Motorola Droid X2

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Motorola Droid X2 rom install tips and tricks

1.  There are two different Boot Strap Recovery apps that you need to use; the normal and the patched version. The normal BSR can be installed on all roms and stock verizon. The patched BSR is only for cm9, cm10, paranoid, and AOKP. To clarify, in order to install cm10 you need the normal BSR and then once cm10 is installed, then install the patched version. 
2.  Steps to flash a rom. First, make sure the rom is made for the android version you are running either 2.3.4 or 2.3.5. Next, root the phone and install the right BSR. Now use the BSR to boot into clock work mod recovery by plugging the phone into the wall charger and rebooting with BSR. You should boot up into CWM and you need to make a backup. Now that you have a backup or a nandroid, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache (under advanced) and then wipe

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  1. hi root junky, i used your tutorial to root my droid x2,what are some of the best apps to install ,and how do i install marshmallow 6.0 thanks,paul

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