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First thing you need to learn about any device is how to restore it when you mess it up. Unless you are a pro at hacking you are going to mess it up and brick at some point. Learn how to us ODIN and restore the Samsung device to factory stock firmware.
odin AP

ODIN/Download Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Down + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button until you see a disclaimer on the screen
  • Then let go of all the buttons and press Volume Up to accept the disclaimer
  • Once the green robot is visible on the screen this indicates that handset is in now ODIN/Download mode

Recovery Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely off
  • Key Combos: Volume Up + Home
  • While holding both of them simultaneously press the Power button
  • As soon as the phone vibrates, let go of the Power button but keep holding Volume Up + Home
  • When you see the “Samsung Galaxy” logo (not just the word “Samsung”), right after that, the next screen you should see is your recovery
  • Don’t let go of Volume Up + Home until you see your recovery
  • For a Great Tutorial on this process incluing videos and simple instructions CLICK HERE.

You can get the latest Samsung Drivers along with this Odin program here.

Click on your device to see tutorial videos with step by step instructions on root roms and custom recoveries.

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158 thoughts on “Samsung”

  1. how to root galaxy star pro gt s7262
    …..its a challenge …..
    kingo ..not compatible
    framaroot. ….not compatible
    cwm recovery …….doesn’t work .
    thnxx if u can help

  2. I watched your video about getting past the Google lock on a galaxy s6. But I’m lost on the steps to take I’m not to tech savvy but I can follow directions lol. Need to know how to get the apk file on my computer and then to the flash drive please

  3. Hey,

    I did like your movie on how to bypass Google account;
    however, after connecting again, my screen doesn’t show the download option. 🙁
    I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 / Android 5.1.1 / baseband j500fnxxu1aoi1

    • Hi there, I had the same problem, but I was able to download the ES explorer by taking pictures then by pressing share then use that to download ES explorer.
      If you want e-mail me at
      I will try to help

    • this fool at has super old firmware if you need to unlock frp lock, he just did mine cost 30$ but I could not find old roms anyplace

  4. I’m in need of the location of the download to bypass google info on my device I forgot it and only have had the phone a few weeeks. Lookout story.

  5. I did everything the same to bypass on the Samsung note 5, but i didnt get the option to access the camera ,please help how can i finish this process, what did i do wrong

  6. can i root samsung galaxy star 2 that’s Android version 4.4.2 ,512 MB Ram. I already try one click root ,v root,king root failed to root.

  7. Hi, I have bought a Samsung galaxy s5 neo from ebay second hand and I’m trying to bypass the Google login. I have managed to download the app using your YouTube video without an otg. The window that appears on your video to reveal the settings and in turn “allow install of unauthorized apps” does not appear. All I get is a message saying parse error.
    Help me please, I really need to fix this.

  8. Does the non-OTG method of unplugging your router work for the grand prime SM-G530T, I’ve tried it a dozen times and can’t seem to get it to pull up the Date/Time setup screen as you did in the video demo????

  9. I bought a version galaxy note 5 online and didn’t know it was blacklisted now it’s I on the goggle synced email page can anyone help me

  10. I’ve been reading a lot about the Verizon Note 4 unlock process on XDA and just found Root Junkys informative video. I’ll be pulling the trigger on my 1st root soon. I do use My Backup Pro but I’d prefer not to reload all my app’s and reconfigure some or many settings. However all the tutorials I’ve read say to do a factory reset before rooting to ensure successful root and after to remove any remnants of Kingroot. Mr. Junky, what’s your take on this? I don’t think it was mentioned in the video and your phone didn’t look like it was just reset.

    Thank You

  11. Hey guys, any chance there may be stock Galaxy S7 firmware available soon? I’ve tried both methods to bypass FRP posted in the videos and neither has worked. Looks like this phone I bought had the latest updates which had the bypass methods patched and now I can’t reach the seller either 🙁

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

  12. hi I have an att galaxy j3 6 running android 6.0.1 and have tried every method I could find and can not get past the frp lock accidently locked myself when doing a factory reset is there any method that works I tried the battery settings one the wifi trick without otg or com the sidesync one does not bring up anything and the otg one doesn’t work also could you help me if so email me at thank you so much

  13. My friend and her wife split up re and she kept the phone that she’s been paying for. She can’t get into it because of the google account protection thing. We watched your video on how to bypass it but the s7 edge isn’t giving us the option to get into the phone via the camera on the lock screen. What can we do now?

  14. I have spent a week on trying to bypass samsung S6 edge FRP (samsung account), i have found tons of videos etc about how to bypass google account but not so much about bypassing samsung account.

    Is it possible to bypass FRP (samsung account)?

  15. I watched your video for bypass google protection for samsung devices but i tried for my phone i.e galaxy j2 in camera mode the download option is not there what i can do now ??plesae help

  16. Trying to root my sons Galaxy J3V. I’ve followed the instructions to a T, when I plug the little drive into the phone, I get nothing. Please help!! I’ve tried the Syde Sync as well, to no avail.

  17. Hey Brother.. I have a verizon s5 that is samsung account locked I have tried yiur steps but when it gets to the point to pkug in the otg device it will not pop up the file manager.. Do you have an updated walkthrough for this or is their anything that can be done such as reflashing an older firmware with odin that has the bypasd still available???

  18. I am trying to bypass the Samsung account lock on a Galaxy Core Prime. I saw above that you said it was hard…but no info on how to proceed. Any advice here? It’s not an expensive phone but so annoying that a perfectly good piece of equipment is now useless!

  19. My galaxy tab pro 8.4 worked fine after installing cm13 for about a week. Now it is stuck on the boot up screen and says “kernel is not seandroid enforcing” in the corner. I tried to reboot, fix, and restore with the same results. Went through the comments on your video and website dut didn’t find anything that worked.

  20. Hi, guys, I am new to the root fundamentals and I seek some assistance with Samsung tab s2 SM-T710 Wifi.

    Issue: I recently got the tab s2 from China. I don’t know Chinese nor intend to use the device in China. Also, I noticed there is no play store on the device. I wish to install a non Chinese firmware/root (don’t exactly know the correct term for this) so I can use the tablet in India/UK/US with play store. I tried installing the play store apk, but it does not run.

    I have checked with some support teams and they are of the opinion that I can’t install an English firmware or root the device as either the device will get bricked or I will lose the pre-installed office and KNOX etc.

    Can someone help me understand if I can root/ install an English nonchina firmware and how to undergo the process so I don’t brick the device?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Hello root junky, I’ve spent much time watching methodically tour vids on frp bypass for Samsung devices. I’ve a Galaxy Core Prime. So I went and purchased the otg combo and downloaded the frp bypass all onto it. Now I am plugging in to the GCP but it’s not popping up or recognizing it, however on my Nexus 5 it does recognize the otg combo (actually the one in your vids) I’ve checked by using a charging chord, the same to charge both phones and it does so I just don’t know why the prime isn’t picking up the otg combo with your bypass all on it I need to get this done. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Btw, love your knowledge sharing !

  22. Hi: Thank you for the guidance and the link. I tried the google installer app, however, upon completing the installation i am getting the following error prompt:

    “unfortunately the process has stopped”

    I this because the google play store version is not correct for my device, Samsung SM-T710 wifi?

    Can i try any other google installer version or anything else?

  23. I tried using the bypass with the Internet box and it worked up into it was time to goto the camera there is no camera on my home screen. What can I do next?

  24. mate, my sm-j320az dont react on OTG, SD and also on emergency call.. what to do? i cant find files for odin, also no firmware for sm-j320az. any suggestions?

    • I haven’t been able to find any firmware I can download either. But I have managed to use a lot of the functionality of the phone using ADB commands sent from a computer.

      adb shell monkey -p -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1

      Opens google chrome web browser. Look into adb.

    • I’ve also noticed Factory Resetting the phone from settings DOES NOT stop it from asking for the last Google Account attached to the phone.

      Samsung Galaxy J3 (Amp Prime) SM-j320AZ

  25. ive tried everything for samsung account locked galaxy s6 and no dice. do you think i should flash to an earlier version like 5.0.2?


  26. Hello, I just watch a video to try and bypass email sign in on a galaxy s6, but the part where it says to touch the camera it won’t show up on my device. Please help me

  27. So I’ve seen almost all your FRP bypass videos and none have worked I’m not saying your lying or anything I’m just saying I need help I have a Verizon galaxy j3 6 model number sm-j320vpp. I looked everywhere on line and realized the other j3 ‘s that were by passes were a different model number. Do you think because mine is a Verizon one and has a different model number could be the reason why it doesn’t work for me. The methods I’ve used were : OTG flash drive I bought ,
    The one where you can download it directly from your phone by unplugging the router and using a USB cable trying to use side sync and nothing. I need help

  28. hello, R.J.
    You are the BOMB!! I recently inherited a locked Sams. Gal. S6Edge..I watched your excellent vid about how to unlock it.. etc.. BUT I am NOT tech savvy..and I am 65>> and the vid goes VERY FAST… So..Could I ask you for a Private Phone session, in which you help me do what your vid shows..but with YOU on the other end of the phone .. patiently helping me do it, step by step??? Of course, I will pay you for your time>>

  29. I found a new way to bypass frp. However while in the process of doing so I lost the usability of the home and open tabs buttons. Any ideas?

  30. I have a samsung on5 metro pcs t-550 rooted aND samung tab a6 smt280 rooted neither of which are listed as devices on your Samsung list of products. Why aren’t they listed what determining factors are used to get phones on the list. The tab was very difficult to root but after loads of research and time I did manage to do it. I’m just curious why it’s so hard to find info on these 2 products. I understand each phone is different as are companies. It would be nice to see someone get a little more info on any phones samsung makes it would also be cool to list modifications,tweaks,roots, and anything in general that is possible thats not in your info recieved with phone. It be cool to be able to go to a site and find your specific phone with a list of things that can be done to the phone w/root and without. Maybe some codes or any other useful info users have found out about device also some bad things that shouldn’t be done to each device. I feel like im in a boot loop when I’m trying to findo out info on my devices going here and there and going thru the same info over and over again. Just a simple directory of phones with a list of things that are specifor to each phone and the the directions on how to do each listed followed by things you should never try on this phone. Just an idea. I don’t seem to find that kind of info anywhere it’s just forum after forum. which is OK, but after reading forum after forum I sometimes still don’t get if I should be doing or not doing. it always seems there info missing.

  31. hi sir,in samsung a7 6 model it does not showing camera so should I do next I forget my password plz…….. help sir and when I plug sub cable it does not blink plz help.

  32. I bought a phone from online it’s a Samsung galaxy s5 neo I really need to bypass the Google verification lock I did a factory reset and now I’m stuck at Google verify please help I’ve tried everything

  33. dear RJ, I really need help on galaxy s7 edge,ive watch about every video on the internet about bypassing googles frp and tried everything from switching on and off my hotspot to get me to googles terms of service,so I could try to long press and share any word to access setup wizard and it says can not complete this action bcuz app is either blocked or not installed when ive seen others access setup wizard the same way on there videos,ive also tried the emergency call then swiping screen over to access the internet but my screen wont swipe as shown in other videos,also when I hook the phone to pc through usb trying to access sidesync nothing happens on the phone,ive even downloaded realterm as shown every step I your video and I just keep getting error when typing in codes and nothing comes up on the phone? are all of these methods no longer useable or been fixed and if so as of today what method is up to date and will bypass google frp on galaxy edge s7,ive researched this so long im literally exhausted any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in can email me if easier for you.

  34. Cant get past the frp on a galaxy j3 tried what your youtube video said and nothing would pop up when I stuck in the otg memory stick

  35. I’ve been trying to root my galaxy j3 with twrp and odin but I keep getting the error “secure check fail: recovery” does anyone know how to fix that

  36. Do you have a video tutorial on how to bypass the samsung verify account due to abnormal reset? i have beem trying for days too get my phone unlocked and have had mo luck. bout the phone online used and its been working fine. when my 4 yr old got ahold of it some how he reset it now its locked and im without the only lifeline i have. any suggestions?????

  37. I dont care how much it costs to pay rootjunkie to put original android os on my note 5. I bought it from metropcs store and found later the knox worranty was tripped. The gives tons of problems. I need help asap

  38. HI I have bought a s7 offline..thort it wod be good…but can get pass the fdr google account on this phone, the excatly same thing is happing on your video but I dont have a setup wizard on this phone, as when I go to share the text it comes up saying this app is no longer there…the guy I bought the phone off doesn’t want to get back to me…and einr give my money back,

    I’ve done waht you have said in your video but think im not dowloading the apk properly, as when I go into the privacy act in the Google thingy…the kepad won’t show up and let me type anything,

    Please any help is appreciated
    Thankz in advance ☺

  39. Hello RootJunky,

    I have tried your methods to bypass FRP on my Note 5 with no luck.

    First, with the OTG cable, it does not prompt with a file explorer…DEAD END

    Second, with losing internet connection. I get all the way to input a pattern password. But the problem is, the is no camera shortcut on any screens…..once again another DEAD END!!

    PLEASE reply or email with any suggestions…I do not know if ill get your reply unless i am notified via email. Therefore email is best, which I had to input to leave this comment, so you should have it. Thanks in advance!

  40. Hey question I soft bricked my phone fixed with kies but I did a root check to see if my root was gone but it just days improperly installed but I didn’t try to root it after I put it back to stock should I 1. Do what I did to put it back to stock
    Or just keep trying to root it I used root checker then I used another one it just said it. Wasn’t rooted any ideas

  41. i have a samsung s6 ftp lock on and must reinstal all the system i have try many times with odin. it goes till the end and then it says writing fall, what can i do?

  42. Hello my note 2 GT-N7100 is stuck in bootloop mode so I tried it by kies its not working n help me out as can I get ur mail id so I can send u the screenshot of that

  43. Hi I have a galaxy s4 it doesn’t have a active fone line since I got it I’ve always just used it with wifi. I recently changed my password for the lock screen and I can not for the life of me remember WHT I changes it to. My galaxy has always been my “save important documents and pics” fone but not everything was saved to SD card, how can I get into my fone n bypassing the lock screen without doing a factory reset. I don’t want to wipe the fone or lose any pics music or documents, can u help me?

  44. Hi root,
    I followed your video about bypassing Google last synced password set up procedure. I did everything exactly as you instructed after I set up a security screen pin and restarted my phone, one I put my pin code in I don’t get the option for the camera icon. I just directs me to pick a language and back to the same screen about using your last synced Google email. Any ideas need to get phone working for wife before I leave for work in a week

  45. I really need help because recently my phone broke and I bought my grandma’s old galaxy note 5 from her and she does not remember the Gmail or the password she had. So I have no way of getting this phone unlocked. Please help me

  46. Hi,
    Is there anyway you can help me. I am desperate. I forgot my password on Samsung s7 edge and I can’t get in without loosing all my data. I am an idiot. The google android device manager won’t work. I can’t verify my stupid google email for some reason despite showing I knew my old password and getting code from linked email etc. to see if I can get the password reset from my Samsung. I’ve contacted other sites and they can’t help because my carrier is Sprint. I honestly don’t understand why Samsung is this difficult as I can prove it is my phone and I am the owner. Can you help? I am technologically incompetent to the infinite and I saw this video you made of being near your router etc, This is my only phone ( no land line) and it has work contacts and all my texts from that and my videos which I thought shoebox uploaded but did not. You are my last hope. If not I have to do the hard reset. I hate this phone.

  47. If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the comment logs. So many LOL’s from people NOT researching before they start going MacGyver on their phones.

    ‘Sorry, I no want to research but my phone now only display Samsung logo and pressing on it isn’t work.’ LMFAO

    Root Junky needs to create a tool to fix all of you idiots. He would be RAKING in the cash!!!

  48. Question. I have a Samsung Galaxy j3 emerge that a friend gave me. It’s a used phone and he messed it up by doing a factory reset. Now it’s locked. It’s says an unauthorized reset was done. I’ve tried about all the methods on you tube but I don’t have a otg or a laptop, just the phone I’m using now. I can’t get past Google account log in. Please help me I really like the phone.

  49. Hey I need help rooting at&t samsung galaxy prime express 1 and 2 please email me back with some suggestions on trying to do with a computer or pc thanks I have tried kingroot and kingo root just get error codes

  50. Thanks for all your hard work and the many things you have shared people should donate personally I’d rather contribute so I will create a Google drive to share with you with software collection of user names and password as well as software like cdma workshop and a slew of imei repair tools LOL but if your like me you can appreciate 2 way radio programming and all data just usefully things I have been meaning to send you a thanks for some time …p please allow me a couple weeks to put it all together for you .feel free to email me at repair4boise on Google if there is a certain thing you would like .sincerlly Carl fuller aka Armyof1

  51. FRP bypass Samsung j3 emerge… After agree screen go to checking connection before checking for updates.. takes anywhere from 3 to 20 seconds between screens…

  52. Hi, I have a T-Mobile Samsung galaxy s8 plus baseband version ending in QDE. And I cant root the device. I have seen the video to root the s8 plus from you a few times but is a different baseband version. How can I root my device?

  53. Hello,
    Im stuck between a hard place and a rock, I need a little help if possible.
    Ive had the worst luck finding the stock firmware for my Galaxy SM-J727A At@t..
    I had a failed odin update and it went into the dreaded blue screen where it says update
    has failed please recover your system using smart switch emergency recovery.
    Well guess what smart switch isnt yet updated for The J7 2017. I called samsung which of course they said take it two best buy or a samsung tech, I live in BFE and its a 3 hour drive to a best buy. Hell No! I called smart switch and there even less help than samsung. So my obly option is to find the stock firmare so i can re flash with odin and restore. If you know whwre I can get this, Anyone. I would really appreciate it… Thanks.

  54. Dear rootjunky i got an note 4 sm-n910f i wantend to get the new andoid in it and routed iT with super su and root checker i did try installing afther it so i could installing Android 8 iT Laggs into boot screen and the onlusten thing i SEe is Samsung note Android at my screen with mostly recovery booting i cant geth in to recovery only into download mode
    I tries Samsung kies and switch to restore even as samware stock firmare phn could do you have an iedee what i could do to restore this

  55. Root junky, I’ve used ur method on an on5 and it took me a few tries. Thanks. I’ve also started it method and half way through I discovered other ways to bypass and get to the browser. I like to brick phones on purpose just so I can bring them back to life. One problem on my note 5 T-Mobile. My laptop says it’s not recognizing and also says malfuctioned or device isn’t working properly. I’ve installed and updated the samsung drivers, I’ve trouble shot . only solution that comes up is restart pc. But still the same out come. I plug another samsung Cell and galaxy tabs and no problem. Any help or ideas would appreciate it. Thanks for the videos.

  56. Urgently need help for my samsung note 4 the screen is totally black….and dont want to respond too the charging it just vibrate the hole time and it not showing the batary with tha thunder inside can someone give me advice

  57. hey is there any way i can root my galaxy j7 prime running 7.0 model number SM-J727T it has the oem unlock removed from developer menu! i could really use the help figuring this out thanks alot! peace

  58. Hi,
    Love ur tutorials. Wanna an original and official firmware for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-I9082 INS (Indian Reigon). Earlier downloaded from Sammobile Site, the download was complete, i downloaded it using internet download manager, but odin rejected to load it saying “invalid binary file”. Please Help, If possible give me the reliable link for downloading the Firmware or you just upload for me…

  59. Hi. Could you help get past Google account on Samsung Galaxy a6 android. I’ve tried so many. Doesn’t help i haven’t got computer to link to.
    Please please help me

  60. I am having a problem with your tutorial video for Samsung bypass google verify. Apk. The second I download successfully it gives me an error (there is a problem parsing the package )
    Please help. Thank you

  61. Rootjunky I need your help please…. I watched your tutorial on how to disable the google bypass login and password….. I got almost all the way though until I went on your website and downloaded the Samsung bypass google verify (1) apk…. it shows a successful download but when I click install the message that appears is ( there is a problem parsing the package ) please help. Thank

  62. Hey rootjunky can u help me bypass the Google account on my galaxy s8+ plz, I’m not too good at this tech stuff and the other vids I’ve watched and tryed haven’t worked as u need a laptop And I don’t have one! thanx

  63. Do you have a method to bypass the Google email lock on a Samsung Note 8? I have attempted several methods without success. Your help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
    Thank you

  64. Root junky, I subscribed to your channel on YouTube.. found a lot of helpful adds.. on the unbricking the s6 edge plus.. did just as the video said .. it passed Odin but on reboot it went to a Bootloop .. now I’m back to only being able to access the download mode.. and when trying to flash it .. I get failed complete write error.. if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.. thank you

  65. Dodo bear,
    I seen you like bricking phones.. well as for me , I hate it…lol this is like my 3rd time bricking one so any help u can offer would be appreciated.. I have a galaxy s6 edge plus on Android 7.0.. sm-g928p .. I’m caught at the download screen can not access any other features to the phone.. when running it threw Odin I get a complete write error.. tried everything I know to do.. I was told the reason was my developer opp. Were turned off … Idk what it is just need to get it fixed before my sister rings my neck…lol like I said any help way or direction would be greatly appreciated…

  66. Wanted to thank you root junky,guys at XDA , that real Android trickster SAM… you guys are awesome.. a lot of helpful post and being a crossing my sm-g928p is still dumping on me but at least now it will listen to pc..I’m stuck at kies verify imei.. I know for a fact I’m entering the correct 1 .. I’m just going to talk to.the phone company tomorrow .. they will have the correct one.. but thanks again guys .. keep kicking ads..

  67. Note 5 frp I have tried every f****** method to get it done none work no pc no otg no Bluetooth no wifi pull no nothing 1 year fighting this can you help me

  68. What if you lost your account info and can’t remove ftp lock how do I get my phone back to working with out a pc please help

  69. Thanks so much for your vid.on YouTube for galaxy S7 Edge. I’ve watched 99 vids and yours was the only 1 I could get somewhere. Now stuck where u click in terms of ser.& highlight & share…. Weeeellll at that point….A message says “All apps. Associated With this action have been turned off, blocked or not installed”
    What now?????
    Where do I go from here???
    Any fix???

  70. Can u help me root my glad s 7 active bulid # nrd90m.G891AUCSBRA7. I have watched a your videos and so on i think my phone already has some mawl where on it thanks

  71. Good afternoon. I have all the files (I believe) to reset my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 back to factory (my husband factory reset by buttons instead of settings and activated the FRP, all attempts to access the phone gives an error that google encountered an unknown error try again in 24 hours and no matter how long I wait I cannot get past that error at the origional email/passcode screen. I am 100% certain the email and passcode are correct). I located instructions and the necessary files to completely wipe and reset the phone (planned on using the unroot/unbrick for this phone from I am wondering if this is the best route to take to correct the issue I am having. I was unable to obtain any of the data from about phone before he force factory reset it and am concerned reloading the phone while it is stuck in FRP may really hard brick the phone. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  72. Hey Rootjunky can you do a video or atleast anything about the galaxy (S8 Active) I’ve looked all over the web and can’t find a damn thing about it, its all about S8 and S8+

  73. Hey rootjunky
    I have a att Samsung Galaxy S8 plus SM-G955U with firmware G955USQS3CRE2 I tried all steps to by pass with tapping about Samsung keyboard it’s grayed out not working I tried Bluetooth not working I did odin3 and when I try to flash it gives me a fail auth on the phone do you know a way how to by pass the FRP

  74. Hey root junky I figured out on my own how to by pass FRP on ATT Samsung Galaxy S8 plus SM-G955U andoid 8.0 on may 1st secirity.i figured out making my own combination file for 7.0 to open up binary and open developer option and then install 8.0 firmware back into the device and done I have all the proper files that’s needed to download to by pass

  75. Have you seen or heard of any new updates regarding root of the tracfone Samsung galaxy J7 Sky Pro (SM-S727VL) ARF1build

  76. Any advice on bypassing FRP on a samsung j3 luna? which as of right now is nothing but a expensive battery holder!

    If not.. How about a creative way you would like to see it destroyed? Toss under a steam roller? (sounds rather boring..) Hitting a concrete wall at 75mph? Powering it up with 220 volts of AC current?(being an electrician, thats my fav). Tell me, and I’ll film and post. 😉

    Thanks for all you do rj!

  77. H, I just found this site (7Dec2018)

    Do you have much or any information on a Samsung A5 bought in Canada (SM-A520W). I’m hoping to root it, it currently has Android 8.0.0

    Thanks, Mik

  78. Hey Mr. Junky,love the site.Lots of good info.One question.Samsung SM-J337P.When will there be root method for this device?I’ve been patiently waiting for months.However my patience is wearing thin.

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