help? Thanks so much for your videos..

  22. Lg zone 3 vs425pp, can’t bypass FRP. I’ve tried most of the videos but my screen is different, no accessibility button in setup wizard. It also won’t let me highlight then draw a path to s. I’ve tried a few others with no success and usually I can figure it out on my own but this time, Help Please

  23. Hey have a lg v10 hard restarted I bought online used and doesn’t have the assesorrys button when trying to set it up and bypass old user just sitting at set up wizard and only thing to select it language/emergency call and next nothing else need help

  24. My niece just got this lg g4 from her grandpa and when the setup wizard main screen comes up there is no “accessibility” option. I have done a factory reset and wiped the cache. Please I am stuck here

  25. can you help me lg g2 flex “unfortunately the com.android.phone has stopped” this error is continuing occurring while accessing the apps . i cant access any thing any solutions

  26. I have an LG G4, LG-986 Verizon, clean ESN. It’s Google locked. I watched your video Published on Jan 11, 2016. When I get to the LG Welcome screen, I have a, Select Language tab, but no Accessibility tab. How do I unlock my phone?

  27. I need help with my lg k10 I can’t bypass Google verification (brought off someone else ) I tried all the steps but nothing works

  28. I had a lg g flex 2 and could get into settings after trying afew methods. But couldnt add new user and was restricted. Then managed to get past the verification screen by puting in a random gmail and while it was checking i disconnected the wifi by turning hotspot off that i was using from my galaxy. It came up with something like theres a connection issue and asked if i wanted to skip. I clicked skip and i bypassed that annoying page now phone is fully working with no restrictions and can add new google account. Hope itl work on other phones for anyone reading

  29. Help! I have an LG Stylo 2 that I can’t bypass the Google account on, I’ve done the reset but can’t go any farther. Help!

  30. got lg k7 with google
    no touch wizz acess
    android >6
    when i put japansesse language i can acces webbrowser but it dont have java script so i cant dowload any patch ,
    frend have box with frp solution but this model isnot on list.
    any way to unblock this device?

  31. and similar problem with new samsung a510f,
    i change laptops and when i used to sidesync on old laptop i acces all samsung device , but in new cant .
    is any crack to debugging usb via others program? because i cant find any.

  32. Hi RootJunky
    Very very very thank you, for youtube video “how to Bypass FRP google account”. You are absolutely genius. One more big thanks.

  33. I have a lg v20 i have got unknown sources checked on got passed that downloaded quick short cut maker but now cant downgrade google account manager from anything below 7.0 when i try to install it says package is corrupt so i cant get to the part to type email and password in short cut maker its runing android 7.0 and security patch sep 1st

  34. I have a LG V20 from Verizon with FRP. I have managed to get into the settings but the unknown sources is grayed out, can anyone help me?

    • there is a method that can fix the unknown sources problem but it is only available to Phonlab students. if you really want the info you should sign up for one month to learn a little. phonlab.teachable.com

  35. Root junky please help me ur are amazing I have seen ur videos they seem simple I have a G5 lg and I have tried many bypasses when I do the long hold on the home button it’s says complete set up to continue does not launch a browser. Do you know any other by passes please email me

  36. Hey i got a lg stylus 2 and need to figure out how to get passed the verify google account dude that sold it to me went to jail can u help

  37. Hi I have a LG OPTIMUS ZONE 3 and I’m having such a hard time trying to bypass and removing the synced email already on the phone. I don’t know what else to do.I’ve been watching vídeos after videos and I’m lost. Please help me with my phone Root Junky.

  38. I don’t remember my google account and I reset tribute 5 factory reset so how can I bypass google account to get to play store.

  39. Sell out on every aisle isn’t there Jim Bakkar? It was nice when you offered info to help me fix my phone for work tomorrow. As you said, we all need to redirect our attention to Phon. and have them do all the work for us. Is that the teachable moment when we pull out our plastic?

  40. I need a way to root an Optimus zone 3 LG phone. I have tried everything. I have seen all attempts fail. I need a method that works without PC. Help!

  41. any update with the frp on the v10 i cant get in. ive tried all the videos on youtube with out any luck cant activate developer mode, cant disable setup wizard. im literally stuck with a brick right now. got it on craigslist and dont have any contact info for the guy i bought it from.

  42. I did the bypass right and i didnt work it stayed on software updates or like 20 mins and i tryed it again and it didnt work what shouldo do i need this phone TO WORK ????????

  43. Hey I have the new lg artisto I hadda reset the phone and now I’m locked out because I don’t remember my google is there any way you can tell me how to bypass the google activation ?

  44. I goumf if you click srtting on your keyboard go to word update the click leagle info then click the link you can het to the browser just sont use the google browser

  45. i need help to get in my lg g5 i tryed eveything still cant get in and when i try to do the motor and cong way it keep telling me to complete the setup what should i do

  46. I rooted my lg k7 and after doing so i unrooted it and decided to factory rest the device and that was successful. But when i went to set up the phome like you normally would it keeps getting stuck at checkimg connection and will not get past is there any solution to my problem?!i really need this phone fixed its the only source of communication i have.

  47. I have the lg g stylo 2 with straight talk. I have had this phone for about 6 months. the Android version is still 5.1.1, I have been trying to update it to Marshmallow but my phone constantly tell me there is no software update. the security patch level is dated 2016-01-01. what can I do?

  48. I have a LG G Stylo 2 through Straight Talk. I purchased this phone brand new in Nov 2016 and it came with Android 5.1.1. It continues to offer no software updates and the Security patch is from 01/2016. how can I manually update it, if possible?

  49. OMG ur like a god. Here’s my prayer. In the name root junky can u please help me. I have a Optimus zone 3 and im trying to bypass frp. When I get to the part where I need to SHARE via gmail. The share tab dosent do anything. I click on it and literally nothing happens. Its the very next step after ive accepted the terms and conditions of chrome. Please help. In the name of rootjunky I pray. Amen.

  50. Sir, I think I might have found a frp bypass or a step to it, lg tribute 5 5.1.1 you know the one where you can’t do anything? Well I can now please use your powers to contact me.

  51. I’ve gotten to the play store, no way to install tho as its through the browser. I can get notifications to scroll down as well as disable the set up

  52. Hi,

    I always used your yousful videos for rooting my LG G2 D800 I changed by device to LG K-520. Need to get this rooted. Do you have any method to do so… I tried all root tools such as Towel root, iroot, kingroot, kingoroot etc

  53. is there a new method to bypass google activation fro LG V10 Tmobile variant? Your help is greatly appreciated!!

  54. Dude. I tried to do the bypass on an S7 and lgls676. Neither worked. The S7 wouldn’t even open your file I downloaded. Do you have to have active sim card

  55. Hi I have a Lg G4 I had bought and the frp was on it. I watched your video on how to bypass it but when I went to the TalkBack screen the settings were disabled for it so I couldn’t access. Need help on how to fix that somehow. Thanks.

  56. Hi RootJUnky, I have the LG K10 and try bypassing it but I have no luck. I tried the home button and it said complete setup to continue. I tried the other one but can’t get to settings in vision as that button has faded. I also tried using the text to speak option but I don’t see feedback. Please help

  57. I cannot get pass the google account verification on the LG K7 phone that I found in my aunt’s business. No one came back for the phone so she let me have it.
    It won’t let me do any of the the things videos have showed like through accessibility using motor and cognition or through talkback or any other way.

    Is there some better way?

  58. Hi root junky please help me i have an lg k10 2017 model and im trying to bypass google account verification and i have watched at least 20 videos but all the ways of bypassing the google verification have been patched help me

  59. Hi i have a lg aristo i have tried everything to get passed the google verification nothing has worked i tried ghe accessibility steps along with everything else i cant get pass the complete setup to. Continue somebody please help

  60. Go into apps and turn off Google apps (all of them ) and erase data and cache in setup wizards must have WiFi turned off or they’ll stop you need kick u outta settings managed to create a new account but that’s it. Need to know what files to download should I get in again (they made it impossible to get to chrome so I’ve managed to get into settings from verizons cloud option in the import custom label part of talk back settings

  61. I am having the same issue as almost everyone else, where my settings are greyed out. Is there any other way to bring the browser up without going into the settings? I’m sure if there was, you would have posted it, but you never know.

  62. Ok I have the browser open on the lg k10 I think. I bought it offline factory reset and here I am. I have chrome signed in to. Now what? Please help me?

  63. I have a lg aristo with metropcs. Cannot use for bypass as Google chrome doesn’t open for terms so I can’t go to a site….what do I do?

  64. I was trying to upgrade lg g4 to android 7.1 and accidentaly I delete wipe and new I can.t even make a factory recovery, the device is startind and restarting again and again date for factory recovery are not exist any more, what can I do? Because I can.t even open internal storege of phone from PC, please help me! Pleasssee!!!!

  65. Turn accessibility features shortcut on then turn talkback on now swipe down and to the right now you will see talkback settings click on it now you are in talkback settings.

  66. I have an LG G Stylo (model#LGMS631) that i want to root and an LG K7 (model#LGMS330)
    both are Metro PCS variants… Anything tutorials of literally step by step process?

  67. Got an LG H812, had it for a year. But I can”t use it because there”s a security system. It says this is a lost or stolen and the police have been notified. Now it’s in need of a complete wipe. I want to use it. But don’t know what to do to get the secuity off. What do I need?

  68. Bout phone from yard sale from a friend it has been reset cant get past were it ask for previous owner synced on device how can I bypass this an use a new account

  69. I have a LG v530 gpad x2 that the Google frp has me locked out .have there been any one that has found a way to bypass this? Thanks for your time and any help you could give.

  70. I have the same phone a LG Stylo lgl82vl I have tried a whole bunch of methods and just can’t seem to find the right steps to bypass Google start up….on my make and model phone I’m so frustrated I’ve been working on this for a week can anyone tell me where to go to find the right steps for my make and model phone please I’m begging please please help me…if I don’t find it it’s a $150 loss please help me and thank you in advance…. Derick.

  71. I’m trying to root my LG stylo 2 7.0/LGS775 or flash rom without a pc (I have an IBM thinkpad, but I’d have to update and fix it up to use it). I’ve tried kingoroot and every other root app, I went into settings and put it in developer mode. I’ve rooted phones with jailbreak in the past, now I’m hearing kingoroot won’t work on my phone, please tell me what will?

  72. LG h910. Frp bypass. Mines updated 2.0 security last patch April 1st. Can it be done using just the phone without installing old firmware. Also I keep getting 24 hour wait because of a password that I never changed

  73. I have the same problem as Qasam. I have a t-mobile LG G6 running Android 7.0 with the December 2017 security patch. I cannot get rid of the frp lock. I have tried nearly everything but I cannot enable USB debugging anyway. I have accessed settings and cannot enable developer options and I have tried to enable USB debugging by using the dial pad using the *#*#53xxxx etc code to access the hidden menu but even there the USB debugging option is grayed out. Please RootJunky help me! P.S. Thanks for all your previous work you rock

  74. Rootjunky I have an LG Optimus Zone 3 and I have tried just have everything that video after the videos I have tried everything and I cannot get past Google verification have you figured out a way to get past it I have made it all the way to the unknown sources I can’t get past it because I cannot click on this unknown sources greyed out how do I get to the settings to change my grade out unknown sources any help would be greatly appreciate it I really need this phone I have been without a phone for 2 weeks now this is driving me nuts I have been working on this phone for a week now

  75. I have the lg g6 873 and having a hell of a time going back and forth trying to bypass frp . I can get to settings and unknown sources but can’t get developers options . and can’t add a Google account. I’m in Calgary Canada. i can do everything with the phone but can’t get past this. can you help? anyone?.

  76. Hello, I recently bought a LG v20 (us996) from someone off Letgo who said yes to me when i had asked if it would work for my carrier (boost mobile) when it really wouldn’t. however I felt like I could unlock it myself so I went through with the purchase. not soon after purchasing it I woke up one morning to find a message on the screen from rent a center stating that the device has been reported to the police due to it being stolen property, long story short I went down to the store and returned the phone and left my phone number just in case they were able to help me get at least a portion of the money I spent on it back. maybe a hour or so passed and I received a call from the manager saying if I bring him 20 bucks he will give me back the phone and I would not have to worry about the lock coming back. so I did. here I am 2 months later with no luck other than getting the bootloader unlocked and somehow managed to completely get rid of my recovery while trying to flash over twrp.

  77. There any real root apps that can root ANY android phone software produced after 2017? All this bullshit just seems to be phony ad type stuff cause towelroot, kingroot, and kingroot #2 are all failures.

    • that is a great question. Yes security is updated like every month on new android devices and root is much harder unless you are able to unlock your devices bootloader. basically there isnt a app in 2018 that can root all devices

  78. i have a lg k7 and i bought myphone from a old friend that i now dont have contact with i tryed using these methods but the three points is not even an option on here, the unknown sources is greyed so that i cant check the box, and i cant press home in the assibilty without it saying complete set up. help me please. thanks in advance…

  79. With a name like rootjunky you are probably best to reach out to for this question, don’t think imma get my hopes up though. Has anyone figured out how to root a phoenix 3 AT&t go phone? If not a suggestions on a phone I should buy that’s not too expensive and can easily be rude with AT&t as the provider cuz I’m about to throw this sob and smash it I mean it’s a pretty cheap phone anyway.

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