Nexus Root Tool Kit

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Nexus Root Tool Kit



 The Nexus Root Tool Kit by WugFresh is an amazing tool that can do anything and everything on your Nexus Device. See picture above for some examples of what this tool can do but really there is some much more. I put these videos together to show everyone what all you can do with this tool and show you how well it is written. once you master the Nexus Root Tool Kit there will be no stopping you from Rooting hacking and modding your Nexus. if you watch the videos in order you will stay up to speed on everything i am doing. Each video needs the ones before it so that you understand what i am doing. Good Luck and hope you enjoy them. 

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Supported Nexus devices:


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3 thoughts on “Nexus Root Tool Kit

  1. I am confused about sideloading the latest build – NRD90U for my nexus 6p through the Nexus Root Kit tool from Wugfresh.
    Currently, my phone is running on the build – NRD90M (locked bootloader)
    I was planning to sideload the full OTA file -‘NRD90U’. Since the build – NRD90M is not listed in the menu of builds , I chose the ‘ Any build’ option.
    When i clicked the ‘Sideload OTA update’ option, an error message stating – ‘ Currently there are no factory images available for this build. You will have to wait until Google release factory images to boot to stock recovery’ My questions are : 1) I am stuck at this stage . How can I proceed from this ?
    what build do i need to choose from the build drop-down ? Since the build – NRD90M is not available ?
    Could you please let me know how did you go through ths step? 2) What is the need to -‘ boot to stock recovery ‘ ? 3) The latest official OTA build – NRD90U is listed in the google website. I assume the tool would have detected it, but it has n’t , why ? 4) If the old build – NRD90M will not be uploaded at all by google, how will the tool sideload the new build – NRD90U , when it does not find the old build – NRD90M (which I am currently into ) to boot to stock recovery ?
    Apologize if the questions are silly. As I am begineer, I am trying to understand this tool ! Expecting early response. Thanks in advance

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