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1. first thing to learn on any device is how to restore it when you mess it up.
2. read read read. you need to research until you understand what you are doing.
3. at some point you will soft brick your device. when this happens dont freak out.
4. as long as it still does something even turns on at all there is still a fix for it.

Now Start watching some videos


LG G4 Unboxing and First Impressions

Video Camera footage

How to wipe data factory reset the LG G4

LG G4 Root for all models

LG G4 KDZ firmware restore

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  1. I can’t wait till there is an easy root method. “Vine Android Guy” on YouTube has a video that claims “How to ROOT anyone’s device” without a computer. That makes me nervous and I am not willing to risk ruining my G4. I LOVE this phone and I had to save yup God a year to buy it. So I’m not taking any chances.
    Now I’ve rooted before on three different smartphones so its not my first rodeo, but I have trust issues…don’t judge.

  2. i have a metro pcs lg4 phone and i was watching yor vidoe about how to get in phone without do the google acount and i have everthing else but the policy thing so i cant go into the web please help

  3. I have a lg G4 for AT&T and when I install that frp apk file on my phone it don’t give me a user option to add new user. Can you help me. I have a lg-h810 and don’t know the android version so if someone can help me please I’m greatly thankful for any help.

  4. Devon go to where it says the frp and just put any letter in then hit the settings button and then hit the volume down button on the back then you can open multi window to get in to the file manager. Hope that helped. Have a great day.

  5. I got a LG G4 and I need help to find the master reset software. I tried all the other little trickes and the phone doesn t bring up the setting or the dual window option Please help!!!!

  6. If your still having issues with this… Go to accessibilitys turn on talk back.. After you should be able to use gestures.. Press & hold sliding from top of screen down & left

  7. Hi. I want to know if l can root my LG G4 F500L, by following your instructions in your tutorial. My G4 It is running lollipop 5.1 and on a standard stock rom. The software version is F50011m and build number LMY47D. Please let me know.

  8. I m having problems with your work around for FPR on LG Tribute 5 T mobile phone.After i have gone bck to Talk back to go to settings
    Settings , password, and one touch options are missing ? Help?

  9. So l rooted my LG G4 F500L following your instructions and all went according to plan. It was only when l went to make a call that ‘no network available’ came up. I’m registered to the network and can dowload no problem but can’t make any calls.
    Any suggestions?

  10. I tried your method of frp bypass for lg g4 and its not allowing me to click on TalkBack settings can you help me or show a tutorial please

  11. I have figured out a way to bypass the new frp patch without any downloads and found a very simple way to access the settings took me 4 days to bypass but it paid off

  12. RJ, G5 is not letting access to Settings (it’s greyed out) to further proceed with FRP removal. Is there a way yet to remove the FRP on G5? Thanks.

    • turn on touch assistant and hold down on the home icon in the touch box, literally just figured it out but im still working on getting into the settings to log in w a different Google

  13. Trying to find out how to root a lg g4 h810 on 6.0 or if you even can. Seen a few people ask but never an answer. Never done a root before so not sure where to go or what to do.

    • If you find an easy tutorial/guide can you post a link? I’m in the same situation and having a hard time finding a newbie friendly guide.

  14. Hi root junky tried to by pass Lg g4 google verification screen followed your video on youtube. Did the download followed the process but cannot add another user. user option is not available in my phone. please help

  15. For the LG phones, to bypass it, do this:
    Step 1. Connect to Wi-Fi
    Step 2. Go to Accessibility menu, select Motor and Cognition and turn on Touch Assistant.
    Step 3. Long press the Home menu to turn on Google now
    Step 4. Search keyword “Settings” in PHONE
    Step 5. Open Apps. (Some will swipe left to get to ALL apps on phone, others just scroll down)
    Step 6: Search for “Setup Wizard” and disable. Restart phone.
    Step 7. Once phone restarts it will start up normally and reset phone through Settings menu one more time.

  16. the method you posted for bypassing frp didnt work for me it wouldnt let me get get into settings. Instead i used my droid turbo 2 for a wifi tether and connected my g4 to it. When i connected the g4 and pressed next i shut the wifi tether off on my turbo 2 when the g4 got to software check and it brough me to my first and last name. when i went through the rest of the menu i was brought to the home screen and easily factory reseted the g4.

  17. You have explainedHow to Root your LG G4 all variants Verizon, Tmobile, Att, sprint, and international in link :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZM-zTi3eAA whether same method/files can be used to root LG LS991 (Sprint) having android version Marshmallow (6.0) and software version LS991ZVC. My phone is overheating even during simple browsing and watching video, hence i am thinking about rooting and flashing custom rom . I am assuming that overheating is due to software issue. Am i guessing currectly ???? please help . Thanks in advance.

  18. Ok New here please be gentle and I appologise if I am offending by inappropriate post.
    Bought LG G4 H815 from guy who reset it without logging out his Google account. I am now locked out due to FRP. Started following vid for work around but it seems to differ from mine.
    When I get to the talkback step the settings option is greyed out. End off procedure for me. Any advice??

  19. I need help badly trying to bypass g.a nobody wants to help me I bought it from a person my friend knows and now I cant get passed it I paid 100 because I needed a phone and now the person doesn’t wanna return my phone calls please help me it was money I didn’t have to spend but it was very needed…

  20. I have a Verizon LG G4 that is frp locked, watched your video to bypass it, but I am stopped in my tracks at clicking on accessibility to access settings. I dont even have the accessibilty as an option??? Please help I have read numerous websites

  21. Hi I watched the video on how to bypass verify on LG but when I got to the download stage it didn’t download , what do I do now ?

  22. I see some comments have been answered within hours but mine has been up nearly a day and a half , not sure what step to take next please help , can’t get past download stage for whatever reason it won’t download

  23. Hello,
    A friend from USA send me his LG G5 and it come with Google Account lock, i ask to him, but he tld me he dont remember, how can i bypass that lock if its posible.

    Thanks in advance!


  24. Need assistance with FRP bypass on LG G4 (T-Mobile) H81120R (2017-01-01) . Looks like the latest patch has disabled all 2015/2016 FRP bypass workarounds shown on RootJunky / Youtube, etc.

    I have tried LG Flash Tools but it can’t upload to phone on any COM port.
    LG UP shows the device as Unknown.

    Really need your help with this one.


  25. Ive watched alot of your videos but this has got me stumped. I have a LGMS345, FCC ID: ZNFH345 and its the only phone that ive been working on for over a month now trying to break the FRP Google lock. It has a different setup then most G4 series that ive seen. Can you please help me out here. Will you email me when and if you get a chance to figure it out for me please.

  26. Please help I have tried the Factory reset and it still comes up the device has rest please login with google account previously synced to this account. I enter the information from my google account and it goes right back to the same this device has been reset screen. What do I do?

  27. hi! i have LGMP260 that is FRP can someone plezzzz tell me how to remove,For ive tried pretty much everything that i found researching the web/.youtube . nothing has worked so far!!????Thank you

  28. I have a verizon LG G4 that was factory reset it is asking for the original users login. I tried following your video but my setup wizard does not show the accessibility option

  29. Hi Mr. RJ.

    Donations are one of my specialties when it comes to what you do. I’m Having an issue with an LG G4 K20. I’ve watched the video and I’m getting stuck on policies part and the software won’t download from your site. I can’t get to unknown sources nor any security features to enable. please help if you can I’d appreciate it very much sir. thank you very much. Hash tag Donation?

  30. Rootjunky… taking a log shot here. 1st. I am still using a verizon thunderbolt which I was able to root and hotspot around the need to control company. I purchased a verizon version lg g4 with the hope of doing the same… some years back. I worked and worked but came to the understanding that it”s marshmallow os blocks this attempt. So I thought, try to load lollypop but that exhausted me also. I put it away and continued to use the thunderbolt because it can be hotspoted . I know I can pay for that from verizon!!!! but it goes against what I feel is a service of the phone>> not verizon. Is it still a waste of time to try again???

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