Motorola Droid X

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Motorola Droid X rom install tips

1.  Learn how to SBF this Motorola Droid X back to stock before any rooting or hacking this way if something messes up you know how to fix it.
2.  Use Droid X Bootstrap to install CWM recovery and boot to it.
3. always have a fully charger Motorola Droid X before hacking and modding your device
If you are looking for files for your Droid X check out me server HERE


How to SBF factory restore the Motorola Droid X

Super easy root on the Motorola Droid X

How to root android version 2.3.4 on the Motorola Droid X

How to install CWM recovery on the Droid X

How to install cm7 on the Droid X

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  1. Hey, will this let me download amazon prime music app newer versions style. Thats all I’m looking to do is for music at this point.

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